The Deal- Transformed

Thoughts are the essence of our search for purpose. The adventures that quite possibly move us toward our center. What is the center that defines many of us? We were born with it, yet it
takes a lifetime to learn it. To know it. It is the core, the fundamental essence of our future.

These core values and beliefs can lead us to where we share new revelations, new beginnings and a new awareness that leads us closer to God.

The Deal- So You’re A Parent

All of us have references, things we can look back to that influenced our outlook, our take on life. Some times we question how our upbringing influenced us, how our parents were as parents. Our parents tried to do the best they could. A clique for the moment is all. More importantly, our future depended on how engaged, how in tuned, how aware our parents were. Or sometimes if they we there at all. After all they provide for us, put food on the table. The most important thing, right?

But somehow in the order of things we look for just a little more than that. The trouble is we become parents ourselves with short comings that hinder us in our attempt to parent. The base was empty, the glass half full, and guess who suffers………….Our Kids!




The Thin Advertising Market- Creating Top Of Mind Awareness

I know a lot of you are Mad Men fans, Its a nostalgic show for sure, however I do not think it gives enough nuts and bolts about the advertising industry as a whole. Here's a few concepts that will help you get started and maybe develope a media plan. The bottom line is you need to drive customers through your door and quickly. Your competition is out there and the bottom line is it must be done. There is a lot to it, the idea to drive customers to your store it is not an old concept. It has been around since the beginning of time.

As our population base has gotten younger, we have become very imaginative. It has not helped that technology wise we have a lot of toys at our disposal. Tablets, iPad, iphone, androids devices, sliding billboards are all ways to drive customers to you establishment, however they are short term, glamorous ways to make you feel good about your advertising. So if you are a feel good kind of person this is the way you should go, but don't expect to receive tangible results. I'm being honest.

In fact advertising is not a short term proposition. It is certainly not based on the number of impressions you may or may not receive with you digital/online ad. Business owners are impatient, they want results now and that my friend is the bottom line. So here's a concept. It's called the Thin Market, it's been around for ages, however no one lends enough attention to the concept.

There is only a limited amount of potential customers available to buy your product or your service at any given time. That's It. Pretty simple and straight forward. If there are only so many people available to buy your product and service in the vast advertising market place, then why do you place the same ad over and over again? Because it works? You bet that is why you do it! You win a prize! After all you are dealing with a fickle public and trust me this can effect your bottom line. The most important person in your Media plan, is not your ad representative, it's certainly not your advertising agency, all of them or just like the show Ad Men, clamourous types, empty suits and dresses, stay away from them. The most important person is you the business owner. You know the trends, you know what ad seem to pull in the most customers. You simply must be able to match your needs to the correct media platform and do it consistently.


I DON'T KNOW IF TV IS YOUR THING, it is mostly ego driven, many a business owner has pumped hundreds of thousand of dollars into TV simply to feed their ego. I'm just being real with you. Don't go down that path. Yes the trips to Cabo and the perks are exciting, and certainly take them when offered, but please develope a media plan that will reward and guarantee immediate success.

My friend this may shock you, but, I am keeping it real, You want to have your product or service to become an household name and you can do this consistently through front page strip ads on the front of the daily Newspaper. Yes People still buy the paper, primarily because of the coupons, from Valassis and News America. Certainly not the news. This my friends has kept newspapers afloat. Tell your ad rep to price out a front page strip ad on the very bottom of the front page, run it consistently for two months and you will get immediate results. Make sure it is in color. Keep it on the front page and you will create TOP OF MIND Awareness.

Although I worked in newspaper advertising for 35 years, I am somewhat fascinated with Billboard advertising. I believe it could be a complimentary approach to your front page newspaper advertising campaign.

I believe that these are program that will possibly work for you. If you have questions leave a comment to

Remember TOMA (top of mind awareness)!







This Racist Cartoon Published in the Boston Herald


This racist cartoon was published in the Boston Herald and what's more the Herald refuses to take the cartoon down from it's website. The Herald employee who published it thought it was appropiate to use the satire while using the reference to watermelon the age old reference implying that all African Americans eat and love watermelon, a racially offensive stereotype. This has been going on for centuries and it is offensive.
This raises a larger question concerning why is this degradation happening to the President of the United States? It never happened to other Presidents, yet President Obama is subjected to prejudiced bullying and degradation. Yet the editor says he has no ill intent. Yeah, but the days of Bull Conner are alive in well in America! We cannot even show respect to President Barack Obama, because in the eyes of America he is just a Black man in the White House and many in this nation refuse to accept that reality. Apparently the Boston Herald approves of racially offensive material in it's publications. Trust me, racism in American is still alive and well, and no we have not overcome bigotry.
Furthermore the Herald needs to quickly provide all employees racial sensitivity training. And we wonder why newspapers are closing one after the other.


The Deal- God’s Word Placed In Our Hearts

From Jon Courson's Daily Devotional


September 30

Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

Jeremiah 1:9-10


Here, we see the power given to Jeremiah as the Lord put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth. The Word of God is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). Therefore, just as He provided Jeremiah His words, He has provided us with His Word. True power comes not from sharing with people what we think, but what God’s Word says; not from our ideas or philosophies, but what Scripture states with certainty and authority.


The ministry of a prophet is always profitable but not always pleasant. It’s not simply planting and building, but the ministry of a prophet is also pulling down, throwing down, tearing up, rooting out. There had to be a breaking before there could be a building. There had to be a tearing up of the land before there could be a planting of the seed. Jeremiah knew this. He saw it in his father and in the priestly community that ministry wouldn’t always be easy.


“To every thing there is a season,” Solomon declared, “and a time to every purpose under the Heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up . . .” (see Ecclesiastes 3:1-3). Building up is always more fulfilling than pulling down, planting always more exciting than destroying, yet, like Solomon, Jeremiah was told he would have to root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down before he could build and plant. And so must we. Paul tells us we are to pull down strongholds and cast down imaginations that seek to have preeminence over Christ in our thoughts and minds (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).


True ministry is not about getting people to like us but rather speaking as the Lord directs in humility and integrity – even if that means rooting out and throwing down in order that God may build up and plant deep.