Jets Fire Mangini

New York Jets management decided to part ways with Eric Mangini today and fired him as coach.  Owner Woody Johnson said the decision  was in the works for a long time.  The Jets, also expressed an interest in Brett Favre returning for the final year of his contract.  It is general conscientious of the team owners, that Favre did not have enough time to prepare and learn the offense.  With  an entire off season of preparation, they feel Farve could be a valuable asset for them in the 2009 season.

Many names have surface in speculation to fill the position. Among the front runners are former Pittsburgh Steeler head coach, Bill Cowher, who many feel would be an excellent edition to  the Jets.  He is a Super Bowl winner and  could lead the Jets to respectability quickly.

Ford Motor Company Markets It’s Recovery Plan

Ford Motor Company in it’s u-tube video called  The Ford Story, is taking a page out of the President Elect Barack Obama’s playbook. They are flooding the internet with ads, u-tube messages and all the social networking sites spreading their message of how they intend to do things differently. It is a proven strategy and one that Ford will need to follow through.

Seth Curry Keeps the Curry Tradition Growing

Seth Curry is becoming a scoring machine at Liberty College in Virginia. He is Stephen Cury’s brother and according to Steph Curry, Seth has the potential to be even better. There apparently was a lot of sibling rivalry while growing up; but this served to make them both better. Seth Curry is number 17th in scoring by the nations freshmen, so this gives you a good idea about his potential.

Obama To Travel To The Inauguration By Train

President Elect Obama and his family will travel to Washington by train from Philadelphia , the weekend before the inauguration. This is a return to a tradition from past president who traveled by train to the inauguration ceremony. The morning of January 17, the Obama will participate in an event in Philadelphia, before boarding the train to pick up Vice President elect Joe Biden and his family

They will then proceed to Baltimore for another event on Saturday evening and then on to Washington for the inauguration.

Encourage Your Child to Play Basketball; But Keep It In Perspective

If you are interested in helping your high school level daughter or son get noticed by colleges for their athletic ability then you must take action. Know this there are literally thousands of students who have the skills and the ability to play basketball and play it well. Perhaps your son or daughter played AAU basketball, or earlier played CYO or attended many prestigious basketball camps. Those experiences no doubt served to make them better and moved them further along in their athletic skills.

One thing you should know basketball recruiting is a business and it can be shady most of the time and it can be political. Some high school coaches hold the power to hold your son or daughter back or the have the power to promote them. That is the main reason why you should be very careful what high school your child elects to attend. I write this article from personal experience. My son staked his high school career on landing a scholarship and I tried my best to help him.

My son went the CYO route and played in the 5th, 6th and 7th grade. Even at this level a wanna be coach held my son back, at the 7th grade level. After my son progressed nicely in the CYO program up until that point, suddenly he did not get the playing time he needed to succeed. I pulled him out of the program and he played basketball at the middle school, where he did get playing time and recognition.

Participating in the CYO program did get him immediate recognition in the 5th grade from a Catholic High School. After his 5th grade season was completed, my son was invited to attend a basketball camp at McQuaid Jesuit High School in Rochester, New York. McQuaid was a well established program and at the time was known as a school that produced many star players, who often received scholarships to colleges.

My son’s CYO coach recommended him to the McQuaid coach at the time and we decided to enroll my son in the camp. It was a great experience, he attended the camp for three years, and got tremendous recognition from the Head Coach. He was actually recruited to attend the school before the start of the 9th grade.

My son played four years of basketball for McQuaid. He lived and breathed basketball and had aspirations to move on to the next level. Playing basketball at McQuaid was not a good experience for him, primarily because he did not receive the playing time he deserved, because of the highly political atmosphere that existed there. Because it was a private school, many parents paid a lot of money through tuition and through donations and the coach was more than obligated to give playing their sons, even when they clearly did not have the talent needed to compete on the high school level.

Because of this my son was relegated to eight , ninth or tenth man off the bench. Or he was forced to play out of position. Playing a four spot, when he was actually a one or two. The coach orchestrated this in order to give playing time to undeserving players.

It was a rewarding experience academically, because my son took away tremendous skills that served him well later in life he currently holds a Masters Degree in History, all because of the education he received at McQuaid. What we took away from this experience are a few things.

1.) Encourage your child to play basketball; It can be a rewarding game. You must however keep everything in perspective. There are no guarantees that your son or daughter will be good enough to receive a scholarship.

2.) Keep it all in perspective. Education should be the main objective; not the pipe dream of receiving a college scholarship.

3.) Make sure your child is attending the right school from an academic perspective.

4.) Know that the odds of your child receiving a scholarship to play basketball at the next level are extremely slim. Encourage them; but prepare them for the reality that basketball dreams will some day come to and end.

Reporter Sues Plain Dealer

Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter sues for conspiracy to oust him from his position. Donald Rosenberg sued the Plain Dealer, and the Cleveland Orchestra and the Musical Arts Association and other for conspiracy to remove him from a beat that he held for fifteen years. According the lawsuit file, the Plain Dealer Editor and officials at the Cleveland Orchestra conspired to have him removed from his job.

Cleveland Plain Dealer Article

Donate to the Marques Maybin Fund

This link/story is from the University of Louiville- Official athletic site

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Former University of Louisville men’s basketball player Marques Maybin met with members of the media on Tuesday at the Yum! Center to discus the upcoming 2008 Marques Maybin Classic to be played Dec. 6-8 at Freedom Hall in Louisville amongst other things.

The event is named for Maybin, the Cardinals’ No. 13 all-time scorer who was paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident on Aug. 5, 2003. He is currently enrolled at U of L to complete his degree requirements. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be earmarked for the Marques Maybin Medical Fund.

Maybin led the Cardinals in scoring in his final two years at U of L, including averaging 17.7 points as a senior during the 2000-01 season. He completed his career with 1,624 career points while playing at U of L from 1997-2001, ranking 13th all-time at Louisville and eighth in Conference USA history. His career 156-three point goals is seventh all-time for the Cardinals and he is sixth in career dunks with 95.

Donations to the fund may be sent to: Marques Maybin Medical Fund, c/o Republic Bank, 661 South Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222.