Sestak Closes In On Specter in Pennsylvania

Joe Sestak continues  to close in on Arlen Specter and in some polls he has managed to build a slight lead over Specter going into the final weekend of campaigning before primary election day in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Folks in Pennsylvania are calling this race too close to call and for good reason.  Political analysts  are watching this race closely   as it will establish a baseline of what to expect at the mid term elections in 2010.

A few month ago, political pundits were saying that the election would be a referendum against Democrats. But now it appears that it is not a referendum on political parties,but  rather one on incumbents.  There is a strong anti-incumbent sentiment that will play a big part in who gets elected in the mid term elections.

Arlen Specter is 80 years old and conventional wisdom says… It’s time for Specter  to go home.

Obama Campaigns From the White House with His Pick of Kagen

President Obama continues to select intellectual picks for various offices. This time it is Elana Kagen. She comes with no experience as a judge  and  Obama felt this was politically the right choice for him to make. Kagen  is Jewish and this should sit well with the Jewish community.    Obama  also is playing up Arizona’s tactical mistake of passing a law requiring Latinos to present ID if they are profiled by law enforcement officials in Arizona.  Obama is lining up votes in the  Latino community as well.

Let’s face it Obama, can use the power of the presidency to constantly build his political base and political capital come November 2012.  Whether you like his politics or not, Obama is constantly campaigning and building his political capital.  Don’t be surprised if Obama nominates a Native American next for a significant post.