More Information On Leaders

What is leadership-How do you get people to follow you?
1. People must have confidence that you will get things done
2.  People must have evidence that you have successfully accomplished objectives in the past.
3. You must be a  winner-you must stand out from the crowd.
4. You must be persuasive-You must have the ability to move people to action
5. You must be guided by good and admirable principals
6. People look to you for guidance, opinions, and the ability to influence others
7. A leader  exudes action and a can do attitude.
8. Leaders can inspire people to do the seemingly impossible
9.Leaders are trustworthy
10. Leaders can create an unmistakeable legacy.
11. Leaders are not afraid to make the right, value centered decision.
12. Leaders must be intuitive and able to use the information for the common good.
13. A leader cannot be biased and show favoritism.
14. A leader must have clear goals and a clear vision for success.
15. A successful leader is Christ centered in their thinking and in their life.
16.  A leader must pick the right moral cause to fight for- if you are on the wrong side of the fence you want be seen as a leader or have a legacy as a leader.
17. True leaders are calm in the midst of the storm

Yankee Stadium, Being a Yankee Fan

Yankee Stadium’s closing in 2009 marked a significant landmark for millions of Americans and Yankees fans around the world. You know we have a privilege in America to enjoy so many institutions, both professionally,collegiate, and nearly all levels of sports.

So many great players played in this stadium, Ruth, Gehrig, Maris, Mantle, Jackson, Jeter, you know the list of names is endless, but Yankee Stadium is the premier stadium and the Yankees are the premier team in America. I followed the Yankees in the sixties, even though I did not live in New York. But the Yankees were my team.

There’s only one team that signifies loyalty and brings a deep feeling of admiration, nostalgia, and can defines the game of baseball that many fathers passed on to their sons, the New York Yankees.

When Mitch Speaks, Republican’s Listen- Payroll Tax, Medicare and Unemeployment Highjack Lifted

The Republicans in a startling move finally came to their senses and approved a two month extension of the Payroll Tax and Medicare payments, as well as jobless unemployment payments. The move opened the gates to fund a good number of much needed programs to keep those who work and those who can’t afloat. The whole point of this Republican charade is well pointless.

I really can’t tell you why, and probably you don’t have an explanation either. So we are all speechless. Maybe all this drama is just an insane hatred of President Obama, which probably has underlying undertones. We will leave that discussion for another day. The good news is someone slapped some sense into the Republicans. Could it be Mitch McConnell? How about Newt, he seems to be the sanest Republican at the moment.

In any event let’s give the Republicans a round of applause, even though it is great that we did not hear the greatest lie of all come from the Mouth of Republicans, “The American People Have Spoken” no it seems like what really happened is Mitch McConnell spoke and Congress perhaps caved? Mitch McConnell?? Who would have thought?

Republicans Are Terrrible Strategists

There are many examples to describe Republicans and trust me they run the full gamut of  explanation.  Trust me it is also a lot of fun writing about them. I can give you tons of examples.  But for this exercise lets start with the  Republican led  Congress voting just the other day to dissallow the  payroll tax cut.

That’s right Ladies and Gentleman your fellow Republicans want to take money out of your pocket beginning January  1, by voting against an extension of the payroll tax cut. Yet they want to ask you to vote President Obama out of office, and are doing all they can to influence you to do it. At least that is what they think they are doing. We’re not dealing with the smartest bunch in the world. 

Ever  heard the saying “The lights are on but no one is home?”  That describes  your typical Republican.  Who in their right mind would take money out of the American People’s pocket in an election year? The Answer, a Republican.

Our Values, Our Virtues are Too Important To Ignore

The state of America is in a word concerning. We have thrown away so many values, so many of our virtues all in the name of inclusiveness. But have we gone overboard in interpreting what inclusiveness is? Have we redefined our standard in interpreting exactly what the founding fathers meant? The question is how could they possibly convey some of the absurd interpretations that we have come up with in our dubious profound wisdom?

Yet we claim to know what our founding father meant on nearly every issue. The way that we lead the country should be based on one standard and I believe the founding Father would agree, the Holy Bible. That revelation for some will inspire debate, but God’s word transcends debate. It is what it is. If we don’t get back to simple and true values where we treat each other the way that God would have us, then our society will continue in a tailspin.

America is still basically a great country, but a few institutions like the American Media has done a great job of making things unclear and confusing many of us. It is time to take a breath and listen, shut down your mind to hear God’s word from within you. That is where our anchor is. It is up to us to find it and to hear it.

The Ordeal of D.J. Williams of the Green Bay Packers

Review/Excerpts from ESPN E-60
This is just a riveting story about D.J. Williams of the Green Bay Packer and the difficult childhood he had to overcome. Yet for D.J. a somewhat happy ending despite the scars. He had to overcome a childhood racked with drugs and violence. Born in Fort Worth Texas, Williams was born to a family where the father was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

It was just a terrible story of abuse that D.J. and his mother and sister had to endure. The physical abuse of D.J.’s mother left scars on the children and the family. The parents broke up but got back together. But this time his son was physically abused.
Williams father a drug addict, took his son with him to get drugs. One day D.J.’s father gave his son a gun. His mother left again D.J.’s father shot a man eight times and a massive man hunt for his father occurred. Texas authorities told D.J.’s mother to leave the state. They randomly picked Arkansas. So D.J. and his mother and sister fled to Little Rock Arkansas where he became a football star at the University of Arkansas. D.J.’s father was convicted of murder and is serving a 25 year sentence in prison.

D.J. has begun his second career after being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. He has not ruled out reuniting with his father who is serving a 25 year sentence in prison. His father has so far served 11 years.

Republicans Need To Keep Their Members in Line and Stop Racial Rhetoric

It is absolutely ridiculous that Republicans continuously use racist innuendo to disparage the President of the United States with racist jokes and get away with it. Yes presidents have been ridiculed before, but never taken to this low level. Certainly not at a racial level. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. They have posted pictures of watermelons on the white house lawn, drawn offensive pictures of Obama, and just out and out disparaged President Obama and His family. This is absolutely unacceptable to most Americans, but apparently not to the Republicans, who within their own party have said absolutely nothing to stop this behavior by their peers; fellow Republicans.

Just like the continued erosion of this country, we see a strange tolerance that speaks volumes about who we are as Americans. We are better than this and Republicans need to step up and get their fellow Republicans in line and stop this behavior.

President Obama and Newt Gingrich Will Bring Intelligent and Inspired Debate

I believe Newt Gingrich is a socially responsive conservative. Meaning he is attuned that there are issues that should be address with America’s  poor, but that they should be held accountable to work for the improvement of their lives. The problem is how do you legislate that? Gingrich in my opinion is a little more than sound bites often drawing up the staunch conservative ideas and phases. Some of which are thinly disguised.

I believe you can have an intelligent opposing view with this man and if he is the nominee, it will be a fascinating debate between, two well learned, articulate candidates; President Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich. Neither lack for an abundance of intellect and both can articulate their viewpoint well.
Republicans traditionally put forward an intellectual lightweight, often  not well versed on what it means to be an American and the issues that affect America’s  rich and poor.

So it will be a great debate if Gingrich the current front runner is the nominee.

You Get What You Earn- Denny Crum Louisville’s Legendary Former Coach

I always admired Denny Crum’s matter of fact attitude. He won two national championships at the University of Louisville and he was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Crum spent a number of years working under legendary coach John Wooden at UCLA. I followed Coached Crum and His career as Louisville basketball coach for nearly thirty years. Crum never got frazzled, he was slow and deliberate. He always recruited players who were, little known, but had tremendous upside. He recruited Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Illinois, California, and Georgia and he was able to sign many players, who helped him to lead the University of Louisville to two National Championships in 1980 and 1986.

Denny Crum believed in playing the best, to be the best. But with Crum it was a process, he played the best, took losses, but Crum learned who his leaders were, win or lose, He learned the nuances, strength and weaknesses of his team. He also learned who his leaders would be and who ultimately would lead his team to victory. He learned who the players were to best play within his system. But most of all Crum recruited athletes, who could play more than one position. Crum also ran a man to man switching defense on screens. And ran the UCLA high-post offense.

Denny Crum was no nonsense, cool and collected, Many called him Cool Hand Luke and Mr March, because he usually had his teams ready to play by NCAA tournament time, He took Louisville to six finals fours in addition to his conference championships. Crum was nominated to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1994. He is one of 11 coaches to win two national championships. But what made Crum Special was his low key, methodical approach. He believed in preparing his players by playing the best and taking on the tough teams early in the beginning of season. When tournament time came around Crum’s teams were ready for deep runs into the NCAA tournament.