Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Is Nothing New

“Pass A Bill”…………President Obama


President Obama announced an Executive Action on Immigration last night. This is nothing new, President Roosevelt, President Bush are among Presidents who have announced Executive Action. This is literally nothing new.

Couple this with the fact the Republicans have not passed a bill since it seems like, the stone age. Which begs the question why? To find the answer you will need to request an explanation from both House and Senate Republicans.

The entire congressional and senate arm of our government is broken. Not because of Democrats, no more likely because of Republicans,


Jets-Bills Game Will Likely Be Moved

Because of terrible and dangerous weather the Jets-Bills game may be moved to one of three venues- Pittsburgh, Washington, or Detroit. Although no date has been set, the game will most likely be played this Sunday, in one of then three cities, or perhaps another local. Considering that Buffalo has received more than 72 inches of snow in a 48 hour window, this is a prudent and safe decision. Eight people have died while being stranded in the snow.

More finality on the exact location of the game is forthcoming.



LeBron James Was Told to Be More Aggressive By Kyrie Irving

The Cleveland Cavs defeated the Boston Celtics last night, but only after Kyrie Irving told LeBron James that they needed him to be more aggressive if they wanted to win the game. Great advice from Kyrie Irving, as LeBron James has a definite tendency to disappear and defer to his teammates from time to time. He is a team minded player and he some times losses himself in analysis of the game and as a result his aggressiveness suffers.

James took Irving's advice and the result was a come form behind win and LeBron James delivered 41 Points in the win over the Celtics.


Most Sportswriters Have No Idea How to Evaluate Quarterback Talent

Marcus Mariota

Sport writers are an interesting bred. It is evident when you read analysis of NFL football news which is very opinionated. The problems is most sports writers have absolutely no idea how to analyze a team, or to correctly evaluate a quarterback. Not to mention, the lack of historical perspective in their writing.

Teddy Bridgewater

Therein lies an huge problem. A case in point those who cover the NFL are obsessed with the role and play of the so called franchise quarterback. For instance sports writers in New York feel that the hapless New York Jets can draft an NFL ready quarterback right out of college. Anyone will good sense would not even give credence to this senario. For instance Marcus Mariota is considered by many to be the Top quarterback draft prospect in the draft. This is a totally bogus assumption.

Mariota has not a played a down in the NFL and would be hard pressed to even start for most NFL teams. The truth is most draft ready college quarterbacks will need to sit and watch before they can handle the rigors of leading an NFL team. Of all the quarterbacks that were drafted this year as rookies, only one has made a credible impact, and that is Minnesota's Teddy Bridgewater. He is the cream of the crop. The reality is college quarterback draftees need to sit, watch, and learn from veterans before they can be expected to start and be successful in the NFL

For the record, Mike Vick should be resigned by the New York Jets for 2015, and they need to decide on what to do with Geno Smith, or if they want to cut him and bring in a quarterback that can be groomed over a period of two years to be the starter. That is the only way to go.


The Deal- Compassion

Compassion is an elusive thing, an attribute that we are hard pressed to exhibit. Once your ability or desire to show it or deliver it leaves you, you are lost and fall short of who God wants you to be.


  1. a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

The Deal


The Deal- Layoffs and Certain Trends

Often we glance at symbols that remind us of our journey. It is like an inner blueprint that defines our existence and shines a light on where we are going. Little do we realize that our steps are ordered craft-fully to ensure that we will reach our destination. Stay in tune, clear your mind and listen.

It is interesting to look back on the day when the workforce was healthy and alive. Layoffs were a mere pipe dream and progress was an unspoken reality. Yes we were full of oursleves and yes we strived to be. We knew we were all that and a bag of chips. Yes we were.

But in the the course of our reality we learned that we are not at all immune from the dread disease called layoffs. Yes that is the new norm, the new trend that knocked on our door unannounced and literally took over our homes in prime time no less. That is our reality now. It is a house guest that want even think about leaving and yes, we simply cannot get this one guest to leave.

No need to call the swat team, this is like a disease strain on steroids, controlled by free thinkers the likes of which we have never seen. I' m continually amazed by it. Survivors know how to navigate despite the onslaught of an enemy that we don't understand.