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Obama Did The Right Thing To Put a Cap On Salaries of $550,000- It’s Enough

It a new day and a new climate for Wall Street firms. If you are going to accept tax payer money, there will be strings attached. It is corporate welfare.  You take our money, then you have to be responsible how you spend the money. There will  consequences.   If you take bail out money, you will need to be accountable.  The cap is at $550,000 per year, the pundits are saying this is not a lot of money for an executive to  make.  Sounds like a lot to me. What about the rest of us who are making  maybe a tenth of that?

Come on, give me a break.  It’s our money, you don’t like it, then leave.  It is accoutability.  There is no credibility and there is no confidence in Wall Street. Banks are taking junkets, spending year end bonus on some far away location.  Many are saying that the talent may leave because they can’t make the money.  I guess they need to make the free enterprise system work for itself…. Find a new job.

President Elect Obama Broadcast His Weekly Radio Address On U-Tube

President- Elect Barack Obama utilized U-Tube, in addition to radio to broadcast his Saturday Morning Radio address. The use of U-Tube Message is a ground breaking historic way to address the American People.  Previous presidents have used Radio as the only means to distribute this message.  This is groundbreaking in that it is the first time a president has ever used U-Tube for a weekly radio address. As of today over 550,000 have view the first ever U-Tube message.  The is just one more in a series of Obama innovations and there are sure to be more to come.  Click here to view Obama’s U-Tube Message Saturday, November 15.

Obama Has a Lot on His Agenda

Increasingly we are hearing that Barack Obama will need to cross the aisle to get support from Senate Republicans while president. The question is will both parties participate? This will be a great challenge for the Obama administration one that is certain to create tremendous drama and a host of significant bills are presented to congress and the senate for passage. The Democrats will have a majority in both the House and the Senate which will make the road easier for bill passage. However there are a number of pressing questions that we ill need to be answered. What will the Democrats do with Joe Liberman? That is the big questions?

Not only this, the bailout question still looms as a really big issue that confronts the country. Barack Obama has said that another stimulus package is needed in order to address the issues that we are faced with.

Fact About The Presidential Election Campaign

  1. If Obama wins he will be the first African- American to win the Presidency.

  2. If John McCain wins he will be the second Naval Academy graduate to win the presidency, Jimmy Carter was the first.

  3. This is the first election in 24 years without a Bush or Clinton heading the tickets as President or Vice President.

  4. If Obama wins he will be the third President from Illinois the other two were Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant.

  5. If Obama wins, he will be the 15th Democratic President

  6. 35 US Senate seats are up for grabs

  7. If McCain Wins he will be the first President from Arizona

  8. If Obama wins He will be the first President born in Hawaii

  9. Democrats need a net Gain of plus nine seats to win a filibuster proof senate.

  10. If Obama wins, he’ll be the fifth youngest President

In Fighting Between King Family Tarnishes King Legacy

The fight between Bernice and Martin Luther King III vs their Brother Dexter King continues. The three King siblings have been fighting over family memoirs and documents since the death of their Mother Coretta King a few years ago. It is a sad commentary that America’s premier Civil Right Family is embroiled in a a fight over who has the right to the personal intimate documents of Coretta King. At issue is $1.4 million book deal that Dexter signed to publish the memoirs of Coretta Scott King.

Bernice and Dexter King refused to release these documents to Dexter, who signed a book deal with a book Publisher to publish Mrs. King’s Memoirs. This has become a power struggle between the siblings. Bernice and Martin III vs Dexter. This is not the first time they have butted heads regarding the King Estate. A Georgia Judge ruled that Bernice and Martin III must turn over the documents and any party failing to turn over the documents will be subject to sanctions, which could include jail time.

It is totally a travesty that the King Legacy is tarnished by his own family and by this in family fighting. His legacy belongs to more people than just the immediate King siblings, it belongs to America, a point the King children should give serious and sincere thought.

The McCain-Palin Campaign In In Shambles

How do you define Sarah Palin? Is she a “Diva”. Is she a “Rogue” candidate? Is she out for herself? Could it be all of the above? There is absolute confusion in the the McCain House. He has lost total control of his kingdom and the main culprit wreaking havoc on the McCain Castle is, you guessed it, Sarah Palin, an invited guest no less. John McCain should take more time in preparing his guest list. Perhaps give the guest list a good once over before inviting your guest to your home.

Now McCain looks a little lost and disgusted whenever he’s on stage with Sarah Palin. Suppose the McCain-Palin ticket wins? What will John McCain do then with his loose cannon? Can you imagine how Palin will deviate from policy when visiting foreign dignitaries? Would she be on message or off message. The way things stand now, she certainly would be off the official message and more on her own agenda.

The McCain-Palin campaign is a disaster. This could be a complete and utter catastrophe for the Republicans, who stand to lose majorities in the Senate and in Congress and the Democrat achieve a filibusterer proof majority. George Bush has done so bad that no mater what, the electorate are blaming all Republicans for being another version of George Bush.

McCain and Palin Lose Character

I am concern about the direction of the campaigning in the latter days of the election. The hate inciting, aggressive comments from the crowd, are not helpful in a Presidential debate. In fact the idea of tying Obama to William Ayers is not only ridiculous; but it is hugely irresponsible, reprehensible, shows a clear lack of Judgment, and no regard for possible consequences of this action.

We do not need Sarah Palin out on the campaign trail inciting hate toward Obama. If it does not stop, then we must go beyond the usual response that this is politics. It is much more than that. It is hate and and it is bigotry. If that is what Sarah Palin and the Republicans are about; we Americans can do without both.

This despicable behavior has not done anything to help McCain/Palin. There are now about 27 days left. Obama is up 264 electorials votes to McCain’s 164. In the projection game, Obama only needs a mere 7 votes to go over the top. McCain would literally have to run the table in order to defeat Obama.

There is certainly no love lost between Obama and McCain. During the Presidential debates at Belmont College in Nashville, McCain referred to Obama during his response to a question by gesturing at Obama and then saying…….”That One”. Which shows a disdain and dislike toward Obama.

This behavior leads to questions of McCain’s character and Palin’s character is also in question

McCain Has Always Been Reckless and A “Mavarick”- Read The Article on His Flying Skills

Here’s a performance review on John McCain, you need to read. No one is questioning his courage and his service to his country, he is an American hero, but his judgment is questionable. It is good insight in how McCain would lead this country in the office of the President. It also questions lesson learned by McCain. It appears that McCain has not learned many of them since he was twenty-three. Read the article and judge for yourself.

Click link Below-Article on McCain Naval Flying Record,0,5745552.story

Bail Out Passed In Senate

The Senate stood up to the plate and passed the bail out bill. It is a bill that appears to be the right thing to do. It will keep the economy going. Open up credit lines and give America a chance to breathe. So now it time for the Congress to pass this legislation. It is all about credit ratings and the individual consumers ability to get car loans, home loans, and business loans. It is better to be proactive, because in the long run it affects Main Street Americans, who simply want to make a living and make an honest wage.

So not matter what we think about the Bail Out, our country is in crises and we must do something about it. By being proactive and not reactive. By getting out in front of this measure we give ourselves a chance to win as a country. Senator Obama and McCain both were in Washington to come together with other Senators to pass this bill. It is a measure for Main Street, not for Wall street. It unfreezes the credit market and gets America back to work again.

The Senate, both Republicans and Democrats, made it possible for all parties to come together to pass this credit life saving bill. The credit crunch, the instability of the Dow and Wall Street were at stake. The Senate helped restore the confidence and optimism and belief that America can be on it feet again. So we have a chance now and it is time for America to go to work together to bail the country out of this economic mess.