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The Deal- Decisions



“It's okay to think about what you want to do, until it's time to think about what you were mean't to do.”

from “The Rookie”


Dean Smith Left a Legacy Of Excellence At UNC

Dean Smith was not only a great coach, he was a trailblazer in recruiting the black athlete in the South during the turbulent 60's. Smith was one of a handful of coaches to recruit the black athlete in the south in the late sixties when he recruited Charlie Scott a 6'6″ guard who averaged over 25 points per game over the course of his career at North Carolina. Of course Scott was not the last African American player that Smith would recruit. Michael Jordon, James Worthy, Jerry Stackhouse, Bob McAdoo, Sam Perkins and many others played for Dean Smith at North Carolina.

Smith was an outstanding coach who left an indelible mark on College Basketball. Smith won 879 games at North Carolina and won two NCAA Championships in 1982 and 1993.




Rex Ryan May Thrive in Buffalo

Rex Ryan is the new coach of the Buffalo Bills. This is a potential good thing. The thing is Rex came from a dysfunctional franchise in the Jets. It was definitely a whose on first mentality. Everything was a Jet decision and not a Rex Ryan decision.

Rex Ryan

He was hampered with way to much red tape in the organzation and Rex being a company guy and would never say it, but he was forced to follow along. In truth, the bad ownership and the political aspirations by nearly everyone in the front off, contributed to the Jets downfall.

Now Rex has a clean slate, and will be able to run his own show and make big boy decision. You will see the Bufflo Bills thrive under Rex Ryan., no doubt. He is bold and brash and you will see more of this in Buffalo. Trust me.


The Deal- A Seasoned Man’s Spoken Word

I think about the times, the hours of the day, when life was pure, life was good.

I felt invincible, I felt unique -all wraped up in a product called me. Yes, wrapped in a product called me.

I was in the zone, the product of confusion, little did I know I was living an illusion. Too young to see, too young to care, the gist of the matter I had burden's to bear.

A funny thing happend as the years went by, setbacks, sickness, job loss, family issues, and similar things all confronted me, yet taught me lessons. It's still not about me!!

Now I'm seasoned, some call it old, some call it mature and that is the course of things, life is not easy, yet I still live the dream. The dream is about Jesus and that's no lie, He's with me now as I reflect.

You know it's cool that I had to learn that life's not easy and you need a friend. I got a friend, I got a friend. Oh what a friend we have in Jesus!!!

Just open the door and let him in! Open the door and let Him in!


The Deal- Jesus Is Alive

I'm sure this is a great take away, the substance of what were made of, but I do know this and it is no surprise that JESUS IS ALIVE! Some donot care to know him, others feel that it's a passing thing. The headline of the day and it is no surprise is JESUS IS ALIVE!

A Preacher laid down the message this morning, said we are Saints who only needed to claim the title. Our Sins are forgiven and that's no lie for those who ask for Him to come inside. Cause Jesus Can Be Alive INSIDE YOU! Just open up and let Him in. It is a small price to pay, doesn't cost a thing. There is no deposit, no return.

DON'T TAKE MUCH FOR THIS STORY TO END ON A HAPPY NOTE. JUST CONFESS and ask for forgiveness, you know sin just want do, cause JESUS IS ALIVE!





The USA Has Soccer Fever- Go USA, Beat Germany!!!

The United States has soccer fever and it is well received. Everywhere in the US people are meeting whether large or small crowds. People are excusing themselves from work to view the World Cup match between the USA and Germany. This is an historic day for America and we could not ask for anything less!

This is the first opportunity for the USA to make an ompact by either beating or tying Germany. Athough the rules are rather complicated, this is still one of the most important soccer events in the history of US Soccer!



The High Ground

I reflect from time to time on events of history. You know the past has away of influencing our future. Sometimes, doing trying times, it gives us the courage to move forward, as many others have done. We can stand in awe that we have away of leaving a clear legacy for others to follow. And that we stood up, took the high ground and defended it. Somethng that we never dreamed we could or would do!


Richard Sherman Chimes In On DeSean Jackson His Childhood Friend

Seattle's Richard Sherman wrote an enlightening article on DeSean Jackson that explains the difficulties that kids growing up in Watts and South Central face. If you lived in these neighborhoods as DeSean and Richard did, you were in the mist of violence and in the mist of the fire. There is literally no separation from your friends and you do all you can to stay out of trouble. When someone makes it in the neighborhood you try to be mentors for your friends who are left behind. It is a fact of violent city life. In the link to the post that Richard Sherman wrote, I think you will understand, that most football players and many people in life live in the same conditions, but they aren't lucky enough to get a free ticket out of the “hood.” For them life is filled with tragedy. it is a familiar story.

Check out the link below………………..

by Richard Sherman 04/02/2014