LeBron James Masterfully Moved Into The Driver’s Seat

Now that LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh opted out of their contract the stage is set for Pat Riley to work his magic. This was a masterful move by LeBron James. It all boils down to two things…….

1.) If Pat Riley cannot pursade Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to take major concessions they will be forced to pursue other options with different teams. My guess is that their market value will not demand anywhere near the salaries they were making. Both did not deliver or were erractic at best. Dwayne Wade's skill set is nowhere near where it needs to be. If you ask yourself the question, did Wade perform at an optimal level this past season and in the playoff the answer is no.

Did Chris Bosh perform at an optimal level during the playoffs? Again the answer is no. I believe both players know this and the hand writing is on the wall. They will need to make major concessions in regards to salaries or negotiate with other teams. I do not beleive that either player will demand by merit a maximum salary with the Heat or any other team. They both failed to perform at optimal levels.

2.) LeBron James negociated himself right into the drivers seat. If Pat Riley does not deliver what James wants/demands, he will take his talents to any venue that he so desires and he will win championships there. Riley needs to obtain players that will allow the Heat to compete and win championships, or James may really take his talents to any one of a number of destinations. That is the bottom line. The only way Pat Riley can do this is to lower both Bosh and Wade's salaries significantly, probably around the $8 million range for both. They cannot expect to demand the high priced salaries they received when neither one delivered on the court.

2.) These two are the problem and they need to be dealt with accordingly. If they choose to go elsewhere and try to get what they believe is their fair market value they can have at it. But my quess is they are in no position to demad top dollar. LeBron James is. With that said it is nothing wrong with Pat Riley negociating a decent medium level salary for the skills of Wade, Bosh, and Haslem. That is probably all they are worth.

On the other hand LeBron James should get and deserve all that he can get from the Heat. They owe it to him. Especially if they want to keep him. Bosh and Wade are role players at best. Riley can then concentrate on bringing in skill players that can make a difference. Carmelo Anthony is not one of them. He is a ball hog and always has been.


The USA Has Soccer Fever- Go USA, Beat Germany!!!

The United States has soccer fever and it is well received. Everywhere in the US people are meeting whether large or small crowds. People are excusing themselves from work to view the World Cup match between the USA and Germany. This is an historic day for America and we could not ask for anything less!

This is the first opportunity for the USA to make an ompact by either beating or tying Germany. Athough the rules are rather complicated, this is still one of the most important soccer events in the history of US Soccer!



How The Game Of Basketball Has Changed

Basketball has evolved into a game where players are fast and creative. The game no longer is an inside- out game. The play starts on the perimeter and from there players create their own shot or kick the ball out to the open man for the three, a big change from 30 years ago. It is innovative and creative. The pull up jumper is still a product of the game, however the step- back move, cross over, and jab step are all effective moves as well. The game is a lot faster, however shooting has suffered.

Back in the day there were many pure shooters and shooting was a science. Pure shooters that come to mind were Rick Mount, Larry Bird, Austin Carr, and the Like. Today John Wall and Kimba Walker are both players who can get to the basket in a hurry.


Pete Maravich is the most creative player ever. He could do literally anything with the ball, pass, dribble and shoot in short he was a showman.

I would be remiss if I did not include LeBron James in the mix.