The Deal- Forgive

You know we have a pity party within the core of our mind when wrong happens to you delivered/performed by some imperfect soul. We sometime reflect on the moment and the person, beacuse it appears comforting. Yeah, the enemy has a way of trying to control our thoughts. But enemy is week, already defeated, don't give him more imagained power, he does not deserve any.

Jesus paid the price on Calvary, the devil is trying to capure your mind, so that you will put yourself in bondage. He has no power beacuse he is already defeated and nothing, no setback, no deceitful person that he enlists in his army can turn you around.

When someone does you wrong, just say, if you can muster the courage that you forgive them, thats a Christ centered life and He will bless you for it!

The Deal on Forgiveness- especially our “enemies”


Denny Crum, put the University of Louisville On the Basketball Map

They called him Cool Hand Luke, because he was cool and collected. Denny Crum was named the Univeristy of Louisville's head basketball coach in March of 1971. He was brash and had literally no fear. He emerged himself in the 'Lets play Kentucky” controversy right from the start with a brash lack of fear of the Wildcats. When asked if Louisville would like to play the Kentucky Wildcats. Crum said why not, we aren't scared of them. With that the rivalry was on. Crum immediately came in and put together his first team that went all the way to the Final Four, losing to the Ron King (Louisville) led Florida State Seminoles, coached by another Louisville product Hugh Durham.

His first Louisville team included 10 Louisville area players, the starters were Henry Bacon (Louisville Male High School), Jim Price (Indianapolis), Al Vilicheck (Ohio), Mike Lawhan (Louisville Seneca), Ron Thomas (Louisville Thomas Jefferson). He took this team all the way to the championship game of the NCAA Tournament. Louisville knew they hired a winner. Not only did he win, but he did not back down from the so called only university in Kentucky, the UK Wilcats. Led by Adolph Rupp. The year was 1972.

In 1975 Crum took Louisville to the final four, where they would meet the Kentucky Wildcats, their biggest Rival in the state. the starters were, Phillip Bond( Louisville Manuel), Rick Wilson ( Louisville Atherton), Wesley Cox ( Louisville Male), Junior Bridgeman (Indianapolis) and Alan Murphy (Birmingham). This was Crums best team in the seventies. They met Kentucky in the Final Four and were one free throw with a few second left to going to the finals where UCLA and John Wooden awaited them. Terry Howard missed the free throws and it was not meant to be for Louisville to win a National Championship. Kentucky went on to the finals and were defeated by UCLA.

Crum took Louisville to the championship game of the NCAA tournament in 1980. They finally won it all by defeating the UCLA Bruins. This teams was led by a group of freshmans Jerry Eaves (Louisviile Ballard), Wiley Brown, Rodney McCray, Derrick Smith, Darrell Griffith (Louisville Male)

Crum went on to win his final Championship in 1986 as Louisville defeated Duke, led by Milt Wagner, Billy Thompson, Jeff Hall and Pervis (Never Nervous) Ellison, the tounaments MVP.

Crum had still more success at Louisville before he retired, replaced by Rick Pitino, Crum is a Hall of Fame Member and is responsible for the prominence that Louisville enjoys today. He put the University ofLouisville on the basketball map.


Chane Behanan Dismissed From Team By Louisville


Chane Behanan was dismissed from the team by Louisville head coach Rick Pitino. Behanan was suspended previously and violated school policy once again. Pitino offered to sit down with Behanan to find a place that would be a good fit for him. Behanan also has the option of declaring for the NBA. Just looking at the situation and not knowing the particulars, Louisville did all it could to right the Behanan ship, apparently Behanan had a hard time cooperating.

This will most definitely be a blow for Louisville as they struggle to repeat as National Champions. We will need to see have Pitino revamps the line up to compensate for the loss of Behanan.



Wimp Sanderson- Former Alabama Coach And Currently a Color Commentator

Wimp Sanderson, in my opinion was an outstanding collge basketball coach in his time. He had excellent players and worked to develop them. Wimp also known by his given name Winfrey has rebranded himself and is still going strong at the age of 76, during play by play by for the CSS sports network. Wimp had his setback, but he has overcomed them and it is a pleasant thing to watch seeing Sanderson during play by bplay for college basketball.

I was able to catch a replay of the game between Chattanooga and Georgia Tech. Given Sanderson's age this is great to see Sanderson still active in the game. His Son Scott Sanderson has been head coach at Lipscomb University in Nashville for over 14 years. Jim, is head coach at Faulkner University in Montgomery, where he led Faulkner to the NAIA championship in 2000 NAIA Championship. Still another son, Barry, a former assistant coach at Wake Forest, Texas A &M , and South Carolina is out of Coaching.

During Wimps time at Alabama he coach some of the greatest SEC players of all time. Sanderson recruited Latrelle Sprewell, Robert Horry and Derrick McKey who all went on have great NBA careers. Eight players who played under Sanderson, made it to the NBA. Mark Gottfried a former player under Sanderson, took over the reigns at Alabama a few years after Sanderson left and coached ther for 10 years.



Aaron Rodgers Leads Packer to a Playoff Birth

Aaron Rodgers lead the Green Bay Packers to a playoff Birth by defeating the Chicago Bears, 33-28 with a virtual last second TD pass to Randell Cobb. This was Rodgers first game back from a collar bone injury. Rodger was able to come back, and because of his return the Packers are now in the playoffs, which promise to be a war, with the prize being the Super Bowl.


The Deal – On Prejudice

Listen to this, did you know that all of us are bias, prejudiced is some way? It is a facet of human nature. No one can deny that this is an area of life that we can't escape. Often we do not want to hear this because it makes us uncomfortable in our on skin. Yes it comes in many forms and there is no shortage of things that we do not like.

It hard to get away from prejudice beacuse it is ingrained in us, it has become our friend, and by being our friend it is also our enemy. What can you do to isolate this problem? The first thing is to admit it……. what a good idea! Admit it to your self and then write down things you can do to really eliminate it from your life. Let me know how you did. Send a comment. I know you're thinking about it.



The Deal-What’s In Store?

Yeah, We sometimes strive to understand. Its sort of a reality. A reality that we must seek. Generally in a way that allows us to use our resources to think,ponder what it means. You know what I mean, we all want to know where we are going, so we search, ponder, the new path, the new day. God's encouraging us along the way. He knows the route, yet we need to seek to find it. It's part of our resolve. You press on and I will too, then we can compare notes.

Ah notes, what a beautiful thing! See you at the finish line!


The Deal- Today is a Beautiful Day!

Family, that is the subject for the day. Knowing that Christ really made this day happen and is the “Reason for The Season. It’s a beautiful thing! I am thankful for that despite all the turmoil, the bad things that happen in our lives. It is a blessing to know that people care, they still care in this world! So if you haven’t reached out to your enemies. Pick one today and reach out to them, Jesus will bless you for doing so, it’s His Birthday!

The Nets and Jason Kidd Are In A Slump

Jason Kidd and the Nets, have the tools to win, however for some reason they are not getting it done. So this is the challenge they face. They are trying desparately to win. I am not sure why they are not winning, however block buster trades sending Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets, raised the expectations for the first year coach.

I like this team, however they are struggling. Despite this, I believe they have the players to make a run. They must start to knocking down shots. My prediction is Kidd will get it done, tricks and all. Let's see when it will happen.