It Happened This Day in History

1782 The United States and Britain signed preliminary peace articles in Paris, ending the Revolutionary War.
1804 Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase went on trial, accused of political bias. He was acquitted by the Senate.
1835 Author Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Mo.
1900 Author Oscar Wilde died at age 46.
1962 U Thant of Burma was elected secretary-general of the United Nations, succeeding the late Dag Hammarskjold.
1966 The former British colony of Barbados became independent.
1979 The album “The Wall” by Pink Floyd was released.
1981 The United States and the Soviet Union opened negotiations in Geneva aimed at reducing nuclear weapons in Europe.
1993 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady bill, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks of prospective buyers.
AP Photo Marcy Nighswander
1993 Authorities in California arrested Richard Allen Davis, who confessed to abducting and killing 12 year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.
1995 President Bill Clinton became the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.
1999 The opening of a 135-nation trade gathering in Seattle was disrupted by at least 40,000 demonstrators, some of whom clashed with police.
AP Photo/Peter Dejong
2001 Robert Tools, the first person to receive a fully self-contained artificial heart, died in Louisville, Ky., after living with the device for 151 days.
2007 A man took hostages at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, N.H.; Leeland Eisenberg surrendered about five hours later.

Excerpts From Tales of The Tennessee Vols

If you want the real story on Tennessee Football  and its history  here are excepts from Tales of  the Tennessee  Vols: Look at  page 87 and beyond to get a real feel on awkward coaching changes.  It might be a good idea to read the pages before.  This will give you an  interesting perspective on Tennessee Football.

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Tennessee Runs Off Another Coach and Hires Lane Kiffin

I can’t say I know an awfully lot about Lane Kiffin. But I do know two things. He is the new coach at Tennessee and he will earn over $2 million dollars a year at Tennessee.  He has somewhat of a name value for a school that  has sought mightily to be a National Power.  I can’t say they have really obtained that lofty status that just about  every other school in the south seeks.  One could hardly classify Tennessee as  a championship factory. They  have only won two championships and they were years apart.  How about 47 years, 1951 and 1998?

So it only stands to reason that they will follow that pattern. It has been 10 years now since they last won a National Championship in college football. Yet they have been known to  fire coaches for not producing and have even sent moving vans to speed up the departure of a failing coach.

I don’t see Lane Kiffin working wonders at Tennessee,  a school that has a long history of hiring in-house people with Tennessee Volunteer connections.  Their last two coaches  grew up in the program, Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer. Fulmer spent much of his time throwing Johnny Majors under the bus to get his job.  But that’s politics in Tennessee. By the way Kiffin is only 33 years old.

Kiffin does not bring much to the table other than a few years of “Just lose baby” instead of “Just win baby” for Oakland’s  Al Davis.  Eventually he was fired as the Raiders head coach after going 5-15. Kiffin claim to fame is being a glorified offensive coordinator for the USC Trojans, but colleges have a habit of  throwing large sums of taxpayer money around; so as in Tennessee’s case, they can find someone to beat Alabama. Believe me it will not be Kiffin.

Facts About The Inauguration

The presidential inauguration is an historic affair that dates back to our first President, George Washington. Barack Obama will be the 44th President and the first African American President to be sworn in. “A New Birth of Freedom is the theme for Barack Obama’s inauguration and commemorates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. The words come from the Gettysburg address, and express Lincoln’s hope that the sacrifice of those who died to preserve the nation shall lead to “a new birth of freedom” for our nation. Washington, DC is marking the Lincoln Bicentennial with a 4-month promotion featuring more than 80 events celebrating the life and legacy of President Lincoln.

Inaugural balls and parties take place at venues throughout the city, beginning approximately January 15 and ending the evening of January 20. The official balls are planned by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is established shortly after the election. Other balls are planned by the state societies. There will be many other balls and ceremonies held during the week.

Wayman Tisdale Has Part of His Right Leg Removed To Eradicate Cancer

Cancer is a evil demon and has no friends. It is a disease that all of us hate with a passion. Waymon Tisdale, a twelve year NBA retired veteran, was found to have a cyst in his right leg after a fall in February of 2007. This year in August, it was necessary to remove part of his right leg in order to eradicate the cancer from his body.

Those who know Tisdale, know him as a caring God fearing man who has total faith in the Lord to see him through this terrible time in his life. Cancer is not a disease that one takes lightly. You must struggle with all your being to overcome it attacks on your body. Tisdale had a remarkable career in the NBA and won an Olympic Gold medal in 1984. This is the fight of his life for Tisdale and one that he can win with the help of the Lord.

Our prayers go out to him and all other survivors of cancer throughout the United States and there are many. I am a survivor of cancer myself, so join me in praying for Wayman Tisdale and other cancer survivors.

Allen Iverson Hates to Practice

Allen Iverson is at it again. If we don’t know enough about Allen Iversion, there is one thing that we really do know about him; he can’t stand practice. You know the activity that basketball players go through to get better. To make a themselves better and to gel with teammates. Yeah, that’s it, Iverson does not like to do it. Iverson has repeatedly told a number of coaches that he does not see the value in practicing and some times, as a result he simply want do it. He may choose to miss practice altogether thank you. You see he sees it as a distraction.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask Larry Brown, Chris Ford or how about Maurice Cheeks, all coaches who see the values of refining your basketball skills through practice. Iverson has defied all three coaches and missed practices that he should have attended. Apparently Iverson gets very upset when a coach demands that he attend practice, so much so that he stormed out of the gym once when Maurice Cheeks demanded that he attend, you guessed it; PRACTICE. One month later he was traded from the 76ers to the Denver Nuggets.

Apparently Iverson feels justified in his feeling about the issue after all he makes over $22,000,000 playing for the Detroit Pistons. Why should he be forced to attend practice? I guess that is a question that we will be forced to ponder, since three coaches have not been able to figure out an answer to it or to persuade this well paid superstar to earn his money by attending the team practice sessions. I guess Michael Curry, coach of the Detroit Pistons and Iverson’s latest victim, will have to deal with this as well. Iversion will too. Time is not an his side. He’s getting old and patience with his antics is getting old as well.

Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan Has A Proactive Slant

Barack Obama has directed his economic  team to come up with a recovery package that will create new jobs in America.  President Barack Obama said this in his weekly radio address “I have already directed my economic team to come up with an economic recovery plan that will mean 2.5 million more jobs by January of 2011 — a plan big enough to meet the challenges we face, that I intend to sign soon after taking office”.

Obama has directed congress and the senate to move forward on passing such a bill. One one thing that is absolutely certain, there will be job losses and  the American people will need to get back to work, so they will have money to spend and companies and suppliers will have money to operate and customers to purchase their prodcuts.

This is a necessary step given the fragile time our economy is facing. Bold strategic moves must be taken in order be proactive and not reactive. If we allow this economy to put us on the defensive we will not win this war. The more money we can put in the pockets of main steet consumers the better off we will be.

Curry Scores 44 Against Oklahoma

Can Stephen Curry make it at the NBA Level? Curry appears to have picked up some weight. If he can get a little stronger, he may have a decent chance at a career in the NBA. Let face it his shooting will get him to the NBA. Not his defense. Or his quickness , but his shooting. Curry is skilled at getting open without the ball.

This night we watched Curry’s, Davidson team, ranked twenty-first in the nation, go against Oklahoma ranked #14 . Not only did Davidson keep it close, but midway through the first half Curry had put up 17 points. Seventeen unassuming points. Meaning you did not realize he had as many points, almost half coming from the foul line. Curry is adept at drawing the foul, with pump fakes and drives to the basket.

It is nothing like watching a good shooter, like Curry. His shot is text book and he has good mechanics. It is methodical. Not necessarily the best per shooter you ever saw, and he certainly does not possess the quickest release, although he has a quick release, but he knows how to find the the basketball either working off the ball to get his shot, or dribbling to create his shot.

With a little over 5 minutes to play in the game against Oklahoma, Curry picked up his third foul and Oklahoma went on a 5 – 2 run with Curry on the bench. Oklahoma was too much for the other Davidson players, but not for Curry. With a little over for 5 minutes remaining Curry had 37 points. Davidson lost to Oklahoma, but Curry came away with a career high of 44 points.