The Day I Met Muhammad Ali

The Day I Met Muhammad Ali

It was a spring day in 1966 in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a typical day, but this day was special, a friend of mine knocked on our front door I was 12 years old at the time. My friend said that Muhammad Ali was up the street on the corner kissing babies and talking trash as Muhammad Ali often did, particularly when he was home in his home town, hugging babies, telling stories and just holding court and having a great time in his home town, this was a special day. I did not know Ali personally however, just to have the opportunity to shake his hand was absolutely one of the outstanding days of my life. I’m now 61 years of age and I still remember that day.

It was a great day, an impactful day for me. Ali was my idol such a long time ago. Ali came along during a time when America was in a transistion of sorts. The civil rights movement was in full force, Ali would eventually declare as a Conscientious Objector to the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war was in full force, yet Ali stood up for his beliefs.  He was simply a great, great man, his stories and 

personality will live on and so will his legacy. Rest in piece Muhammad, Muhammad Ali.


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