President Kennedy’s Assassination- The Day America Lost It’s Innocence

I remember when it happened in 1963. I was a young kid, black living in the south, Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was in the third grade when suddenly about 2 PM class suddenly stopped. We were told that President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. That was a trying day for everyone. A scary day for a nine year old Kid. It was a day that I will never forget.

As I look at the many documentaries that found their way on television this past week, we know that those who lived through that weekend, will never forget it, the sadness, the tragedy, and the ugliness of it all. That's was the most troubling aspect of it all. Most African American's saw President Kennedy as a savior of sorts, primarily beacuse he gave more than lip service to the the plight of African Americans. Although the shooter Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby. It was no consolation for us, because Kennedy was not just President, he was a friend and so was his wife Jackie.

I was nine years old, but I lost a little bit of my youth that weekend. I realized that there were truly evil, violent people in this world. And we realized even more, that we lost someone truly special that meant so much to all Americans and even though many of us did not know him personally. We lost a friend and America lost it's innocence that weekend, November 22, 1963.






The Deal- So That’s What it Means

The weight that we put on our shoulders is sometimes more that we can bear. You know the feeling that causes you to think where we are going.? Because life is not a picnic. Yeah it's more than that. However if we spend time tryng to make sense of it all we soon find the futility of the exercise.


So, the takeways are….. Yeah we still go through the fire again and perhaps again. But it is a shame if we don't realize what it means, the lessons that we are taught. Find the lessons when the trials keeps coming. That's the way The Lord would want it. Listen, discern, He speaking to you in the mist of the fire.


The Convergence Series- Changing Times 2001- 2013

The times have changed. Yeah we are all familiar with the the feel, the vibe of certain things. Yeah the vibe of the decade, what we remember, where we are going and yes, what has changed. The years between, 2000 to 2013. We learned a lot about the economy. The Dips and dives. Yeah we effectively saw the slow decline of the sales of musical CD's. Now iTunes is king, right behind I-Heart Radio.

Newspaper page counts dipped and now they are primarily looking at tab or magazine formats. Decreased circulation and the like. Now you can go to the store and get a 4 pound bag of Domino sugar for the same price that a 5 lb bag use to cost. Yeah, it's called economy of scale as the well oiled and well invested said. You get something for much, much less. We went through the recession of 08 and now we find ourselves working more hours and for no wage increase.

When it comes to congress, we are getting poked from the left and the right. The only people who are making out are the super rich, who have the means to toe the line and make it through these touch times.

These are the Good Times, Bad Times, and Ugly Times.



The Deal-They Say We Keep Waiting

John Mayer got it right, “waiting on the world to change”. Bright ideas by a new generation. I don't want to destroy the moment. But the world will change when Jesus returns. I don't know about you ,but I want to be on that train.

Yeah we are caught up with the trends of the day, some of which even turned “the old heads” or throwbacks for a loop. But the reality is we need to grow closer to The Lord. A better title might be “Waiting for The Lord to Come”. That will be a glorious day.


The Deal- Making Money With No Effort

I don't have anything against the Kardashians. Kanye's a little outside the box, but in the total scheme of things the Kardashians, can make money just by being there, anywhere. How would you like to just show up somewhere and make 1 Billion dollars. Lets face it this family cornered the market on marketing.

Pretty ingenious just show up and rake in the dough! Now with Kanye in the mix, no telling what the presentation will be.

Stay tune. This will be better than your average weekend Popcorn movie.


The Deal- All About The Calm

Have you ever dealt with multiple problems in the different fronts of your life? Yeah it's like fighting a world war, and yes your resources are spent, fighting this disease, fighting this financial problem, this emotional problem, yeah, you been pushed to the edge to the brink and you cry out, why?

There's an ultimate calm, then the wind subsides and the reality of the calmness sets in and you find yourself reaching out to The Lord. I can't fight this battle along. You realize it is useless to try. I have to put on the full armor that you gave us a long time ago the shield of faith that will more than carry you through. God is there with you despite the turbulent winds and He suddenly says “Peace Be Still”.

There's no problem, no situation that you can't overcome, because God is with you.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and on a sound mind.

2 Timothy1:7