The Deal- Transformed

Thoughts are the essence of our search for purpose. The adventures that quite possibly move us toward our center. What is the center that defines many of us? We were born with it, yet it
takes a lifetime to learn it. To know it. It is the core, the fundamental essence of our future.

These core values and beliefs can lead us to where we share new revelations, new beginnings and a new awareness that leads us closer to God.

The Deal- Just Hold Out And Wait On The Lord

God is good and His mercy endures forever. If you don't know God, if you don't know His Son Jesus Christ, ask yourself can you afford not to know Him? God helped you that time when you were laid off, and somehow despite the cirmcumstances you got the job you wanted right when your family needed it. Remember the time when you got a break from your professor and he let you take a make up test, you needed it in order to qualify to graduate from college.

Remember the time when you were scared to death, because you had to take a test that the doctor ordered. You prayed and prayed all night and The Lord miraculously delivered, the test was negative. You know God watches over His own, even when you do not know He's there. That is the gist of it, God answers prayers in His own time and His own way. Just hold out and wait on The Lord.


LeBron Should Stay with The Team That Brought Him This Far.

I guess I am old school my thoughts on this entire situation is that LeBron has way too many people in his head; family, friends, and hangers on. Maybe he wants to please everyone. That is a noble goal but the thing is, LeBron should know this, if he really wanted to go to Cleveland, he would have met with them and committed. it is very presumptuous for the Cavs to do all that work, trades and such to prepare for LeBron James. I will give you an old school analogy. Its a page right from the Andy Griffin show. I told you I was old school. Barney mistakenly thinks Andy is getting married (this reminds me of LeBron's agent). So what does Barney do, he round everyone up in town to witness Andy propose to Helen. In reality Andy had no such intention to propose to Helen.

There you have it in a nutshell the townsfolk are goading LeBron to do something he really does not want to do. His wife did not win championships and reached the NBA finals four years in a row and his agent certainly did not. They are running an end run on LeBron. Just like Andy, LeBron needs to put an end to this madness, go back to Miami and follow your dream. It's his best chance to win seven championships.


A Message To LeBron James

The decision by LeBron James, DeWayne Wade and Chris. Bosh, was brilliant and they pulled a coup and went to Miami together. Things changed since that time making it harder for teams to maneuver like the big three did then, because of cap space, cap limits and various rules. Anyone who has watched ESPN over the last week knows this. Throw into the mix that players as always will be shooting toward getting theirs, there will never ever be a “Decision”, quite like the big three made. And this entire process has been an absolute circus.

There are markers nearly everywhere that the system is broken. And there are signs that it needs to be fixed. Everyone is trying to free up cap space to land the so called big fish and in the process, they don't have enough money to fill out their roster. If LeBron James listens to his agent and actually goes back to Cleveland it will be a career changer and the biggest mistake of his career for these reasons.

1.) Andrew Wiggins is untested and let's face it, in his one year of college ball, he was not impressive. He did not lead Kansas anywhere and he will not lead the Cavs anywhere soon. Irving is good, but He is untested as well.

2.) If the Cavs think they can trade for Kevin Love that is a pipe dream as well. And if they do get him, he will have learn to be a champion. LeBron, do you have time to teach an entire team how to be a champion? No you don't.

3.) LeBron will put yourself himself in a worse situation in Cleveland than he is in Miami. He will have to do everything there as well. No matter what they do, they will not be able to beat Chicago or Indiana. And if they do by some miracle, the Spurs still loom as a the reigning champion and they will continue to beat LeBron James and the rest of the crew.

4.) There is a little thing called chemistry and this has to be grown and nurtured. LeBron James has this in Miami. He will have to build it in Cleveland. That could take more years than LeBron James has left. If his goal is to pass Micheal Jordan in Championship Rings, LeBron will need to make better “decisions”. LeBron if you want to win 5 more championships don't listen to your agent, don't listen to your family, listen to Pat Riley and stay in Miami, if you want to have any chance to be the next Michael Jordan. Champions need to make the informed and well thought out “Decisions”. Here's your chance, this decision is for your legacy.






Summer League Thoughts On Isaiah Thomas The NBA TV Commentator

I enjoy listening to Isaiah Thomas the former Detroit Piston great and Hall of Famer. He is an excellent commentator for NBA TV and often for other stations. His soft spoken voice and knowledge of the game is priceless. He really knows the game and the settle secrets of the game are outstanding. He missed his calling and no doubt could have been a Hall of Fame commentator.



Isaiah Thomas the commentator gets five stars




It Is Already Done!

Our eyes are blind. We think we have to perform some sort of action, make it happen. We feel we must do something before The Lord moves in our lives. Never mind that we already planted the seed of worship and praise. Never mind that we nurtured and grew the seed within us through the WORD. That is powerful! You see The Lord already provided for you and if you open your eyes you will see it. It's already done! All we have to do is ask in Jesus Name and diligently stay in the WORD.

You see we operate in a human realm of reality and we can only SEE if we trust the promises of God. It is what it is!

God may not get there when you want Him to, but He is always right on time! The next time you feel discouraged. The next time you feel alone, the next time you feel God is not hearing you, Just remember this……. It is already done! Just Wait On The Lord, stay in the word and watch the blessings begin to flow.

It's already done!


LeBron James Masterfully Moved Into The Driver’s Seat

Now that LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh opted out of their contract the stage is set for Pat Riley to work his magic. This was a masterful move by LeBron James. It all boils down to two things…….

1.) If Pat Riley cannot pursade Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to take major concessions they will be forced to pursue other options with different teams. My guess is that their market value will not demand anywhere near the salaries they were making. Both did not deliver or were erractic at best. Dwayne Wade's skill set is nowhere near where it needs to be. If you ask yourself the question, did Wade perform at an optimal level this past season and in the playoff the answer is no.

Did Chris Bosh perform at an optimal level during the playoffs? Again the answer is no. I believe both players know this and the hand writing is on the wall. They will need to make major concessions in regards to salaries or negotiate with other teams. I do not beleive that either player will demand by merit a maximum salary with the Heat or any other team. They both failed to perform at optimal levels.

2.) LeBron James negociated himself right into the drivers seat. If Pat Riley does not deliver what James wants/demands, he will take his talents to any venue that he so desires and he will win championships there. Riley needs to obtain players that will allow the Heat to compete and win championships, or James may really take his talents to any one of a number of destinations. That is the bottom line. The only way Pat Riley can do this is to lower both Bosh and Wade's salaries significantly, probably around the $8 million range for both. They cannot expect to demand the high priced salaries they received when neither one delivered on the court.

2.) These two are the problem and they need to be dealt with accordingly. If they choose to go elsewhere and try to get what they believe is their fair market value they can have at it. But my quess is they are in no position to demad top dollar. LeBron James is. With that said it is nothing wrong with Pat Riley negociating a decent medium level salary for the skills of Wade, Bosh, and Haslem. That is probably all they are worth.

On the other hand LeBron James should get and deserve all that he can get from the Heat. They owe it to him. Especially if they want to keep him. Bosh and Wade are role players at best. Riley can then concentrate on bringing in skill players that can make a difference. Carmelo Anthony is not one of them. He is a ball hog and always has been.