T O Owens………………….Finished?

Let’s Face it. T O days in the NFL are numbered. Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is still a team in the NFL that would be willing to take a chance on T O. During his NFL career T O played for the following teams.

San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys
Buffalo Bills
Cincinnati Bengals

This would not set a record, It is a good amount of teams. But T O is known to wear out his welcome and to talk too much. Where his travels will lead him? No one knows.

Obama’s State of The Union Address

This was Obama’s night to shine with an approval rating of over 54 %, the American people are starting to believe President Obama has the country on the right track. Obama graciously congratulated John Boerner as the new Speaker of the House.

Obama sent out concern for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Obama talked about how the economy has rebounded. Gave accolades to Vice President Biden and to Speaker Boerner about the ability to live the American dream.

Good bi-partisan speech, but it did not go far enough according to some.

Democrats and Republicans to Sit Together At Obama’s State of The Union Address

President Obama will give his State of the Union address tonight. It will mark the first time that Republicans and Democrats will supposedly sit together in an effort to be civil with one another. Already this plan will not work because of the bad blood that exist between both political parties It will be interesting to see. how this new scenario works out.

The Odyssey of Ricky Williams

ESPN reported the following on 30 for 30 segment.

The  Ricky Williams story is one for the ages. Let’s face it, he did not or has not reached his  potential.  He walked away from football, to heal a damaged body and to heal his mind.  Ricky  Williams reportedly thought his life calling was not football, but rather healing people. So he set out finding a way to do just that.

Ricky followed the beat of a different drummer. Perhaps because of a fragile mind, some say troubled, other say they simply don’t know.  He was a chameleon of sorts, taking the path of a different drummer throughout his life. His mom says that he  is creating a continual generational problem that he is exhibiting with his own children of growing up without a father. She think it is a generational problem.  We definitely cannot judge Ricky Williams, we can only ask  questions about why he played football or why he left the game, then returned and  left again. He was left to deal with his upbringing.

Various other problems in the family are alleged to have happened. No one knows the truth or validity of the the things that have been in the media.  The Ricky Williams story is a strange and frankly baffling story. No one know what happened and perhaps  we will never know.

But one thing we know this was one good football player, a punishing runner, perhaps with a void in his life, says football legend, Jim Brown.  Ricky returned once again to play for the Miami Dolphins.  He continued to try to find himself through yoga. He still remains a dominating talent, an intellectual talent, and quite reflective.

The story probably is not over……..stay tuned.

Philly Equals Good Food, Good Sports, and Mike Vick

If there is anything that gives me a good vibe is the atmosphere and passion of Philadelphia. From the way they support nearly all their sports teams, to the absolutely staggering amount of restaurants. Philly is blue-collar by nature, but people who live there are genuinely  Pennsylvanians.  You got to love the Pennsylvania  hospitality, the openness and the ability to have a small town mentality with a big town cover.

Philly is real, the atmosphere, the down home mantra that nearly everyone displays, the entertainment.  But there is literally nothing like Philadelphia Sports. From the Phillies to Eagles, to the  Flyers,  one thing is sure,  Philly loves its sports.  You could write an entire blog just on Philly sports.  The Big story this year was the redemption of  Michael Vick.  Philly did not embrace Vick at first, but one thing brought the Philly fans on board. Vick starting doing miraculous things on the football field and won games that they would have otherwise lost.

What are you going to do?  Continue be a hater or give  a guy like Mike Vick props for how he rehabilitated himself on the field and off. Philly loves it sports and they roots for underdogs. So goes the story of  how they accepted and embraced Mike Vick.

The Vick  story was the  highlight of the year. The Flyers and Phillies both made  miraculous runs  and the Sixers well, were just the Sixers.  Thanks Philadelphia for being real.

Facing The Giants

This may be the one little known Christian film that is at once inspirational and realistic in it’s portrayal of High school football in Georgia. It is a story about a struggling football coach in a small Georgia town, who faces many adversities while trying to find a winning formula for his football team. All the while giving praise to the Lord in his life despite the many setbacks that he incurs.

The coach at the fictional Shiloh Christian Academy faced tremendous odds in football crazy Georgia. The coach is faced with his best player deserting his program for a more up and coming program with more promise. On top of this his hopes rest on the one player who transferred.

Finally with problems seemingly confronting him from every angle. He turns to the Lord, for strength. He begins to face the demon put in front of him and trust in the Lord to see him through. The tables start to turn for the good. The coach discovered under utilized talent and the team starts to win. An unexpected visitor challenges him to trust in the power of faith. Not only does he turn a losing program around, but great things begin to happen in his personal life.

All because he discovered the strength of perseverance in his personal life. Purchase a copy of the DVD. It is great inspirational movie.

Crossover the Trial of Allen Iverson

I watched  30 for 3o, ESPN DVD Sports presentation of Crossover- The Trial of Allen Iverson and I came away impressed with a few things, most notably the  directing done by Steve James of  Hoop Dreams fame.

It was a fascinating first person interview of all the people involved in the Allen Iverson story , during his pre NBA, pre Georgetown years; the high school years. A story that culminated in a bowling alley brawl that landed Iverson and four other classmates in jail in Hampton, Virginia.

This classic and I will call it a classic, was directed by Steve James, who has to his credit directed one other monster basketball hit, called  Hoop Dreams. I will say this much about James, He should stay in the business. This was one of the most fascinating basketball documentaries that I have seen.  For those of you who saw Hoop Dreams, the same can be said.

The way James weaved the story around the black and white residents of Hampton Roads, to get their feeling about AI is magnificent.  Make no mistake Iverson is a complicated guy, but James did a lot to bring out this sad segment of a period of Iverson’s life when his future was in the balance after being sentenced for his involvement in a brawl, which nearly curtailed his  his  famed NBA career.

If you have the inclination,  purchase 30 for 30 Volume 01, Films 01-15. You’ll be glad you did and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a library of other 30 for 30 documentaries.

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