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Do Your Homework Before You Purchase a Product

If you are thinking about purchasing a product, perhaps an electronic device or equipment, think long and hard about where you decide to purchase the product. There are few hard and fast rules that you should employ before you decide to take the plunge and purchase the product.

1.) Always consider the return policy- Never purchase a product from a store that only offers a two week return policy. You need at least one month to work out any kinks and to determine if the product is truly what you want or what you thought you wanted. A store must offer at least one month return policy and the assurance that you can return it undamaged with a receipt. If you don’t have that assurance, don’t purchase the product.

Many stores will allow you to purchase the product and give you a warranty, where they will actually send the product off for repair. That’s fine,  if you are okay with the hassle involved,  and the time that you will spend away from your new toy. If you are like me, if there is a defect,  I simply want to exchange the product for a new one, a different brand or I want my money back on the spot. If a store cannot make that promise, then don’t patronize  or do business with them.

As a general rule small mom and pop stores cannot afford to take back merchandise that you purchased two weeks ago. They can only send off your product to a contractor that they have as a referral and you are responsible for paying the charges that your warranty, if your purchased one, will not cover. Why put up with the hassle?

Solution- You can purchase high quality merchandise from Sam’s Club or BJ’s and you are able to return it in a reasonable amount of time with out hassle, certainly within 90 days.   Large chains like Walmart and Target have offerred generous return policies and you should not fear returning them if you are not completely satisfied.

Whenever you purchase a product, make sure you keep the box it came in, with out the box, you are out of  luck  in  trying to return it; even if you have a receipt. Just because you have the money to pay for a product, don’t squander you money needlessly by letting a company pass the service fulfillment onto you.

Donate to the Marques Maybin Fund

This link/story is from the University of Louiville- Official athletic site

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Former University of Louisville men’s basketball player Marques Maybin met with members of the media on Tuesday at the Yum! Center to discus the upcoming 2008 Marques Maybin Classic to be played Dec. 6-8 at Freedom Hall in Louisville amongst other things.

The event is named for Maybin, the Cardinals’ No. 13 all-time scorer who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident on Aug. 5, 2003. He is currently enrolled at U of L to complete his degree requirements. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be earmarked for the Marques Maybin Medical Fund.

Maybin led the Cardinals in scoring in his final two years at U of L, including averaging 17.7 points as a senior during the 2000-01 season. He completed his career with 1,624 career points while playing at U of L from 1997-2001, ranking 13th all-time at Louisville and eighth in Conference USA history. His career 156-three point goals is seventh all-time for the Cardinals and he is sixth in career dunks with 95.

Donations to the fund may be sent to: Marques Maybin Medical Fund, c/o Republic Bank, 661 South Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222.

Excerpts From Tales of The Tennessee Vols

If you want the real story on Tennessee Football  and its history  here are excepts from Tales of  the Tennessee  Vols: Look at  page 87 and beyond to get a real feel on awkward coaching changes.  It might be a good idea to read the pages before.  This will give you an  interesting perspective on Tennessee Football.

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Tennessee Runs Off Another Coach and Hires Lane Kiffin

I can’t say I know an awfully lot about Lane Kiffin. But I do know two things. He is the new coach at Tennessee and he will earn over $2 million dollars a year at Tennessee.  He has somewhat of a name value for a school that  has sought mightily to be a National Power.  I can’t say they have really obtained that lofty status that just about  every other school in the south seeks.  One could hardly classify Tennessee as  a championship factory. They  have only won two championships and they were years apart.  How about 47 years, 1951 and 1998?

So it only stands to reason that they will follow that pattern. It has been 10 years now since they last won a National Championship in college football. Yet they have been known to  fire coaches for not producing and have even sent moving vans to speed up the departure of a failing coach.

I don’t see Lane Kiffin working wonders at Tennessee,  a school that has a long history of hiring in-house people with Tennessee Volunteer connections.  Their last two coaches  grew up in the program, Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer. Fulmer spent much of his time throwing Johnny Majors under the bus to get his job.  But that’s politics in Tennessee. By the way Kiffin is only 33 years old.

Kiffin does not bring much to the table other than a few years of “Just lose baby” instead of “Just win baby” for Oakland’s  Al Davis.  Eventually he was fired as the Raiders head coach after going 5-15. Kiffin claim to fame is being a glorified offensive coordinator for the USC Trojans, but colleges have a habit of  throwing large sums of taxpayer money around; so as in Tennessee’s case, they can find someone to beat Alabama. Believe me it will not be Kiffin.

Allen Iverson Hates to Practice

Allen Iverson is at it again. If we don’t know enough about Allen Iversion, there is one thing that we really do know about him; he can’t stand practice. You know the activity that basketball players go through to get better. To make a themselves better and to gel with teammates. Yeah, that’s it, Iverson does not like to do it. Iverson has repeatedly told a number of coaches that he does not see the value in practicing and some times, as a result he simply want do it. He may choose to miss practice altogether thank you. You see he sees it as a distraction.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask Larry Brown, Chris Ford or how about Maurice Cheeks, all coaches who see the values of refining your basketball skills through practice. Iverson has defied all three coaches and missed practices that he should have attended. Apparently Iverson gets very upset when a coach demands that he attend practice, so much so that he stormed out of the gym once when Maurice Cheeks demanded that he attend, you guessed it; PRACTICE. One month later he was traded from the 76ers to the Denver Nuggets.

Apparently Iverson feels justified in his feeling about the issue after all he makes over $22,000,000 playing for the Detroit Pistons. Why should he be forced to attend practice? I guess that is a question that we will be forced to ponder, since three coaches have not been able to figure out an answer to it or to persuade this well paid superstar to earn his money by attending the team practice sessions. I guess Michael Curry, coach of the Detroit Pistons and Iverson’s latest victim, will have to deal with this as well. Iversion will too. Time is not an his side. He’s getting old and patience with his antics is getting old as well.

President Elect Obama Broadcast His Weekly Radio Address On U-Tube

President- Elect Barack Obama utilized U-Tube, in addition to radio to broadcast his Saturday Morning Radio address. The use of U-Tube Message is a ground breaking historic way to address the American People.  Previous presidents have used Radio as the only means to distribute this message.  This is groundbreaking in that it is the first time a president has ever used U-Tube for a weekly radio address. As of today over 550,000 have view the first ever U-Tube message.  The is just one more in a series of Obama innovations and there are sure to be more to come.  Click here to view Obama’s U-Tube Message Saturday, November 15.

Dumars Trades for Allen Iversion;Move Will Help Pistons

Allen Iversion

Allen Iverson trade is a strategic one for Piston’s General Manager Job Dumars, who knows a little bit about winning. Dumar s brought in Iverson and combined him with Rip Hamilton, which gives them a potent two guard set with Iverson being a great duo purpose guard who is at home playing the point and scoring as well. It gives the Piston another option in the backcourt and increases the overall scoring capabilities.

Chauncey Billups handled the point effectively, however the Piston’s offense was slow and methodical, which nullified any backcourt threat that the Piston may have had. With Billups at the point the Pistons had a slow methodical offense that did not suit the talent that the Pistons brought to the table. Iverson increases the tempo and the flow, freeing up scorers like Rasheed Wallace ,Tayshaun Prince, and Rip Hamilton, all three thrive in an up tempo offense.

The Nations Top Coaches

The key to the success of a college basketball team is the ability of the Coach. A successful bench coach can and will spell the difference of success and failure. Some coaches in the heat of the battle wilt when in pressure game situations. Usually because they did not manage the clock well during the course of a game. Depending upon how well the coach makes decisions and manages the game, determines how much pressure he will face with under minutes remaining in a game. The coach can create a pressure situation by mis-management of the game. The players are usually not disciplined enough to execute or the coach has a flawed philosophy in game management. Either way it is the coach’s job to get their team ready for any situation. What causes me to wonder is when a coach uses all of the allotted time outs and have none to call in crucial game ending situations. This happens a lot when coaches do not manage the game well. Being a top flight coach involves how well you manage crucial situations at the end of a game.

You must make all the right moves at the right time in order to be effective. With that said, I put together a list of coaches who I feel have demonstrated that they know how to manage the game and change strategy when needed. The coaches are not listed in any particular order, but all have demonstrated that they know how to manage a game, ultimately producing a win. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke- Without a doubt the most successful coach in the ranks of college basketball. He has had the good fortune of coaching superb basketball talent and the benefits of coaching at The Premier Basketball School in the country.

Coach K is at the top as America’s top coach on nearly every ones list. Bill Self, Kansas- He coached his way to the top, by winning the National Championship. This is the litmus test of the coaching ability of the coach. Self proved that he belongs in the top tier of coaches. Roy Williams, North Carolina-Williams came into his own when he returned to North Carolina as The Head Basketball coach. Great coaching ability and a unique ability to bring talent together and lot of it at Carolina. Jim Calhoun, UConn- The cornerstone of UConn’s offense is a great point guard combined with a good inside game. Usually the inside is occupied by a better than average center. But with Calhoun’s offense a good point guard is the key to push the ball up the floor, distribute the ball, or effectively take the three. Calhoun is great at managing the closing minutes of a game.  Villanova- The three guard offense has been highly effective for Jay Wright and when he has three guard who can shoot from the perimeter, slash and dish effectively to the basket, he can break down the opposing defense fairly quickly. Wright because of his knack of recruiting exceptionally quick, efficeint shooting guards, has been able to manage the closing minutes of a game quite effectively.

Tom Crean, Indiana (Formerly coach at Marquette)- Crean is a master of managing a game and interchanging players at just the right time to keep the opposing team off balance on both offense and defense. He did this extremely well at Marquette. Look for Crean to recruit more power rated players at Indiana than he did at Marquette. This will insure that he will continue to have success in the closing minutes of a game. Crean is a master of managing a game.

Billy Donavon, Florida- Donavon is another coach who when he has reasonable talent, can effectively manage a game, by substituting strategically and effective pull out of game, by making superb coaching moves. Donavon won back to back national Championships and it was because he is a great bench coach.

Billy Gillespie, Kentucky- Although he had a mediocre year at Kentucky last year, Gillespie is a great recruiter and has a knack of drawing out the best of players who over the course of the year adapt well to his system. Look for Kentucky to remain one of the top echelon programs, because of the coaching ability of Gillespie. Last year was a great example of Gillespie’s coaching ability. Kentucky struggled all year long, but they game together in the end to win a seed in the NCAA tournament.

Rick Pitino, Louisville- Pitino is somewhat erratic at times. Does not manage the clock well and sometimes makes bone headed substitutions at inappropriate times. However, his teams or capable of hitting home run balls, via the three point line, which let him off the hook when making bad coaching decisions, and when he has managed the clock unresponsively. It is a situation where Pitino is on or he is not. Louisville rises and falls with the nuances and the management of the clock by Pitino.

Luke Olsen, Arizona- No coach has consistently managed a game better than Lute Olsen. He has accomplished this with great point guard play and above average inside game. But Arizona’s offense rises or falls with the point guard. And Olsen has had some good ones. He is without a doubt one of the top bench coaches in terms of managing the waning minutes of a game in America.

Ben Howland, UCLA- Howland brought his magic to Westwood and has created a talent pool that is exceptional to say the least. His clock management has been good and he has effectively advanced to the NCAA tournament enjoying good success.

Bob Huggins,West Virginia- Last year Huggins over achieved. The talent level at West Virginia was suspect, but Huggins managed to pull out a respectable year, making the NCAA tournament. For West Virginia, cloak Management became increasingly important. Look for Huggins to have the Mountaineers at the top through the upcoming season.

Bob McKillop- Davidson- Unless you were on another planet last year you have to be impressed with the coaching ability of McKillop. However one player made all of this possible and it was Stephen Curry. He is a shooter period. Enough said. He can get his shot off in a way that is not quick, but subtle. The point is he got his shot off consistently to get Davidson to the final eight last year. Curry is not a top ten player, so McKillop had to coach this team to success.

Mark Few-Gonzaga- Few coaches have done more than Coach Mark Few, to raise the National name recognition of one one school in ten years. Mark Few is an excellent bench coach and recruiter who has elevated Gonzaga to a household name. What can be said about the successes the Few has had. The best I can say is that he is an excellent bench coach.

Rick Barnes-Texas- Just study his history and the number of players that have made it to the NBA and how Texas is now known as a point guard factory and you see why Riick Barnes Made this list. He is an excellent coach and one of the great thinker in America. Best Of the Rest John Thompson III John Calipari Tim Floyd I’m sure there are others that should have been on this list.

Here’s a list of the top coaches from the past. Bobby Knight Adolph Rupp Denny Crum Al McGuire John Wooden Dean Smith John Thompson Gale Catlett

Phillies Win It All

The Philadelphia Phillies took home the world championship trophy tonight winning its first championship since 1980. Twenty-five years to be exact. It was a wacky series that resumed tonight after a rain delay on Monday. The Phillies took home the championship for a city starved from championship glory.

For the first time, the championship came before a national television audience before 11 PM. Which meant that the series had someone of a prime time audience. So the city of Philadelphia can be proud of a winner and with it full slates of sports teams, the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies, the city where Philly steaks are king, can be proud that they now have a winner.

Charlie Manual guided the Phillies to its second World Series title.

Both The Cubs and The Sox Are In The Playoffs, First Time In 102 Years

Chicago White Sox Made it to the playoffs. Barack Obama’s favorite baseball team. In the bottom of the 8th Joe Nathan came in for the Twins, to serve as a closer for the Twins, who were due up top of the nInth. Nathan quickly gave up a single base hit to Jermaine Dye. That brought up Jim Thome who hit a lead off home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. Thome had a chance this time to seal the deal with Dye on first in the bottom of the eight, with two out. On the line the White Sox chance to win a spot in the post season, since they captured the World Series in 2005. It was not to be. So the Sox would need to hold serve for the final three outs in the Twins at bat, in the top of the ninth with a one run lead for the Sox.

Set down the Twins in three outs and the Sox are in the post series playoffs. Looming large a possible Chicago World Series; Sox vs the Cubs. The White Sox closer Bobby Jenks entered the picture in the top of the ninth with 29 saves for the year. It was all on Jenks now to close the game. With two out gone Jenks had the Twins down to their last out. Standing room only crowd for the Sox, and all standing. A diving catch and the Sox win and spot to the playoffs by defeating the Twins, 1 to 0. They are the 2008 AL Central League Champions. They will play the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday. For the first time in 102 years, both Chicago teams, the Cubs and the White Sox are in the playoffs.