The Deal

You got a challenge, That’s what they call it and we move toward it apprehensively, until we learn a protective approach. It’s all about courage, not the John Wayne type, or the war hero kind, where he triumphantly comes home and is penned a medal of honor compliments of the chief executive. No it not that simple, it more, that’s so earthly. When we learn to face the challenge we learn that we got an overdrive, part of the customized package that God gave us. We live with it, nurture it, take  it for a drive every once in a while, until were forced to call on it. Then God kicks in, yes God Kicks in and give us the Jet Pack, the Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who leads us through the thick woods. That my friend is where we are.

Harbaugh Brothers and Ray Lewis Are In the Super Bowl

There are so many stories with this years Super Bowl.  The Harbaugh brothers will face each other while a proud mom and dad will watch.  Ray Lewis will play in his second Super Bowl during the season that he announced his retirement.  These are the stories of fairy tales and we are living it.

Ray Lewis


The stories are made for TV drama that no one could write the script. A Super Bowl that will truly be a family affair and a  future Hall of Fame legend Ray Lewis will end his career  in the Super Bowl.  It  doesn’t get any better than this. And this is not a beer commercial.  This is an ending that none of us could have imagined.   The mighty New England Patriots lost their swagger and now the NFL is up for grabs.  It as excitement at its best!

Jim Harbaugh


Cornerstone University Ballpark and Dorms

Funding for a new ballpark at Cornerstone University, which will feature student dorms in a center-field structure, has been approved by the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Economic Development Corp.

The $8-million project, which includes $5.4 million from the GREDC and donations funding the rest, will feature 500-seat ballpark with the aforementioned student housing as well as new facilities for the athletic department. 

The building offers 45,000 square feet of space, and roughly half of that square footage will be devoted to the residence hall. The dormitory rooms will accommodate 92 students and are being built along both sides of the athletic center, which will result in four sections of housing….

GMB Architecture and Engineering of Holland and Visbeen Associates of Grand Rapids designed the project, one of six turf fields GMB has drawn up in the region this past year. The firm, which also has an office on East Beltline Avenue, acquired Visbeen last July and the two companies decided to retain their separate identities after the acquisition was finalized….

The stadium will seat 500 fans. The athletic facility will have locker rooms for men’s baseball and women’s softball, a training center, a weight room, indoor pitching machines and batting cages, and a state-of-the-art press box.

The new ballpark will mark the return of baseball to Grand Rapid’s Cornerstone University, which last fielded a team in 1996. The Golden Eagles will return to play this season.

It is unusual to combine athletic facilities and student housing, though not without some precedent: the football stadium at St. Paul’s Macalester College, for example, hosts student housing as well. And, of course, fans know that a hotel sits beyond the center-field fence at Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Deal

The gray hairs seem to accumulate  but the memories continue to be there. Like some weathered book  whose pages certainly aren’t highlighted. We can’t walk as fast, move as fast, run as fast, but we can still dream and think of those times called yesteryear. It good to look back  and in our minds we make those times seem invincible. But in the mist of this movie we fail to notice the plot. A plot that we can take with us the rest of our lives. If we’re smart we will learn God’s lesson and apply it for the time that we still have in this life.  That’s the message to our music. Yeah those were the times!