Super Delegate- A Huge Scam- On the Democratic Side

We should not discount this, However to be Frank.  The cards were stacked against Bernie Sanders and most certainly favor Hillary Clinton.   Before we get started, I do not support Hillary Clinton and I will leave it at that. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter.  Most certainly on the Democratic side the system is rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. You know when staunch Republicans like Joe Scarbourough has much sympathy for Bernie, you know those who support Hillary are mildly misinformed. You can’t blame Hillary for this, she knows how to play the game and she is playing it to her advantage.

If you take a look at the electorial map in New York, it is easy to see how the map is rigged in favor of the  establishment Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.  Especially when Hillary Clinton carried only a few counties in New York. Too bad, that so many Americans on the Democratic side have been hoodwinked and Bamboozled to support Mrs. Clinton.  However you must have an open mind.  Her record is clear and the facts speak for themselves. 

Not only is the Super Delegate system flawed however when one of the Koch Brothers is willing to support Hillary Clinton (Charles Koch). He actually said that he could see himself supporting Hillary Clinton, that shows how flawed a candidate Hillary Clinton really is. America the system is flawed. Democrats the system is flawed.  When the Koch brothers admit they could support her, then the question is DEMOCRATS, what are you doing supporting Hillary?   African American’s you are being hoodwinked and bamboozled.    She is not on our side. She is buying the White House on the backs of African Americans who support her.   You can’t blame her, she is taking huge advantage of a misinformed electorate.  This elections highlights, Hillary Clinton rides African American support to the White House. However after one year the headlines will read, Hillary Clinton lets down the African American electorate who elected her.                                                                                                                           


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