The Deal- On The Eternal Best Seller

We are big on self help books. We want to learn how to deal with relationships. We like to read “One Minute Manager”, or “The Art of War, looking for an edge. Sharpening our sword so we can slay an adversary at work. Ah work, the ultimate empire, how can I get the boss to like me? How can I get the boss to give me a raise? Don’t waste time and energy, or your money on these books. In your lifetime, you will eventually see its not worth the effort.

There is no boss, or co-worker that this book I am going to recommend you read cannot deal with positively. This book will give you a blueprint on how to attack any problem, and it gives you a companion who will walk with you through each step of the way. There a catch, and it requires no money, no commitment, just that you believe that the Author’s Son did something really special for you a long , long, time ago. Not in a land far away, but right here on earth.

You see the Author is God, His Son Jesus Christ died for you on Calvary, gave his life so that you would have forgivenness of sins, transgressions, and inequities, and by His Stripes we are healed! It’s a wonderfult thing. All you need to do is ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to come into your life. Guess what? He will, then pick up the book called “the Bible”, it trumps any other book that you will ever pick up. Read it from cover to cover and The Lord Jesus will give you  strenght. He would love you to read it everyday, spend time with Him, Trust me, It is an eternal Best Seller!

The Deal- On Rejecting Hate

People grow to hate, sometimes based on concrete occurences, sometimes based on off based beliefs, sometime based on one's mistaken reality. The point is, hate has no justification only a quest to justify the act, belief in our own minds. The pressure that we put on ourselves to hate is tremendous. Hate must be nurtured, you must give more than lip serivce to it. Hate will consume you, demand more than you can give and occupy your mind 24/7. It's more than an annoying neighbor. It lives inside of you, consuming your work time, consuming your free time until finally you have no time for yourself.

Are you really interested in knowing this demon? Do you want to nuture and grow this intruder? I think not. Before you go on this excursion to no where meet the opposite friend. Yes the one that willing to share a life of forgiveness, a life redemption. Yes it is a powerful friend. I believe you may enjoy this friend much, much more. Try it, you will like this new friend, its called……..Love!

Michael Jordan Turns 50 Today

Happy Birthday MJ. He’s 50 years old, but he still young and fresh in our mind, everything he created and gave us through God Given talent. We will not forget. For those of us who love the game, played the game Jordan is one of the greatest. We will remember the many great moments. The clutch shots, and yes the magnificent dunks. They are l=stuff legends are made of. We will remeber the five championships, the Olympic Gold Medals. The complete player that he was.

Thanks for the memories Michael and may you have many, many more.

The Deal

It a new season! That's what I like to think. You know we live through many seasons doing our lives. Season of challenge. Seasons of dispair. Seasons of triumph. Seasons of hope. God planned it that way. You see we all have a purpose in this life. I believe the purpose can be found, but it is in effect a work in progress. God gives us just as much direction as we devote in finding our purpose. We are a work in progress, trying to be all we can in Christ. That where I am on that subject. That is where we all need to be. Its as simple as that. I love the Song, its a new season, because our lives our simply a series of seasons that God uses to mold us, and grow us to the beings he intends us to be. We only need to be willing participants.