Reid Includes Public Option in The Senate Health Care Bill

Senator Harry Reid announced today that a public option would be included in the Senate bill for vote.  It is unclear how may Democratic votes are there to ensure passage, but Senator Reid feels confident that the votes will be there.  Despite the likely  possibility of losing support from the lone Republican to support health care legislation, the Democrats are pressing forward with the provision to include the public option.  Senator Olympia Snow of Maine, the only Republican to support  the finance committee bill has vowed to not support any bill that includes a public option.

Should Visiting Facebook Be Allowed At Work?

Should companies prohibit employee from visiting Facebook while at work?  Interesting proposition. It seems the same old rules that we have followed, should be modified to a certain extent.  There are indeed productivity issues involved and some companies say that security issues are involved as well.  Therein lies the dilemma, how do we evolve into a workforce that embraces technology, while  safeguarding larger concerns of productivity and security?  The majority  have the view that visiting Facebook should not be allowed while at work.

A recent USA Today poll posed the question, Does your company policy prohibit employees from visiting social-networking sites while at work?  Sort of a running poll. The respondents gave a pretty predictable answer.

Yes completely 54%

No, but some limits apply 35%

Flat out No 10%

Don’t Know 1%

Where do you stand on the issue  I would like to know?

Cheney Is At it again- Convergence of Relevant Stuff
Cheney Is At it again- Convergence of Relevant Stuff