The Deal- More Like Jesus

Let’s see bravery is to stand up and stand tall, confront the villain and win. Don’t ever back down.  But the most magnificent Man to ever walk this earth, Jesus Christ gave us a different take. What is courage? Could it be the ability to  turn the other cheek, go the extra mile  without retaliation?   Could it be the ability to stand up for the downtrodden people in this world? Could it be the ability to love and forgive those who spitefully misuse you?  Yeah, for some that’s a hard pill to swallow. It contradicts all that we are  taught.  Yet it takes a courageous person to go against the grain and follow these precepts. That’s what Jesus taught us. As we learn more about Him, we learn to be more like Him. Look to Jesus and the Cross to learn how to walk with Him and for Him in His courage.

God Bless Boston

The resiliency of America,particularly Boston is more than commendable. It is historic in the sense that this city  defines America dating back to the  American Revolution. That’s America.  No one can take that away from Boston, no one can take that away from this country.  America is a mecca for all.  But we as American’s know  sacrifice.  We as Americans know  what Boston has suffered. This  affects us all as Americans. Please take a moment of silence to our Lord, asking him to comfort those who lost loved ones, are were affected in anyway by this tragedy.  America’s  resiliency showed that day.

Those who came forward to aid the wounded, are to be commended.  Those who volunteered to help, stepped forward. That defines Boston. That defines what Boston is all about. Americans with fortitude and those who suffered defined that. We thank them all for their service.  God Bless Boston and all who suffered through the tragedy and God Bless America!


You're all along, at least today it seems that way. The world is pressing against you. Doors are shutting, your friends and relatives seem to desert you, and somehow you're out there so alone. Yeah, here we go again you think, somehow this seems like a broken record, repeating the same stanza over and over again. Yeah it makes sense in your mind , and your thoughts are in agreement with your reality so it's a wrap!! Yet mysteriously a few days, weeks, or month later things start to change, contrary to the thoughts that the enemy placed in your mind just a few weeks ago.

You've lived a Christ centered life, did all you could to be a good Christian soldier, but you asked, why did it happen to me? You know that truly is a “duh” QUESTION you see God has a plan for you through His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. That plan is for you to truly and whole heartedly trust in THE LORD JESUS. Not doubt that He has already saved you, but rather embrace the fact that he accomplished the work for you on Calvary. You do not have to earn it through deeds. It's a gift freely given on Calvary. Just like Nike says “Just Do It”, Jesus says emphatically “JUST TRUST”. Now that is a true this time in history moment!

At This time in History Jesus did what He said He would do in your life, after you exhausted all resources, feelings, and emotions, you took it upon yourself to just stand and TRUST IN JESUS. He may not get there when you want Him to, but He is always right on time!



Kevin Ware- Example of Why College Athletes Should be Paid

Isn’t it disgusting? NCAA needs to go. Shocking that the school would seek to profit at the expense of an unpaid player. Who ever heard of such a thing in the NCAA? Comment from a fan  

kevin-ware-rise-tshirtsIt is shocking that the NCAA and Louisville will try to profit from the unfortunate leg injury that Kevin Ware suffered in an elite eight game last Saturday, making up tee-shirt and selling them for $25 a pop with none of the profits going to Mr. Ware is unthinkable to us, but for  others who approved it, just another way to make a profit.
This is no shock given the video that we’ve seen over and over of a coach and coaches throwing basketballs, pushing and shoving players, and using degrading offensives slurs toward Rutgers players. The entire system of the so called student athlete needs to be revamped and the NCAA needs to be revamped as well. It is a for profit organization that only speaks up when they feel it is necessary, not when they should. Yet the student athletes suffers. They make millions of dollars for their appropriate schools. But never see a dime for it. How about the NCAA mandating that the Student athlete should be paid and compensated when they are injured.

Scholarship Players  like Kevin Ware, who suffered an injury , possibly career ending, often lose their scholarship and are forced to fend for themselves.They are injured while on scholarship but are in fact at the mercy of the school. Their future is precarious at best. The school forgets about them and recruits  still another high profile athlete to take their place. This also happen in professional sports, the difference is professional athletes do get paid, something college athletes can only dream about. Something has to change and the system need to be reworked and re-examined.

The Deal- What Can We Learn From Leaders

Leadership is  a gift, yes God may have given you this power, but not in the way that many think. You see leaders  have a specific task to lead with compassion understanding and  trust. Those who serve under leaders have a task to be trustworthy and loyal, no matter how dysfunctional  the culture and leadership may be. Those who follow leaders can learn from each and every situation, not so much of  what not to do when you become a leader, but your obligation is to search your inner thought processes and ask yourself the following.

Will you lead with compassion?

Will you respect leaders even though they have not earned your respect?

Will you check ego and power at the door and be willing to truly identify why God has you in this situation and how he wants you to lead?

Will you interact with others  truthfully and honestly?

Will you use your current situation to understand how God wants the experience  to mold you into the Leader he wants you to be?

Will you be a team player no matter what?

Remember in all situations  to search your soul to understand what God is trying to teach.  God put you in this situation for a reason and the people in your work life are there because God wants them to be.  Not because they a good or bad people, more importantly  he is using them for your benefit, so that you may  grow in your life walk.

The Deal- On the WORD


You have a problem. No it’s not in Houston, but it seems to dominate your thinking, causing you to to lose whatever tread of control that you think you have on this earth.  You seek advice from many success experts, possibly the one that sits next to you at work,they seem to have it going on. But no, that’s your mind playing tricks on you with thoughts like that. Compliments of the  enemy.  No need to waste your time on fads or devote your lunch time to the latest  best seller or the iPad.  Save yourself a lot of time and buy yourself some peace. Look to the “Word”.   Spend time in God’s Word each and everyday.  Look to Jesus and the Cross.  A Magnificent thing was done for you there! Cash in on Jesus’gift  today and pick up the book that’s  filled with the WORD,  The Holy Bible. The absolute #1 best seller ever.