The Louisville Cardinals Win One For Kevin Ware

Without a doubt we witnessed one of the most gruesome injuries ever on a basketball court. Kevin Ware’s  broken leg where the bone was broken in two places. Ware’s Louisville teammates and an arena full of fans were stunned, upset and concern not so much about the game, but more about the well being of Kevin Ware.  But if one could take anything  away from this tragedy is that Ware will be okay.  Coach Rick Pitino said that Ware could only repeat over and over again to win the game for him so that the team could get to Atlanta.   Ware’s teammates were devastated.  The gathered together on the court to pray for their fallen teammate.  It was heartfelt moment that the team experienced.

The team felt they owed it to Kevin Ware to win the game. Pitino mentioned that they needed to bring bring Kevin home to Atlanta. That was the rallying cry for the Louisville Cardinals. Bring Kevin Ware home to Atlanta.  Pitnio said they had to win this game for Kevin. It was not long after this that Louisville   would defeat Duke convincingly.

Pitino said: “It was terrible to watch. I felt awful for the players, I felt awful for the fans. But we had to gather ourselves. We couldn’t lose this game for him. We just couldn’t.”

With about a minute left, Behanan left the bench briefly and returned wearing Ware’s No. 5 jersey. The Cardinals will pack it for their next trip, to Atlanta, his hometown.

The Deal- The Wilderness

If you’ve ever been in the season of life called the “wilderness” you know what I’m talking about. Perhaps everything is going wrong and no matter what you do, its does not get better, things just get worst. It seems you will never find a way out of this circumstance. You grab hold of hope , but your time in this trial seems as if it is unending. If this is your reality, you’re in  the “wilderness”.  It often a season of despair  sometimes brought on to strengthen our faith in the Lord.  Sometimes the “enemy”, will try to tear you down to tempt you to reach for straws or do something that will alienate you from the Lord.

When you’re in this season, always look to the cross and look to the Lord Jesus. There are always lessons to be learned and God wants us to learn them to strengthen our faith and our resolve. Hunker down and stay in the word, there lies the answer.  The word builds us up and makes us whole and we can withstand attempts from satan to turn us around.  Because Jesus was tempted in the wilderness a long time ago He knows your need.  Stay in the word, found in the Holy bible. Jesus will see you through the storm. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

The Deal- Jesus Arose and Gave Us All Eternal Life

Doing this year’s celebration of Easter remember and give thanks for the magnificent work that the Lord Jesus did on the Cross at Calvary that day. Because Jesus gave His life that day, we now have eternal life.  No one comes to Father except through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He died for us so that we may have eternal and everlasting life. That’s the beauty of the work that Jesus did on the cross. If you do not know Him, ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to come into your life, he gave you the Gift of Redemption, use it right here right now so that you will have everlasting life.


The Deal- Speak Over Yourself and Declare Victory Through Christ Jesus

The evil side.  Perhaps you know of  what I speak. Somehow that untouched  corner of your world can harbor thoughts and feeling that can be hurtful to others. Usually it is rooted in jealousy are some other un- Godly  emotion.   It is simply something that the enemy uses to set you off.  You see the enemy  has no power. All he can do is throw stuff out there and hope you react. Yeah, he’s annoying to say the least. Now he has the gall to reach into his bag of tricks to cause you to go off on someone in a way that you will regret.

Remember this, you have the power, through God’s glory and  the work of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary. When Jesus died on the cross He defeated satan once and for all. Call up and use your power. Speak over yourself and call victory over satan’s  evilness  through Christ Jesus.  Jesus already paid the price for  you on the cross and He has  given you the victory. Claim it  today and declare victory through Christ.

Could this be the Year For Pitino at Louisville?

Louisville basketball has always been something special.   It’s not a coincidence.  It’s a reality in Kentucky.  If Kentucky were a battle field, Louisville would be surrounded by a sea of Blue. Kentucky Blue.  In fact there are a few collaborators, Kentucky  fans in Louisville.  More than a few. But still all in all Louisville basketball is still king in Louisville and always will be.  This article is way to short to highlight the rivalry that dates back over well over 50 years.

That’s Louisville Cardinal basketball. So many great basketball players wore the Cardinal red. And Louisville has over the last 41 years has been led by two coaches. Denny Crum and  current coach Rick Pitino.  One a Hall of Fame coach, Denny Crum,   and one probably to be elected this year into the Hall of Fame,  Rick Pitino.  There is nothing like Louisville basketball, especially in Kentucky. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Everyone is  high of Kentucky Basketball, as if that is the only program in the state.

It’s always been that way, but Louisville Cardinal basketball is  stellar to say the least and when it comes to beating Kentucky nothing can be sweeter.   For Louisville fans this is absolutely  a must on the agenda each and every season.   So Rick Pitino has a mission, he must win his first championship at the University of Louisville.  Not that he will be running out of Louisville if he does not, but it is time that he does. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show! If Pitino wins the NCAA this year. It will be Louisville’s third National Championship. Go Cards!!!

The Vault Within Us

God provides for our  subsistence and our spiritual richness. No need to challenge that statement.  Our to get it certified by a Gold dealer, a registered appraiser, or any thing of that sort.  You see the Lord provides for us and protect us,  He is our Shepard and leads us through turbulent waters until we reach the other side. That is exactly what the Lord does. He is our insurance policy against loss, against devastation and our property, which is really His.  We cannot take anything out of this world.  We came into this world with nothing and we will leave with nothing.

Paul made a point in  Romans Chapter 3, that people innately and intuitively  know they are sinners. Not the Surgeon General, but the Great Physician tells us that sin pollutes and affects every man.  yet like the tobacco industry , we put up smoke screens and  say, “wait a minute. I’m not sure I can be labeled a sinner.   The truth is in our hearts we know we are. We must remove the smokes screens and own up to the collection we have stored in our vault.  The vault of sin.  God know what lies there.

Ego- The Deal

Ego is a demon that controls us, destroys us, sometimes conquers us and yes it does annoy us!  We learn to tame it, in time to contain it. So that our endeavors are not all for naught. Ego can destroy us along with its counterpart, some call it pride. I call it stubbornness.  With it we move slow, methodical.  Make no mistake it can destroy us.

Take inventory of your standing in life. With understanding how ego influences it. Control it, don’t nurture it or live with it. Become a better person to have known it!

The Deal- The Fruit

Here’s  the concept. The Deal if you will.   We read about the fruit. I’m  not talking about an apple, a pear or even a grape. I’m talking about the dynamics of the fruit.  We know the apple, the pear, or even other fruit takes time to grow to nurture and to be what God wants it to be. You prune the tree in your back yard. Apply the mulch each spring to nourish it. Before you know it  we have an abundant harvest. it might take 1 year,  2 years are even ten, or a lifetime  but that tree keeps  producing until finally it  bears fruit, a harvest.

That’s what God does in our  Life.  It takes time, but we must spend quality time with the Lord. Not just a little time, quality time. As a matter of fact God wants your time. When you give it to Him wonderful things have a chance to happen. You receive the fruit.  It might be 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or  a lifetime of devoting quality time. Confess your sins to the Lord Jesus, God’s  Son, and you will have the gift of eternal life. No one comes to the Father, unless they confess to His Son Jesus Christ.

But one of the gifts that God gives is  fruit. It is the Fruit of the spirit that God gives us when He’s ready. Nurture your garden and wait on the Lord. He will deliver an abundant harvest.  The Fruit of the Spirit will be yours.  What the gift is  only God knows.  He may not get there when you want Him to, but God is always right on time!

Congrats to Louisville Cardinals- Early Prediction Last Big East Champs!!

Montrezl HarrellThis is without a doubt the greatest Louisville comeback ever! I mean ever. I followed Louisville Basketball since I was 14 years old this was magnificent. The  game is not over I this writing, but this was masterful.  Congrats to the cards and special shout out to  Montrez Harrell, Peyton Siva,  Luke Hancock, and Kevin Ware

The Deal – On The Dollar

wpid-Photo-Sep-6-2012-741-PM.jpgIt’s all about the dollar, yeah that’s now our reality.  You know somehow it seems like we’ve played the   same old record before.   It’s not like it’s “White Christmas”,  Moon River, or Kanye. We’ve played that tune before and saw it consumes us, take all of our time, and now guess what?  We’re in its  clutch once again. Yeah you look up, look down and try to rationalize, I’m doing the work I do for my family.  It’s not a dream, it my reality and your reality.

I hope you’re not about to make this  whole thing your  master!  That would be a mistake that you’ll pay for in the end.  You see the Lord Almighty is the Author and Finisher of our fate and controls the currency we worship. Until you get that and know that His Son Jesus Christ delivered us a long time ago, you will never be free.  The antidote is simple, right here right now ask Jesus to come into your life.  Confess your sins to Him. Make Jesus the Author of your life!  The story you write  from then on will be a best seller! He smacked the daylights out of the concept of the dollar and has a place for you in His heart and then you’ll realize, Its not about the dollar…… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LORD!