Denver’s 4 and 1 Under Tebow, but Jesus Christ Has a Platform To Spread His Word

Tim Tebow did it again going 4-1 as the replenished starter of the Denver Broncos.  How is he doing it?  He is playing throw back football, running option plays, running plays from the line of scrimmage, in which he is the primary ball carrier, and yes, by the way, throws a pass now and then.  That is Tim Tebow. But ironically Tebow is more than that. Tebow, loves the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  How God is using Tim Tebow, we cannot say? Is God using him as a platform? It appears so. Yes the wins are great, but the  gift that God gave Tebow to play football, is a platform to spread His word.

This is not a new thing. Jesus Christ said in what amounted to  His final visible speech on earth to “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the  Son and The Holy Ghost.” Matthew 28: 19.  That is the charge that we all have. Tim Tebow, took up that cross and continues to follow God’s instruction. Tim Tebow’s platform is football.  He has used this platform for the Lord. So it is not a coincidence that Tim Tebow is doing what he is doing, but rather a revelation of Gods word.

What Are Herman Cain’s Intentions?

Herman Cain seems to be in the race perhaps for  a  position in the administration should a Republican candidate win the nomination.  When prompted the question at the most recent debate as to what position he would take in a supporting role, Cain did not reaffirm his commitment to be president. He instead answered the question and inferred that he would entertain any offers should he not be the nominee.

This is unprecedented in  the heat of a political race. Never has a current candidate suggested anything other than they are in it to win it.  So Mr. Cain  apparently relishes the attention. Attention is publicity and aids him in securing a position after he loses the nomination.  Sarah Palin, played this card magnificently.

The evidence is pretty clear, Cain was on a book tour when he started his campaign. So where  does his goals and  intentions lie?

We  will need stay tuned to this story, because the last chapter has definitely not been written.


Louisville Considers Options Regarding Conference Affliation

Louisville is positioning to remain strong athletically so that they will be able to  be attractive no matter what opportunity comes along in the future.  Right now the major conferences are going through a realignment change which has occurred every five years.  So it is a  real concern that universities remain in a position to be attractive and that is Louisville’s  mindset.  According to Louisville’s President this is a priority because of the  the changing times in college athletics.

Currently Louisville   in the mix with the current Big East alignment which includes primarily two components. The first, Big City Urban alignment similar to the current Big East Formula for basketball.  The other component is to ensure that Louisville remains part of the BCS football championship alignment.  For basketball the Big East  has offered invitations to join to SMU , Central Florida, Houston, for basketball and Boise State , Air force  and Navy, with San Diego State seriously considering  and campaigning for entrance into the Big East.

Colleges Must Re-Evaluate Their Mission

The entire state of Pennsylvania was hit with a bombshell of an issue with the abuse cases at Penn State.  The legacy  of Joe Paterno is under question after 46 years as head football coach at Penn State University.  Which begs  one to consider who knew about this activity, but failed to report it or to protect the children involved.  By now everyone in America is aware of what occurred at Penn State, the question is how do you sort through this maze of disgusting activity and what does it mean, not only at Penn State, but at other college campuses across the country.

The status of college athletics and the power that coaches hold over administrators is  enormous. The mini empires that many coaches create at colleges across the country ultimately end up leaving colleges in shambles. We ere all too familiar with the mess that Bob Knight left at Indiana when he became bigger than the university. It goes without saying that the lure of  revenue from athletics simply must be reined in and colleges should get back to the business of  educating students.

Riots at Penn State After News Of Paterno’s Firing

Tonight  there are demonstrations at Penn State for the firing of Coach Joe Paterno.  Allegations that occurred this week in Happy Valley are  unfortunate to say the least.  But there is a larger message here. The effects of abuse  is immeasurable .  We cannot for a minute understand the impact that abuse will have on those abused.  There is a larger issue that must be confronted and understood  that college athletics  has a tremendous affect on campuses  across this country. It is sad that football overshadows a very unfortunate situation at Penn State.  No matter what our prayers should go out to the victims.   They were just kids, that did not deserve what happened to them. Penn State University should have protected them by any means necessary.  In the end football is just a game,  however the situation at Penn State is complicated.  Joe Paterno is loved and revered by nearly everyone on the campus at Penn State and across Pennsylvania as a whole.

Paterno built a strong program  and has loyal fans. The students called  Joe Paterno the  Father of the University.  ESPN was there in the mist of demonstrations and it was journalism at its best.  The students were calm and did understand that perhaps Paterno should have done things differently. Many have said that he should have. Did the Trustee Board fire him with dignity?  No one gets fired comfortably and with dignity. That is not a goal.  It legally cannot be done., because of fear of lawsuits.  The board acted  by firing Paterno, because additional information will develop regarding the situation and  the  administration that could have done more, has placed  Penn State at risk.  That trail could be endless.  So for once, however painful the Board of Trustees did  the right thing to stop the bleeding that has apparently gone on for a long period of time at Penn State.

Joe Paterno is Fired As Head Coach At Penn State

The trustees at Penn State felt that it was in the best interest of the Penn State University to remove Joe Paterno from his duties of Head Coach at Penn State University. Joe Paterno is an icon in Pennsylvania, but doing the mist of the difficult situation at Penn State, the Board felt that it would be in the best interest to relieve Joe Paterno of duties as Head Coach at Penn State University. People in Pennsylvania are tense and filled with emotions. There are many unanswered question that will be unraveled in the months to come. But now Joe Paterno is out as Head coach after 46 years at Penn State.

Election Day 2012 Results Are In

Republicans were given a rude awakening at the polls when  many amendments  became  law voted in by Republican legislators.  Republican Governors in Ohio and Wisconsin were defeated  at the polls.

Laws and amendments put in place  by Republicans to limit the power of Labor Unions were struck down in Ohio and in Wisconsin.  In Mississippi the person hood law declaring a fertilized egg was human was struck down by voters, largely because of tremendous legal ramifications the law was sure to affect.

Across the country Republicans were unseated in many local elections. Although not overwhelming, it will cause the remaining Republicans to realize they  do not have a mandate and they be well served to work closely with Democrats.

To CEO’s- 5 Ideas You Should Implement If You Want to Succeed in 2012 and Beyond

There are many reasons why companies fail. Lack of cash flow, unable or unwilling to hire the necessary people,  and a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the marketplace. This post will deal with the biggest things that I have noticed why companies fail.

1.) Companies must become more diverse- This is the number one reason that companies fail. They do not take advantage of a diverse population pool and hire a diverse staff. It is surprising what people from different backgrounds can bring to the table. Companies need to be more open minded and seek diversity in race and even in age, particularly doing times when there are many baby boomers with a wealth of talent and could be mentors t0 an up and coming younger staff.   They can be used  in the same was as an older, near retirement age athlete  who is picked up to help the younger players learn the ends and outs of the game.

2.) If you have managers, who deliberately hold talented people back, as a CEO, you need to identify this behavior and stop it. Often in corporations, the leadership is simply a click. Clicks are made to be broken. Break them up and let it be known that all voices in the company will be heard and that you will not tolerate someone deliberately holding another worker back for whatever reason.

In order for this to work, as CEO of the company, you need to personally get to know all  employees, so that you can hold your managers accountable. Question your managers and don’t take everything they tell you as gospel. Talk to  front line workers about an idea. You will ALSO DISCOVER FOR YOUR SELF THE REALLY TALENTED PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE IN A DIFFERENT POSITION.

Finally give credit when and where it is due.  Always recognize the people who really are making a difference even the ones who don’t do it the way you do, but are equally effective.  Most of all realize the different way to accomplish a specific goal.

3.)Hire managers who have actually done the job that the people they are managing are doing. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a manager making decision having never done the job or being successful at it. If you don’t fully understand the dynamic of a job you cannot effectively manage those who do it. A simple concept.

4.) Do not follow the leader in your industry.  Be out in front and be a trendsetter. Be proactive in your thinking. Do not ever, ever,  react to competitors. If anything, your competitors should be reacting to you. Shame on you if you let your competitors get a competitive advantage on your company.

5.)Finally search out opportunities and seize the moment. Capitalize on opportunities before your competitor does. How well you execute this concept will determine the success of your company.

Louisville Takes Backseat To Kentucky in It’s Own Backyard

How is it that coverage by the press in Louisville can give top billing to the University of Kentucky? This is a storied program and Louisville Basketball literally put Louisville on the national radar. Yet the University of Kentucky often get more coverage than Louisville.

This problem has intensified and grown over the years.  And is being fueled by an intense rivalry between the University of  Louisville and The University of Kentucky. Louisville has managed the rivalry well and put it in prospective.

John Calipari, Kentucky’s basketball coach appears to have an intense dislike and  works very hard at one upping Louisville.   Calipari did all he could to coach a game in Louisville’s new YUM center.  He succeeded.  The intent was to get a team of former Kentucky players on Louisville’s new court to play against his Dominion National team.  To those who know the history of this rivalry and much to Louisville fan’s  anger, Kentucky scheduled an annual game at Louisville former home court at Freedom Hall.  The Yum Center would give  Louisville complete control over who plays there.

Calipari went to great lengths to schedule a game in the Yum Center,  by going so far as being named  head coach of the Dominican National team last summer and recruiting one of Pitino’s former players,  Edgar Sosa.  Sosa would be an attraction that Louisville fan would love to see in the Yum Center.

Perhaps Calipari should spend more time focusing on Kentucky basketball.

Gold Rush- Discovery Channel

Hey never thought that they would end up deep in Alaska, searching for an elusive dream of finding the gold nugget? Not that Gold rush of old, no this was a modern-day Gold Rush. The dreams are still the same, bringing home the prize by striking Gold for their family. Families who are on the verge of losing their homes to foreclosure simply because, some corporate type decided to reach the bottom line by laying off a valuable worker. Or perhaps they are trying to save the bottom line by cutting cost. The point is no one cares. When the problems pile up by the thousands, there is no one on earth that can help us, so we turn to God, to see us through If you believe in God and miracles, then that is your ticket! These men are believing that God will help those who help themselves deep in the wild of Alaska to find Gold.

This recession has that kind of hold on us. This Group of six who traveled to Alaska, are on a race to find Gold before the winter snow comes, and it will come with a vengeance despite global warming. This recession will not help. Kids moving in with Parents, brothers and sisters moving in with each other. Still even some with no health insurance at all. Bring on Obama care. But this documentary is chronicling this venture to find Gold on TV no less. I found it by clicking thru channels. What men will do to help their families to make it through foreclosures and the recession.

The gold minors are at the moment of truth searching through the bottom dirt to find nuggets of gold. $1,000 dollars invested in gold 10 years ago is worth $5,000 today. God is selling for $1,400 per ounce today in 2011. So this is why these men are talking a gigantic risk to find gold in Alaska. High stakes, great return if successful. Will they succeed? Unfortunately they only came away with $2.50 worth of Gold after drilling down to 40 feet or the length of a 5 story building. There are no easy tickets on this earth. They will keep trying, stay tuned.