If You Live In New York State Be Sure To Vote For Bernie Sanders on April 19

If you live in New York State Be Sure to vote for Bernie Sanders on April 19!

A Bernie Sanders Rally at Coney Island!


Hillary Clinton And Bernie Attack Each Other

To be honest Hillary Clinton will more than likely be the Democratic  nominee for President of the United States. The numbers add up and it appears to be a given. However I am disappointed in the tactics that Secretary Clinton used to get here.  Bernie , in a moment of frustration,  basically said that Hillary is not qualified to be President. That is not a new revelation, it is not even surprising in my opinion that Sanders is saying she is not qualified. She has not been forthcoming, she has pushed the needle and as a result of insulting Bernie Sanders Clinton got a less than hospitable  response from Sanders.

The media has a lot do do with all this, They are pro Clinton in their reporting and has egged on and encouraged this in order to further implicate and disqualify Bernie Sanders. To his credit Sanders has still provided a great example of how to run a campaign. Clinton chose to go negative and we are where we are because of that.  Hillary Clinton’s negativity is the culprit.

The New York media is in Hillary Clinton’s back pocket. But Sandres knew this when he decided to go against  her. It goes with the territory. If Hillary Clinton learned anything from this, it is be very careful that you do not poke the Bear, in this case  the bear would be Bernie Sanders. We will see where this goes and how this plays out in the coming days. 

Sanders faces an uphill fight and will not give an inch to Hillary Clinton, CNN or MSNBC.



Hyprocrisy is pretending to be something you are not and have no intention of being. We become hypocrites when we;

1.) Pay more attention to reputation than to character.

2.) Carefully follow certain religious practices while  allowing our hearts to remain distant from God. 

3.) Emphasize our virtues but others’  sins.


The Deal

As we walk along the path that the Lord has given us, He provides a clear path filled with choices that gives us  the ability to choose, a unique gift that the Lord Has given us. Through His  love for us the Lord gave us the ability to Walk in our own path, our own way.  

The Bible, our guide book,  gives us direction and invaluable insight that is clearly shows the paths that the Lord  expects us to choose. He gave us free will to make choices, however through his love for us. He gives us His word, which is an invaluable road map, rules for the road that we  must take advantage of.

“Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the wicked, nor stands in the way of the wicked, nor sits in the seat of scoffers.  But His delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in His Law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields it’s fruit in it’s season and it’s leaf leaf does not wither in all that he does, he prospers”. Psalms 1-3


Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead At 79

Supreme Court Justice Scalia is dead, may he rest in peace. For Forty-Four years the Republicans held a majority on the bench of the Supreme Court. The court now is at a 4-4 count, meaning four Democrats and four Republicans. This will be a game changing situation where there will be much discussion and debate on who will be nominated to the court.

Justice Scalia was a colorful judge who ruled conservatively in nearly every argument that came before the Supreme Court.  Scalia was a thoughtful and staunch conservative. He always emphasized the clear context of the argument when evaluating a potential ruling. Scalia often ruled against liberal leaning cases, which is not to say that Scalia was not a little more than a partisan Justice. He held close to his conservative opinions but evaluated each case and sometimes surprised pundants and elected officials alike in coming to his opinions.

There are already calls that President Obama not be allowed to nominate the next Supreme court Justice. A fight on this can be expected, from Democrats and Republicans alike.

 The court has been split five to four for a huge amount of time. There will be a fight to stop President Obama from nominating the next Supreme Court Justice. If we think the Presidential election is entertaining at this point, it will promise to be  life changing. Justice Scalia was 79.

The Primary Process In New Hampshire

The Primary/Caucus Election process has been very interesting to say the least, both on the Democratic and Republican side in New Hampshire and Iowa.  It is going to be interesting, that is the next couple of weeks.  It will make everything a little more interesting in  the primary season for both  the Republicans and the Democrats. Whether the focus is on self funding candidate, Donald Trump or the  rise of Progressive Bernie Sanders, the rest of the 2016 election for the White House will continue to be interesting and intriguing.  New Hampshire is no doubt playing a huge part in this election. That is the beauty of the Electorial Process.

Where this election will end up is anyone’s  guess, however this year’s  election is without a doubt eventful, entertaining and curiously partisan,  Each voting block has a uniqueness of it own and we will continue to see more passion and more deep held commitment through the rest of this affair in the battle for the White House.  That my friend is the absolute anaylsis of this very interesting campaign for the highest office in the land.

Texas Western vs Kentucky

The 1966 Texas Western ( now known as The University of Texas at El Paso -UTEP)- Kentucky NCAA Championship. Certainly the most significant game ever played in the history of basketball. Simply because of the segregated nature of basketball in the south during the sixties. This game and this game alone served to remove the barriers and unwritten rules that college coaches observed in the failure to sign the black athletes to a four year scholarship in the segregated south . After this game, the barriers were lifted and southern schools began in earnest to recruit the black athlete.

Adolph Rupp, The head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky, went to great lengths to refrain from diligently  recruiting  black basketball players.  He did recruit Wes Unseld a graduate of Louisville Seneca High School and he also recruited Butch Beard from Breckenridge County High School in Kentucky, but both players felt  that Kentucky would not be a welcoming environment and they chose to attend the University of Louisville.  Rupp did pay a visit to Ron King in his home in 1969.  King along with Otto Petty led  Louisville Central to the 1969 Kentucky State Championship.  The same year King was named Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball. King decided to attend Florida State, where Hugh Durham, a Louisville native was the head coach.
Adolph Rupp won 4 national Championships at Kentucky during his career. He wanted to win just one more championship before he retired and 1966, he felt this was his year to do it. Rupp had a team, featuring five undersized players, led by Pat Riley, current Miami  GM, Louie Dampier, Tommy Kron, Thad Jarez and Larry Conley. They were known as Rupp’s Runts( no player was over 6’5 inches tall) and they terrorized the Southeastern Conference. They were a great team and they played an exciting brand of basketball.

Texas Western had one of the best point guards ever in Bobby Joe Hill from Detroit. Don  Haskins recruited five black players and he promoted that he would flaunt it doing warm ups. He would encourage his players to dunk to create intimidation. Haskins was a con-man, and a pool shark, he transferred those characteristic to the basketball floor.
A white basketball player on Texas Western team, said he grew up hating opposing white players, because of the despicable things that they said to the Texas Western’s black players. Pat Forde, a reporter for the Louisville Courier Journal, said they brought a street game with them. It started with Don Haskins’ Texas Western team.
Kentucky won a number one ranking by beating nearly everyone, with a unrelenting defense and fast break offense, Rupp’ s team was a well oiled team. Texas Western survived Kansas by one point in double overtime. The other semifinal game over shadowed the Texas Western-Kansas game. The general consensus was that the Kentucky – Duke winner would be the national champions. Texas Western was furious. They wanted to beat Kentucky not because they had the possibility of being the first all black team. They wanted to beat them because they were being overlooked.

Haskins made a crucial strategic decision prior to the game. He played three guards to keep up with Kentucky’s speed. Haskins, rolled out five black players to start the NCAA championship game. Just understand there was an unwritten rule by white college basketball coaches in the south; never start five black players at one time. Haskins did it. It was on. One undefeated team in Kentucky and one once defeated team in Texas Western.

Haskins was a gambler and he would do anything possible to win the gamble; beat Adolph Rupp. Haskins did ,more in this one game to further the cause of integration than Martin Luther King. This game was the defining game of the century for College basketball.
It had tremendous social implications. I remember seeing the game myself . I was only 11 years old, but this game is sealed in my memory as the most exciting and significant game ever in NCAA finals history. There was the notion that if you had five black players that they were not as intelligent as the white players. If you put pressure on them they would crack. Texas Western proved this to be unfounded.
At the start of the game Big Daddy Latin rejected Pat Riley’s shot and the next time he dunked over Pat Riley. Later, point guard, Bobby Joe Hill made two consecutive steals in the game. Kentucky was down 34-31 at the half. Kentucky kept it close they felt they could still win.  Texas Western won the NCAA Championship 74-65.

The Texas Western players, as always took it in stride, Haskins hoped his players would be a little excited about the win. Coach Haskins smiled. Don Haskins begin to realized the impact of the victory. He would later received basketball cans filled with hate mail for coaching all black players. He even received a letter from black leaders who called him an exploiter. Haskins, a white coach, paid a price for his courage.

But if it were not for his courage, college basketball would not be where it is today. Adolph Rupp fought the memory of that game for the rest of his life. In a time when our country was in turmoil, fighting for equality for blacks in the south The Texas Western- Kentucky NCAA championship played a significant role in breaking the chains of integration. After this game, southern white coaches started recruiting the black athlete, one by one the ban was lifted. Adolph Rupp coached five more years before his retirement. He finally successfully recruited and signed to a scholarship, his first black player, Tom Payne, out of Louisville Shawnee High School in 1969. Rupp died of cancer in 1977. In 1998 Kentucky won the National Championship, ironically, with a team coach by Tubby Smith, a black man.

Hoop Values- Road To McQuaid

Hoop Values-Road to McQuaid-

It was an eye opening intramual game, The Gym was not packed, however there were a lot of people at the game, most certainly nearly all the African American Students. I put together a pretty good team especially the starting five. Eddie Debro, Mike Beatie, Don Tester, the only white player on either team were good. Being tested from playing basketball in Louisville, Kentucky I knew that I had some talent and could compete. Don Tester, the white player from Bristol, played in high school and I was interested in getting him for rebounding and sure enough he delivered every game. In the championship game, I scored eight points, I had two blocks, 3 assist and I ran the offense.

Lynn Ring, Tim Fleming and Bob Hall, were former Buc players who started in the NCAA tournament for the ETSU Bucs in 1968. They were out of shape for this game, however, they had enough left to beat us, however we gave them more than all they could handle. It was a fun game and a great time.

I was able to see some very good basketball games and some very good basketball players in the Ohio Valley Conference that East Tennessee State was affliated with. At that time some 20 to 25 miles away there was a pretty good basketball player by the name of Skip Brown who played for Kingspoint Dobbyns-Bennett High School. He was a senior at Dobbyns-Bennett High School during my Freshman year at ETSU. I saw this kid play at Vanderbilt University my Senior Year of High School. This guy was a scorer, could penetrate the lane and had a smooth pull up jumper or could dish to the open man. or shoot a very accurate three point shot. It turns out that Skip Brown was recruited and signed with Wake Forrest and set a few records during his four years at Wake Forrest. I saw at least 3 games that he played in that year at Dobbyns-Bennett High School and in Johnson City.

East Tennessee State University played home games in the old Brooks Arena that year 1972-73. The Mini-Dome was under construction. To me the entire concept of the Mini Dome was cool. I can’t imagine why the brain trust at ETSU could not make the facility work. I believe it was not well thought out, however it had potential if someone with vision and creativity was put in charge of the construction. The Bucs finished 9-17 overall and 2-12 in the conference.

I graduated from ETSU in August 1976. The best player that ETSU had that year was Henry White, a 6-3 Shooting Guard who would have been an excellent three point shooter if the rule were in effect. I remember one game he scored 38 points. He averaged 19 points per game that year.

Some great players came to Johnson City that year, Frank Jones, Wayne Pack from Tennessee Tech, Les Taylor of Murray State, Johnny Britt of Western Kentucky, Charlie Mitchell, Eastern Kentucky, Kevin Gray, Univerity of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Billy Martin and Jimmy Powell, Middle Tennessee State. They were all decent players, although none were good enough to make the NBA.

If my first year was was uneventful my sophmore year was highlighted not by good competition on ETSU’s team, but by excitment when James Fly Williams, from Austin Peay came to town to play the Bucs. The legend of James “Fly” Williams, stands tall at Austin Peay in Clarksville, Tennessee. Williams landed at Austin Peay from the Bronx and brought his magic to Northwest Tennessee to a little school called Austin Peay, not a local lawyer, but an actual college. In a small town called Clarksville. The town where I was born. The town is most noted for its close proximity to Fort Campbell, home of the 101st Airborne division in the U.S. army. Fly started his heroics in 1972-73 when he took the Ohio Valley Conference by storm.

Time moved on and so did I. I decided to transfer to Memphis State University, but ended up staying there only six months before I made the decision to transfer to University of Tennessee-Chattanooga until I could reapply to ETSU and resume studies there in the summer. I was pretty confused at this point and I needed to settle down. I re-enrolled to ETSU in the summer of 1975.

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