Something to Ponder

Although good fortune is not a promised by what you do,  what you give back to others should come from the heart, and not predicated on your expectation of recognition.

Obama Still Will Be One Term and Done

Obama has proven that he is  not as strong as we thought he was. He is a conscientious builder and it is certain that he can be nothing else. He governs from the center and this is not a surprise. What is a surprise is that by negotiating with the Republicans for a few concessions, he has alienated his progressive Democratic base,  made himself into a liar, and reneged on many principles that he ran on 2008.

I wrote many articles supporting  Obama in 2008; but he is a disappointment in standing up to Democratic principals.  Republicans will have their way with him, because he does not have the courage to fight, and he does not have the will to fight. We can’t expect much from President Obama in the next two years; but what we can expect is for his presidency to  last one term. I never thought I would say this; but can you say Hillary anyone?