LeBron James is “All IN” In Delivering The First Championship In 50 Years for Cleveland

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No Sports story can be more exciting than the Cleveland Cavs quest to achieve a title the first in over 50 years. This is the story of a sports starved city, who have dreamed  of bringing home a championship in any sport. This time it is LeBron James who has taken it upon himself to deliver the much elusive championship. It is the stuff  that movies are made of and LeBron James is right in the middle of the historic drama. If you ask anyone they will tell you that LeBron James will be a living legend if He can pull this off.   It is exciting to watch.

There are so many angles to this quest to win a championship and all of it carried by one man, LeBron James. This guy is intriguing and his life story is in a word unique. Not only is James carrying  the weight of a city, he is carrying the weight of generations of families who just want to win a championship ……… any championship. When LeBron James promised to deliver an NBA title no one thought that he would be two wins away from making good on his promise. The reality right now is he is so close he can feel it. We will watch with excitement as the greatest basketball player on the planet makes good on the “Promise”. Trust me generations of championship starved Cleveland sports fans will erupt when it happens.


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