President Obama Conducts The First Internet Town Hall Meeting

Visit the White House. Gov to participate in the first ever internet town hall meeting conducted by a President of the United States.

Law Makers Should Impose Sanctions On AIG For Bonuses

My feeling are mixed on President Obama call to lawmakers to not govern in anger, by imposing taxes on  AIG bonuses.  I believe that congress in this instance is acting appropriately. Perhaps the President knows something that we don’t know. But on the face of it, it is wrong for executives to take government money and pay bonuses from it , especially at a time when when are economy is facing  problem, people are losing their jobs, and many are unemployed.

Some sanctions need to be applied to these execuitve to deter future activity and governement in Washginton should be more responsible. Mainly reading the language in bills that they pass. To make sure unwanted clause are not included in the bills. We will neer know  who was responsible for placing this clause in the legislation or who turn their head to let it pass. That is the trouble with Washington too much secrecy and too much behind the scene deal making.

Louisville’s Last Number One Seed Was In 1983

louisville-19831The last time Louisville received a number one seed in the NCAA Tournament was 1983.  Mike Schmidt was the National League Home Run King hitting  for 40 home runs.  Don Nelson at the time was Coach of the Milwaukee Bucks was named Coach of the Year.  The NBA MVP was Moses Malone of the Philadelphia 76ers.   The Philadelphia 76ers were NBA Champions.

The top four seeds in the  1983 NCAA Tournament were

Houston #1 seed in the Midwest, Louisville #1 seed in the Mideast,  Virginia #1 seed in the West, and  St. John #1 seed in the East.  1983 was the year when Lorenzo Charles won the tournament with a last second dunk for  Jim Valvano’s wolf Pack.  The Final Four participants were Houston, Louisville,  North Carolina State, and Georgia.  Houston won the championship with  the famed Phi Slama Jamma, Clyde Drexel, Akeen Olajuwon, Larry Micheaux,  Alvin Franklin, and Michael Young.

Louisville was defeated in  final four by Houston 94-81.  The Louisville starting five the McCray Brothers, Scooter McCray, Rodney McCray, Charles Jones, Lancaster Gordon and Milt Wagner.  Perhaps the  highlight of the tournament was Jim Valvano, who came into his own after running excitedly around  and up and down the court after Lorenzo Charles put backjam, gave Valvano his first tournament victory.   The all tournament team  had an NC State flavor,  Thurl Bailey, Sidney Lowe, and Derrick Whittenburg, all from N.C. State making the  All Tournament Team.  Louisville’s Milt Wagner and Houston’s Akeem Olajuwon rounded out the five man team.

Rush Limbaugh Is Not Very Inclusive

Ok. It is time to at least pose the question. I believe I have the answer. But I want to ask the question.  You see   some people how a way of showing their true colors. It comes out.  You know the type, they always complain about the same people. They never have anything good to say.  They sometimes hide behind the cloak, of ” I am just reporting the news”. Or how about this: ” I will say what I everyone else is afraid to say”. They are banking on a huge army of people suddenly emerging to validate a viewpoint.

Usually these people are very narrow minded. They have not taken the time to be inclusive, understanding, or even any semblance of trying.  They don’t care, because in their mind the world is behind them and their message. No one else truly matters.  They are usually my way or the highway personalities. So it’s time to ask the question ……….What is Rush Limbaugh problem? I don’t know the man. But he seems to feel really good about putting down President Obama. Time and time again. Why!

He never put down President Bush. But he always goes out of his way to put down the current President of the United States. The leader of our country and the free world. Where is the respect? By the  way, President Obama happens to be the first African American President of the United States. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh can’t bring himself to like that and it is showing.  So he attempts to rally like thinking individuals who cheer him on. But how can you cheer on someone who appears to dislike President Obama?  Maybe you don’t like the President’s policies, or his politics, but do not become mean spirited enough that it crosses a line and causes the public to wonder…….. What is Rush Limbaugh’s motive, what his problem?  Can’t he be accepting of all people and all races?

It is time for Americans to hold Limbaugh accountable for his words and his actions. He should show some repect to the President.   No Rush, the President will not debate you.  Why should he?  He  won the election, it is over. No one cares what you think.

President Obama is the Leader of the free world. You are merely a talk show host. The last time I checked, that occupation does not rate very high on the list of most influential people.

T.O. Signed with The Buffalo Bills- He will be Paid $6.5 Million Dollars For One Year.

Buffalo Bills did something that no one expected they would do. Owner Ralph Wilson is near the century mark in terms of age and wanted to make one last stab at the playoffs and  possible a championship signed Terrell Owens.  He not only signed T.O.  he made him $6.5million dollars richer.  The jury is out on whether this will be termed a  brilliant move by the Bills.

In terms of the gate,  T.O. will fill the stands in Buffalo and certainly when they travel north to their annual game in Toronto.  Whether you like  him or not T.O. is an attraction.  It remains to be seen if western New York fans can handle him. This upcoming season promises to be an exciting one with the addition of  T.O.  Let’s hope he’s worth  the $6.5 million that the Bills are willing to pay him.

President Obama Learned From the Mistakes of Bill Clinton Regarding Health Care Reform

President Obama learned from the mistakes of  Bill Clinton in rolling out the Health Care Reform Initiative.  Obama has the benefit of wide spread political support from the American people, but not from Republicans in the house and senate.  The American people put Obama in office.  The election was  more a repudiation of 8 years of Republican strategy and certainly not an endorsement of  Republican doctrine.

Republican  ideology  is the same.   Spend less, Taxes Less. That is their only message.  The trouble is Republicans have never cared about the working poor or even those who are laid off, trouble is  Republican have never  given much thought to helping those less fortunate receive a job.

When raising the minimum wage for workers came up time and time again.  Republicans voted against it. When  the issues of  providing Health Care for Children came up, Republicans voted against it.  They do not believe in “trickle down”  theory of economics.  Article of Health Care Reform.