Politicians Need To Find Common Ground

Americans are in a climate where they expect excellence and proven value. They also expect everyone to deliver on promises. Mediocrity is not an option.

Americans are mad and they aren’t going  to take it anymore. They are mad at politicians, they are mad at doctors, institutions, government, local government……the list is huge!

Politicians over promise and under deliver.  Retailers, banks,
, lie, cheat and steal and deny it with a straight face. It is without a doubt a  climate ripe with deceit.

Is there an end to this madness? Not in the short run. We created this mess over a lifetime and now we just have to dig ourselves out.

No political party can turn this ship around quickly. Our political system is not set up to allow it.  Too many checks and balances.

The solution is to work with the party in power and try to get all parties to come to a consensus/ agreement. Over a period of years things will change.

But we just can’t keep changing parties, because we are impatient. This will only make matters worse.