The Deal- On Second Chances



This journey, you think you're all alone, after all no one knows the trouble, the circumstances you seen. You have battle scars that you never dreamed you would endure. Yet no one knows the resiliency in you. You've discovered as much in your self analysis, your inner tune up. That's important for both mind and spirit to know where you've been, the decisions you've made good and bad. God gives you a mulligan when you mess up. A second chance and the opportunity to know Him and and His son Jesus Christ don't let it pass you by.



The Deal- the predictor



It’s funny how we turn into predictors. You know we have our take on things. We just have a knack for figuring things and people out. We take pride in our investigation. We give ourselves a few pats on the back and we sleep good at night, because we figured it all out.

There’s no reward, in an instant the Award Show taking place in our mind is over, and we go back to doubting ourselves. Maybe we want be so lucky next time, after all I’ve got a reputation to uphold. So we think about the consequences of all this and yes our standing that’s equally important. This figuring out thing is hard work!