House Passes Health Care Reform Bill 220-215

The house passed the Health Care Bill tonight by a margin of 220-215 for the bill.  It is a culmination of nearly 75 years of attempts to pass a bill. With the passing of tonight bill it is the first step in the process. The Senate will have to pass their version of the bill. 39 democrats  actually voted against the bill. Which says volumes about the split between progressives and so call Blue Dog Democrats.

President Obama, congratulated  Nancy Pelosi, for a great victory in overseeing a  house majority in the vote for Health Care reform. The passing of the bill insures that every American will have affordable health care. Only one  Republican voted for the the Health Care Bill.


Farve Wins In Green Bay

Brett Favre and the 7-1 Viking did it once again to the  Green bay Packers, this time in their own house.  Winning the much-anticipated homecoming for Favre 38-26.  The victory was a little bitter-sweet for Favre who played sixteen years in Green Bay.  The Packers cannot feel good about the fact that they let Favre go, only for him to return playing for their main rival, the Viking. It is a storybook ending for Favre and one the he will not soon forget.