The Cost of Gas, Food and Everything Else Keeps Rising

Be sure to take two credit cards and a wallet full of money the next time you go shopping at your local grocer. Trust me, you will need it. It seems like everything costs about $3.50 more than it did six months ago. It’s probably some sort of conspiracy that just want go away. The culprit? We don’t know the answer to that. The experts say It’s the economy; I guess we knew that! We continue to suffer, while manufacturers and distributors are trying to find a way to add on additonal charges to continue to make a profit.

While all of this is going on the researches are too busy cloning cattle that they plan to sell in supermarkets across America. That’s not the only thing they plan to clone; how about pigs? Can you imagine eating clone cattle meat or cloned bacon? of course they will promptly raise the price of meat by say $10 per pound. Cloned meat is expensive you know and hard to come by, I guess.  Has any one seen a cloning farm lately? Has any one seen “Dolly” the cloned sheep? I believed she died; someone said she was only six years old and had a number of diseases. The Food and Drug Administration probably knows where all cloning farms are located. By the way the FDA says they don’t have to tell us the meat is cloned. So much for the right to know. More than likely the politicians will call a national symposium of top business leaders and industry professionals to discuss why. Maybe they will have the answer on CNN shortly.

Seriously the cost of nearly everything is increasing with the exception of one thing….our salaries! Not only is regular gas hovering around $3.30 a gallon, but a carton of eggs cost almost $3.00. This makes it somewhat hard to consider driving a Hummer. You know all of us have thought about it from one time or another; buying a Hummer. I’m not talking about renting one. I talking about buying one and then filling if up with gas. It would probably cost you $100 to fill the tank. But we live in prosperous times as some politician put it.

When the Presidential election rolls around in November, I predict gas prices will drop about $1.30 per gallon; just long enough to see who actually wins the election! Now that gives us food for thought (cloned of course) for the rest of the year.