The Influences of News Events

Is there really such a thing a real creative journalism? Yes there is. However most Journalism throughout history has been totally reactionary. Without news or events you have no stories. You have no features and you have no editorial expose. Our life and the chaos that surrounds it is news itself and we have so much of it that we will never, ever, have a shortage of reactionary news reporting and features.

Since the advent of Journalism editors , publisher, and reporters have reacted to the news to sell newspapers, increase ratings and increase impressions. It is a tenant of Journalism. Once the hard news story is reported, what follows is a steady stream of creatively done features. Take the erratic lifestyle of Brittany Spears. There have followed many features that have run the gamut. Will Brittany get help? What’s wrong with Brittany? You get the picture, with every news story there can be fashioned an up close and personal feature article.

Why is this the norm in Journalism? Because sizzle sells, sensationalism has always sold newspaper and magazines. It is the American way. Even on the Internet on the eve of the Super Tuesday primary the sensational stories abound; “Pro Clinton Push Poll Erupts in in California”, State Polls in California Shows Huge Gains By Obama- McClain, The sensationalism leading up to the primaries is in full force. Is this good for Journalism? Yes and No.

The trend toward reactionary creativity has always been in Vogue since the first newspapers were published. Newspaper have alway been a forum for journalist who had a mission to report in depth on issues of the day. War correspondents have followed armies to report on the life of soldiers abroad during war time situations. This was an important means of getting not only factual accounts, but the much needed human interest features that were so important to the folks back home eager to get any tidbits of what life was like on the war front.

Journalism has always been laced with sensationalism; as said before it sells. Real Creativity borders on creative expose, short stories and the like. This is too specialized to sell an audience so it’s place is in magazines, the Internet and books. As long as there is news there will always be opportunities for reactionary creativity.