LeBron James the Serial Part II

There are a lot of opinions on LeBron James’  decision to go to the Miami Heat.   Depending upon who you  ask you can certainly get a  diverse cross section of opinions and responses.  LeBron did the wrong thing. LeBron did the right thing.  LeBron is a slave. LeBron is not a slave, you get the picture….. all of it is rather ridiculous and the world continues to be held hostage over who will follow LeBron to the revamped Miami Heat.

Every NBA player would like to win a championship and money in that matter is irrelevant.  They will take a pay cut if it means that an NBA championship ring is in the immediate future.  So we need to give  LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh credit, for coming together and producing a player driven assembly of an entire new team.  Expect a new NBA Champion to be looming on the horizon, despite the fact that Kobe is patiently waiting to be the spoiler.  That champion will be the Heat thank you.

Cleveland Will Not Get Over LeBron Leaving

My take on the ” Decision”  is “that LeBron James may have made a wrong decision in choosing to participate in an hour long infomercial.  But he absolutely made the right decision in choosing the Miami Heat.

James by nature is at best a reluctant leader.  No one can ever accuse him of being a ball hog. In this regard he is another Magic Johnson.  James will make a huge difference and impact in Miami. He is a multi-dimensional player, who will average triple doubles nearly ever game.

Did he let Cleveland down? Absolutely.  Will they get over it? No

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via We Are Hard Pressed, Struck Down; But Not Destroyed