Tea Party Member should be voted Out.

It's time. It's time to vote out the Tea party and elect Democrats who will follow the will of the people. It is ridiculous that this country has allowed a group of self centered congressmen and women that were elected by doctored and tailored made districting in many obscure states to be elected to government office. Now the American people are paying for it, with these misguided people in office. The government shutdown is no joke and the Tea Party is to blame.


Nick Foles Leads Eagles to Victory After Mike Vick Goes Down

Nick Foles did an admirable job today coming in for Mike Vick after Vick went down with an hamstring injury. Foles threw two touchdown passes to lead the Eagles to a 36- 21 victory over the New York Giants.

This was a must win victory for the Eagles and coupled with the Broncos victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles now find themselves possibly in first place in the woefully bad NFL East. For the Eagles it was a good day, with Mike Vick rushing for over 70 yards, and Foles leading the team to two touchdown in the second half.


This Day in History


1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November Thanksgiving Day.

1960 “The Andy Griffith Show” premiered on CBS.

1974 The Cleveland Indians hired Frank Robinson as major league baseball's first black manager.

1992 Barack Obama married Michelle Robinson at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

1995 A jury found ex-football player O.J. Simpson innocent of murder in the 1994 slayings of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.

2011 An Italian appeals court freed Amanda Knox of Seattle after four years in prison, tossing murder convictions against Knox and an ex-boyfriend in the stabbing of their British roommate.


The Deal- The Lord’s Plan For You

The Lord has a plan. No, He probably did not tell you. You see you have work to do. Even though you Love Him and you’re in His kingdom, because you know and accepted Jesus Christ  His Son, you’ve got the ticket to heaven, because Christ paid the ultimate price for you.  But guess what,  we still have work to  do and we move along the scale to be more like the Lord.

That’s when we learn, just who we are in Christ. It’s a journey and that’s why we do not know what the Lord will do next, because He wants us to learn. It’s a test, so are you up to it? It requires thought, deep thought and a unique presence in the Lord’s shelter. More to come!

Republicans Held a Stage Coach Robbery on America

It is becoming awfully hard not to go there, but I feel a need to go there. In regards to the government shutdown, I blame the Republicans. They are the culprits and if the economy takes a dive that reality is plain and simple. It is their fault ( make no mistake) it is the Republicans. Not only are they doing this because President Barack Obama is African American and they literally can't stand that. That is the reason, whether or not anyone wants to admit it or not.

Sane people don't care what race President Obama is, but the handwritings on the wall and apparently Republicans aren't the least bit sane. Their hatred results in thousands of government workers not being able to feed their families. Their hatred causes millions of American's not to have access to vital services that they need. Their hatred would rather have people die of cancer or any other lethal disease if it mean't that they had to pay as little as one cent for treatment. They don't care who dies, so long as they can horde their own money and take kickbacks from the thousands of special interest groups that are linning their pockets.

That is the reality. Anyone who would use race as a basis for their hatred is less than a Patriot. They are going around Hi Five-ing each other because they did a noble thing, stop President Obama and shut down the federal goverment. Sounds like in bred terrorist to me. This certainly is something they should not be proud of. They should be ashamed of themselves. They finally got Obama where it hurts they are probably thinking. In the long run they are hurting themselves and this country.


Is Peyton Manning The Greatest Quarterback Ever?

ManningOkay, I don’t follow Peyton Manning’s exploits, but I think we all got to give  a shout out to the  guy.   Can’t say I know a lot about him, but  I do know this is  the only man who can literally control an entire football game and orchestrate the outcome.  He’s  like a conductor on the field.  He can instantly read defenses and counter the play with audibles, some times multiple or  triple audibles.

His accuracy is unbelievable when he throws the ball. And he barely breaks a sweat when he’s on the field. Yesterday the guy had no third downs! No third downs.  That’s just like playing a basketball game to  50 points and spotting the guy 40 points and still beating him.

Oh did I mention that  he probably averaged  8 to ten  yards per possession yesterday in a 52-20  win over the Eagles?   And he’s 38 eight years old playing with against and with players who  who are possibly 12 to 15 years younger than him.  To be blunt  we are probably looking at the greatest quarterback  in NFL history in Peyton Manning.  A  certain Hall of Famer!