Ryan Continues to Deceive You and Other Americans

Some say that Paul Ryan’s speech was electric. Some say that he was highly effective. No one said that he had selective memory. Yes memory that appeared absent in his speech at the 2012 Republican national convention. That is a problem when nearly all republicans continued to deceive everyone. As they literally lied about President Obama and nearly everything else.

So politics has come to this, put out lies that soon become a great alternative to the truth. If you vote research the truth.  Do your fact checking and make sure you know the real truth before you cast your vote. Don’t let Paul Ryan and folks like him deceive you.

Republican Continue to Lie and Deceive in 2012

I can’t hold back any longer other than say this, the Republicans are the biggest liars and deceivers on earth. All the problems that we are facing today were caused by the Bush administration and the Republican do nothing congress led by Tea Party influences. It is sad for America that we accept lies and deceptions from Republican and call it truth.

I watched the republican convention and it struck me as unbelievable all the lies that the Republicans came up with in blaming nearly everything on President Barack Obama. As usual the Republican came up with zero solutions. Yes fellow Republicans you can do better than this.

The Deal On R-E-S-P-E-C-T

There is a lot to be said about compassion and courtesy. Showing respect to those who deserve it. Now that a powerful thing. Respect must be earned. It is something that should not be taken lightly. It is something that you must work to get. Ironically respect is not a trophy that you put on a wall. It is unspoken. Most of all respect or at least a healthty dose of it is returned when you act honorably, treat others with dignity, and most of all give undivided attention to everyone you come in contact with. Got respect? You give and then you get. It's a beautiful thing.


The Road


Following an unfamiliar road can be difficult, particularly how you navigate it. The bends and curves give us pause as we move forward to our destination. We have no map, no GPS at all, just a gut feeling that we will reach our destination. Unlike life we typically know our destination when we travel on a road. However in life we often have a goal, but we sometimes have a plan to get there. A plan is a wonderful thing, but often it never works. It often must be modified because of the twist and turns of life. That is the difference between a road and a set destination and life, that is often filled with twist and turns.

The Deal

If you spend too much of your life in the time capsule of the past, you'll live the rest of your life missing the most important, exciting things that you never dreamed existed. They are often right before your eyes. All you have to do is focus and learn to stop,look and above all else listen.