The Deal- Transformed

Thoughts are the essence of our search for purpose. The adventures that quite possibly move us toward our center. What is the center that defines many of us? We were born with it, yet it
takes a lifetime to learn it. To know it. It is the core, the fundamental essence of our future.

These core values and beliefs can lead us to where we share new revelations, new beginnings and a new awareness that leads us closer to God.

Newspaper Publishes Insensitive Cartoon Comparing Travel To Slave Trade

By Chris Hoenig, DiversityInc

A Pennsylvania newspaper has issued an apology after publishing an editorial cartoon that compared air travel to the slave trade.

In its Saturday edition, the Lancaster New Era ran a cartoon that depicts a couple standing before a diagram of theseating chart for a slave ship. “Must be where the airlines got their idea for passenger seating,” the old man tells his white-haired partner.

Newspaper apologizes for slavery cartoon.

“To somehow link the inconveniences of air travel with slavery in general and the slave ships in particular was not only just plain wrong, it was deeply hurtful to our African-American community and all those who understand the horrors inflicted on the men and women forced into the slave trade,” John A. Kirkpatrick, President of Lancaster Newspapers, and Barb Roda, its Executive Editor, said in a statement. “As a Lancaster County pastor said of the editorial cartoon: ‘The African slave trade was our Holocaust, and to a majority of sane African-Americans it is painful for us to even entertain.’

“While the editorial cartoon was not drawn by someone on our staff, the decision to run it on our pages was made here. We are deeply sorry about printing this offensive cartoon.”

The cartoon was drawn by editorial cartoonist Robert Ariail. Someone posting under his name challenged commenters who questioned his drawing.

“Oh yes, when I fly on an airplane, I have absolutely been forced onboard against my will, shackled by my hands and feet, stacked next to my fellow passengers with no breathing room, no water and food for a period of weeks, with the certain knowledge that if the captain considers himself or herself in danger, he or she can throw me overboard, still shackled to my fellow passengers,” a commenter named Sara posted on Ariail’s site. “Also, when I arrive at my final destination, I expect to be stripped, then sold to the highest bidder. Seriously, what is this nonsense?”

Ariail’s response? “Sara, get a sense of humor, then come back and look at the cartoons.”

Ariail did eventually issue an apology of his own.

“Folks, I didn’t intend for this cartoon to create this kind of reaction,” he wrote. “I am sorry to those who are upset by it and I’m sorry to Sara for my flippant remark. My intent was to compare airline seating with the most extreme example I could think of—the famous slave-ship illustration. I didn’t mean to trivialize slavery, just make a hyperbolic point about our modern-day condition.”

By the mid-1700s—decades before the United States became an independent nation—tens of thousands of Africanswere being forced from their homes, shackled and crammed aboard ships to the colonies and the Caribbean every year. Of the millions who started across the slave trade’s Middle Passage, hundreds of thousands died in the putrid, inhumane conditions and were dumped overboard. Those who survived the journey were sold to the highest bidder, destined for a life of forced servitude.

The Deal- Your Talents??


Many times we get all wrapped up in our own self-importance. We are pleased with what we can do, the influence that we have, the power that we have over people, and we begin to be pleased with ourselves. But we seem to have a knack to get things done, to influence people. How great am I that I can do the things I do? How vain, how shortsighted.


Not once do we consider that these talents did not come from us. Not once do we consider how did this happen? Not once did we consider when we were young before we knew anything it seemed that I could do these things without much effort.


We'll consider this, you received these talents not by your own doing, not by your own will Because you always had an unexplainable ability to do the things you do and do them well, in your self-praise, you never stopped once to consider where it really came from. The answer is it came from someone greater than you. He gave you these talents and you should be using them for the honor and glory to God..


No you did not create the world God did and the talents you have God gave them to you. What have you done with them for Him? If you wasted your life listening to others praise you and basking in your own glory step back and know that by God's grace and generosity he gave you your abilities, now before it's too late give back to Him, by using your abilities for His Glory and His kingdom.


The Deal- Living Through Secular Chaos

We Must Strive To Live Holy Lives In The face of Secular Chaos

No matter what, the Love of God defeats any of life’s trails, any of life’s situation. Through His love, He gave us His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ, who died on Calvary for our salvation. “He was wounded for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

No matter what the situation, always remember that “We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us” When we declare God’s Glory and confess it. His light shines ever brightly in our lives. It does not matter about this fallen world. Despites the circumstances God is with us despite it and His Son Jesus Christ has already prepared a place for us. “We must strive to live holy lives in the face of secular chaos and let Jesus take care of the rest”

God Is Good, And His Mercy Endures Forever!!!



The Deal-A Friend

Sometimes were stretched out. The boiling point is not far away. We're in a bind, the coals are hot and there's no sacrificial lamb near by, in fact, TAG, you're it! You can't tell me you have not been there before, trust me all of us have. It could be any situation, any episode in this journey called life. It causes you to cry out for the one friend, the only friend you have on this earth to help…………………

That friend is Jesus, oh what a friend we have in Jesus. He bears it all.

The Deal-Talking Loud, Saying Nothing

From Jon Courson's Devotional

He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.

Proverbs 13:3


President Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge was asked why he spoke so little. “I never have regretted anything I didn’t say,” he answered. How true. We often regret what we do say, but rarely what we don’t say. That is why James said it is better to be a listener than a talker (verse 1:19).

It would do us well first to think about what we’re about to say . . .

T is it truthful?

H is it helpful?

I is it inspiring?

N is it needful?

K is it kind?

If what you’re speaking is all of those things, go ahead and speak. Otherwise, keep quiet.