George McGinnis Once scored 51 Points In A High School All Star Game

I remember that night in Freedom Hall, Louisville Kentucky , June 1969 when George McGinnis led the Indiana All Stars against a helpless and this night pathetic Kentucky All Star team that included, Ron King, Otto Petty, and seven footer, Tom Payne.

McGinnis singled handedly man handled the Kentucky High School's best scoring 53 points.
He literally destroy the Kentucky All Stars with a night to remember. It was one for the record books with McGinnis having his way with the Kentucky All Stars.


New Orleans Performs Two Miracles

The New Orleans Saints made history yesterday.  Give the people in the New Orleans  there due, simply because of all the devastation, the loss of  hope that many may have experienced. Yes they deserve their moment in the spotlight, because the Saint signify the struggle of a region. The Saints are New Orleans. The Saints experienced the ups and downs that the city itself experienced.  The Saints and the people of New Orleans know what it means to be counted out. The people of New Orleans were floored by  Katrina,  yet they got back up, staggered and hurt.  They both  took a swig of water; suddenly they were revived, just like the Saints.

New Orleans continues to rebound;  continues to rebuild  and there is more than just  “Hope For Stanley” there’s hope for everyone in New Orleans; now they know that even in the midst of  a terrible storm;  New Orleans survived by the grace of God.   So it was with the  Saints  who were able to shock the world and come back from football destitution to win the biggest game that any football player would give anything to win;  the Super Bowl.  New Orleans though still recovering, redefined itself through the Saints.  The two, the people  of New Orleans and the Saints are the definition of resiliency.