Hyprocrisy is pretending to be something you are not and have no intention of being. We become hypocrites when we;

1.) Pay more attention to reputation than to character.

2.) Carefully follow certain religious practices while  allowing our hearts to remain distant from God. 

3.) Emphasize our virtues but others’  sins.


The Deal

As we walk along the path that the Lord has given us, He provides a clear path filled with choices that gives us  the ability to choose, a unique gift that the Lord Has given us. Through His  love for us the Lord gave us the ability to Walk in our own path, our own way.  

The Bible, our guide book,  gives us direction and invaluable insight that is clearly shows the paths that the Lord  expects us to choose. He gave us free will to make choices, however through his love for us. He gives us His word, which is an invaluable road map, rules for the road that we  must take advantage of.

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the wicked, nor stands in the way of the wicked, nor sits in the seat of scoffers.  But His delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in His Law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields it’s fruit in it’s season and it’s leaf leaf does not wither in all that he does, he prospers”. Psalms 1-3


Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead At 79

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is dead, may he rest in peace. For Forty-Four years the Republicans held a majority on the bench of the Supreme Court. The court now is at a 4-4 count, meaning four Democrats and four Republicans. This will be a game changing situation where there will be much discussion and debate on who will be nominated to the court.

Justice Scalia was a colorful judge who ruled conservatively in nearly every argument that came before the Supreme Court.  Scalia was a thoughtful and staunch conservative. He always emphasized the clear context of the argument when evaluating a potential ruling. Scalia often ruled against liberal leaning cases, which is not to say that Scalia was not a little more than a partisan Justice. He held close to his conservative opinions but evaluated each case and sometimes surprised pundants and elected officials alike in coming to his opinions.

There are already calls that President Obama not be allowed to nominate the next Supreme court Justice. A fight on this can be expected, from Democrats and Republicans alike.

 The court has been split five to four for a huge amount of time. There will be a fight to stop President Obama from nominating the next Supreme Court Justice. If we think the Presidential election is entertaining at this point, it will promise to be  life changing. Justice Scalia was 79.

The Primary Process In New Hampshire

The Primary/Caucus Election process has been very interesting to say the least, both on the Democratic and Republican side in New Hampshire and Iowa.  It is going to be interesting, that is the next couple of weeks.  It will make everything a little more interesting in  the primary season for both  the Republicans and the Democrats. Whether the focus is on self funding candidate, Donald Trump or the  rise of Progressive Bernie Sanders, the rest of the 2016 election for the White House will continue to be interesting and intriguing.  New Hampshire is no doubt playing a huge part in this election. That is the beauty of the Electorial Process.

Where this election will end up is anyone’s  guess, however this year’s  election is without a doubt eventful, entertaining and curiously partisan,  Each voting block has a uniqueness of it own and we will continue to see more passion and more deep held commitment through the rest of this affair in the battle for the White House.  That my friend is the absolute anaylsis of this very interesting campaign for the highest office in the land.