Super Delegates Will Support Obama

It’s funny how the so-called Democratic super delegates are; well,super silent. Some say, silence is golden. Are how about , no news is good news? The fact of the matter is, the super delegates are being uniquely quiet for a reason….. perhaps waiting for just the right opportunity to come out in support of Barack Obama. Dismantling the Clinton dynasty is no easy task. No sane Democrat will take that plunge unless they have all their ducks in a row. But there will come a day and time when they will all weigh in at a Democratic coming out party in support of Obama and rejecting Hillary. Many have taken the plunge so far, but we have yet to hear from Democratic heavyweights like Jimmy Carter, and Al Gore, but the time will come when we will. Perhaps when Hillary turns in a less than stellar performance in Pennsylvania, she will see the hand writing on the wall and quit. If not, the super delegates will start a parade of endorsements for Obama, that will rival the any parade in American history.