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Here Are The Candidates For The Democratic Presidential Nomination

wpid-Photo-20150530231845240.jpg Hillary ClintonimageMartin O’Malley

imageBernie Sanders

President Obama’s Weekly Address

Visit the link below to listen to President Obama’s  Weekly radio address.

The White House Blog-President Obama Weekly Address

Obama Did The Right Thing To Put a Cap On Salaries of $550,000- It’s Enough

It a new day and a new climate for Wall Street firms. If you are going to accept tax payer money, there will be strings attached. It is corporate welfare.  You take our money, then you have to be responsible how you spend the money. There will  consequences.   If you take bail out money, you will need to be accountable.  The cap is at $550,000 per year, the pundits are saying this is not a lot of money for an executive to  make.  Sounds like a lot to me. What about the rest of us who are making  maybe a tenth of that?

Come on, give me a break.  It’s our money, you don’t like it, then leave.  It is accoutability.  There is no credibility and there is no confidence in Wall Street. Banks are taking junkets, spending year end bonus on some far away location.  Many are saying that the talent may leave because they can’t make the money.  I guess they need to make the free enterprise system work for itself…. Find a new job.

Geithner Just Confirmed-President Obama Moves To Swear Him In

Timothy Geithner was just confirmed as Treasury Secretary and he is slated to be immediately sworn in by either President Obama or Vice Presdient Biden.  President Obama wants to put Geithner to work immediately.  He is a key player in the ongoing  and crucial stimulus package debate.  Currently the White house and  congress are in a fierce debate over the $850 Trillion dollar Stmulus proposal. Today alone, Home Depot, Sprint/Nextel, Catepillar among other announced layoffs.

President Elect Barack Obama Faces Opposition On Stimulus Package

President Elect Barack Obama, faces opposition from his own political party. The problem is differences in approaches regarding content to be included in the stimulus package.

Obama wants to add tax cuts for businesses that hire each new worker, both republicans and democrats seem to disagree with this. Obama is willing to compromise to get the stimulus plan passed. The next few weeks will prove to be interesting as the congress, senate,  along with President Elect Obama,  negotiate the content of the stimulus package. In his weekly radio address President Obama called for urgency, something that all law makers should be in favor of.

Obama To Announce National Security Team Today

President Elect Barack Obama will announce his national security team today it is expected to include Sen. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Robert Gates as Defense Secretary, a hold over from the Bush Administration. it is also reported that President Elect Obama will name retired Marine General Jim Jones as his National Security advisor. In addition Obama is also expected to nominate Susan Rice as United Nations Ambassador, and Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Secretary; and Eric Holder as Attorney General.

Facts About The Inauguration

The presidential inauguration is an historic affair that dates back to our first President, George Washington. Barack Obama will be the 44th President and the first African American President to be sworn in. “A New Birth of Freedom is the theme for Barack Obama’s inauguration and commemorates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The words come from the Gettysburg address, and express Lincoln’s hope that the sacrifice of those who died to preserve the nation shall lead to “a new birth of freedom” for our nation. Washington, DC is marking the Lincoln Bicentennial with a 4-month promotion featuring more than 80 events celebrating the life and legacy of President Lincoln.

Inaugural balls and parties take place at venues throughout the city, beginning approximately January 15 and ending the evening of January 20. The official balls are planned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is established shortly after the election. Other balls are planned by the state societies. There will be many other balls and ceremonies held during the week.

Lieberman’s Senate Career Saved By President Elect Obama

In his continued effort to reach out to former rivals and critics, Barack Obama urged his Democrat Senate
Colleagues to let hard feelings lie and allow Senator Joe Lieberman to continue chairing the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Lieberman, now an Independent criticized President Elect Barack Obama at the Republican National Convention. Lieberman openly supported John McCain and was a close confident to him throughout the campaign.

It goes without saying Lieberman’s Democratic colleagues in the Senate were furious with him. He could
easily be called a modern day Benedict Arnold. Lieberman has President Barack Obama to thank. Lierberman probably deserved worst.

President Elect Obama Broadcast His Weekly Radio Address On U-Tube

President- Elect Barack Obama utilized U-Tube, in addition to radio to broadcast his Saturday Morning Radio address. The use of U-Tube Message is a ground breaking historic way to address the American People.  Previous presidents have used Radio as the only means to distribute this message.  This is groundbreaking in that it is the first time a president has ever used U-Tube for a weekly radio address. As of today over 550,000 have view the first ever U-Tube message.  The is just one more in a series of Obama innovations and there are sure to be more to come.  Click here to view Obama’s U-Tube Message Saturday, November 15.