Prince A Musical Icon and Genius


Every once in a while God presents our universe with a talented indiviual.  Prince is  the embodiment of a musical generation filled with God given talent.  We often cannot resist the urge to rank musical  genius  in billboard record style. To be honest this does a disservice to musicians who labored tirelessly to perfect their craft.   However that is an overly simple formula that in the end taints the reality that Prince was God’s gift to our universe.  That is how we  will remember him. 

He was born to perform the way he did because it was pre-destined.  We lost a gigantic musical soul today, no doubt, however his work will live on and the countless people that he influenced, musicians and fans alike will alway have  his music  to cherish. He joins a Hall of Fame lineup of musical icons who have passed on and made their mark , but more importantly left their legacy and paved the way to musical excellence. It is up to all of us to keep his  legacy alive.

Prince  spanned many generations in his nearly 57 years on this earth and he had a right to be proud and honored to leave his work for future generations to enjoy.  We lost a legend today, however we gained a little more than that. We can still enjoy the dynamic music and vision that Prince  leaves to the universe…… May you Rest In Peace! Your music and vision will continue to live on!


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