Qualities of Our Best Presidents

This is a good time to reflect on those qualities that we consider admirable in a Presidential candidate. These are qualities that stand the test of time. Throughout American history, presidents have faced many challenges that have over time defined their legacy. For some the legacy improved over time. For others their presidency proved to be more disastrous than previously stated. What are the qualities that define a good president? This is a quite subjective opinion, but these are my thoughts on what a good president should be about.

Demonstrate willingness to serve-

Presidents should have a commitment to service and there should be no conjecture here. This should be readily apparent when one reviews a President’s life, what did they do in service to others? What pet programs did they champion and what political offices did they previously hold? John F. Kennedy, Demonstrated a willingness to serve early on in his political career. When he first started his career as a Congressman in Massachusetts, Kennedy’s commitment was to serve. Prior to this he served in the US Navy, assigned to PT Boat 109 during World War II, in the South Pacific., where he saved his entire crew, by rescuing those who were burned and wounded, swimming to their aid. Kennedy demonstrated that he cared and this caring attitude served him well in his short tenure in the Office of President of the United States.

George Washington answered the call of the American people first as Commander and Chief of the Revolutionary Army and he answered the call reluctantly to lead the new country as its first President. His reluctance was because he was somewhat weary from a hard fought battle to win Independence from England. But Washington put his fatigue aside and served two terms as the first President of the United States.

The ability to confront challenges decisively and in a way that is in the best interest of the American People-

There are many examples of Presidents who reacted to challenges and threats decidedly, not because of vendetta, but truly because it was in the best interest of the American people. This is a tricky situation for a President. There have also been presidents who have reacted because of party affiliations, lobby groups, and constituents. Their actions certainly were not in the best interest of the American people.

Franklin Roosevelt comes to mind as a President who saw a threat, the attack on Pearl Harbor and reacted to it, but saw a bigger threat from Nazi Germany and declared war on both Japan and Germany. He saw Nazi Germany as a real threat to American Interest, particularly if England fell to Nazi hands. Roosevelt did what he needed to do to support England, while building up the American army, preparing the Army for the D-Day invasion.

Roosevelt should be credited for creating a way for America to work it way out of a depression. He authored the social security system that is still in tact to day, where millions of Americans have relied on this service for their survival. Franklin Roosevelt had the vision to protect Americans in their old age and created a system that despite its protractors, has withstood the test of time.

The ability to see both sides of an issue –

Abraham Lincoln has the vision to see beyond the bickering between the Northern and Southern States enough to see a brewing resentment that would tear the country apart from one single issue; slavery.. Lincoln had to walk a fine line, but in the final analysis, Lincoln saw slavery as a travesty of the human existence and something that should be abolished. He was not at all liked, below the Mason Dixon Line.

Despite this Lincoln sought valiantly to keep the Union in tack; in an effort to placate the south. In the final analysis Lincoln knew that there was only one clear choice that slavery would have to be abolished. In 1863, Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation and effectively freeing the slaves. This final act eventually brought the war to a swift end 14 years after it started in 1865.

John Kennedy- sought to pacify Southerners during the turbulent years of the Civil Right movement. When George Wallace stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama, denying black students the right to enter the University of Alabama. Kennedy watched as lunch counter protest were conducted all over the south and intervened when he could. Kennedy did what he could by trying to logically coax the southern establishment to do the right thing. The fire burned and Kennedy tried to extinguish the flame, but on the horizons were the culmination of an 11 year movement that would change the face of the South and foster in the most progressive period in American history for African Americans and for women.

Although Kennedy consider the passing of the Civil Right Bill. He was assassinated before he could implement It. Lyndon Johnson picked up the torch and finished were Kenney left off with the passing of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. This bill had far reaching effect and to this day has helped in gains for African American, and women.

My choice for American Presidents who have made a difference and had unique qualities that has stood the test of time.

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Franklin D. Roosevelt

John F Kennedy

These are the four great presidents in American History. All reacted to turbulent times and held the country together. Not because of personal belief, or personal agenda, but because it was the right thing to do. Two of these presidents were assassinated while in office, Lincoln and Kennedy. One died while in office, Franklin Roosevelt. All paid a heavy price because of a strong belief in their country. These American Presidents are icons and their actions over time shaped American life into what it is today, without their contribution America would not be the country of is today.

Sign Petition To Stop Fox News Smears Against Obama

Moveon.Org, a political action organization has initiated a petition campaign against Fox New network, in it ongoing slander against Barack Obama and his famil. Many believe the attacks are racially motivated. When a political networks takes sides and slander the good name of politicians, suddenly it not all fair in politics; the attacks become personal and hurtful.

It is appalling and disheartening that a mainstream news organization in America, Fox New, is allowed to blatantly smear a candidate of color, such as Barack Obama. The attacks seem to be racially motivated and Fox On air personality continue to do all they can to spread fear and distrust of Barack Obama. It is simply not right. Talk about the issues. Talk about what the candidates stand for on the issues. But there is absolutely no reason to inject personal attacks against the candidate.

It is imperative no matter what your political representation that Fox News and the Republicans play fair; that is to not resorts to personal attacks, false rumors and other tactics to smear a legitimate presidential candidate. For too long we have engaged in the politics of hate and race baiting. If you feel strongly that Fox News is way out of line, hit them where it will hurt in their pocket book, by encouraging advertisers to remove their ads from the Fox network, until Fox and its announcers cease from the politics of fear and misinformation.

Click this link below to add your name to the petition.


Nursing Home Are Just Hospices In Disguise

I am passionate about this subject because I went through this painful ordeal with the Death of my father at the end of the nursing home merry go round…. the hospice. This is America, where profits and wealth are top heavy. The top 1/5 of the America’s population’s is filthy rich, hoarding money and status and the ability to pay for health care, when their money can’t save them. When they are old and alone and near death, nothing can’t save them. The trapping of the world can’t. No one can but only a caring an loving God, who teaches us to not get caught up in the trapping of this world, but to rely on Him through every event. In this world we will have trouble, but he is with us always giving us hope and love to rise above our circumstance.

The nursing Home system is a travesty. It is intertwined with the America’s Health care system and the insurance system. Nursing homes in my opinion are there for the fortunate few who need them to receive care for a short time and then they are released. I believe there is a systematic effort to encourage a gradual decline of individuals who insurance companies target as high maintenance and money drains. Insurance companies do not wish to pay for long term care so that an extra bed will be released and not taken up by a dying elderly person.

It is sickening when we have to have discussions about everyone being insured in this country, but still everyone is not insured. Even when they are insured; the coverage is never enough and the co-pays are astronomical. We are the richest country in the world, yet we still cannot guarantee that everyone is insured. The sad thing is, no amount of money can save you, so instead of the medical community feeling compassionate toward the elderly, they systematically find ways to hasten their death.

This is what happened to my Father. Don’t get me wrong, He was in the worst of circumstances and he was hard pressed to come through his ordeal, but the medical community could have done more to help him to survive longer. Instead they took the low road and systematically found a way to subtly kill him. I can’ t prove this; because they are masters at this, but it is the truth.

My Father had a variety of ailments that made him a walking candidate for a nursing home. He had lousy insurance, because he negotiated his insurance alone and without all his faculties, and signed up for bogus coverage that was suspect to say the least. You see Insurance companies prey on the elderly. They find independent minded elderly people and prey upon them.

They take their homes and all their money when families pressure the nursing home to give their love ones the best care possible. After the private funds of the patient runs out, then there is absolutely no money at all. If you have money when you are elderly; my advice to you is to get rid of up it quickly before you get sick and need long tern care. If you have a house and your insurance coverage runs out. The government will take your house in order to pay your medical cost. It is a travesty when the elderly, the most deserving people in this country are treated this way.

Republicans could care less about the plights of the elderly who have no health insurance or have suspect coverage. They don’t care because of one simple reason, most have enough money to pay for the best of care no matter how long it takes. So this is not a concern to them and their families.

Perhaps this country will wake up and elect into office someone who really cares about the plight of the elderly and are actually therefor them and spearhead a drive to help them. In a word that would be Obama.

The Firing of Willie Randolph- Setup To Fail

The firing of Willie Randolph was unfortunate. Given the reported backstabbing that existed in the clubhouse even from his start of Randolph being named as the Mets, manager. Evidence being that he was only allowed to hire one coach to the staff the others were hired by the Mets themselves. This in effect created a clubhouse full of back stabbers.

It is unfortunate that a man noted and respected was treated as many say unfairly , while not given the full credit for the Mets turn around under his watch, The Mets were 83-79 in 1005 improving upon a 91 loss season in 2004.. The Mets then won the American League East in 2006 and fell on game short of the World Series. These were outstanding performances that when measured by any standard most managers would be applauded; certainly they would not be fired.

After plenty of backstabbing in the clubhouse from namely coaches that Randolph did not hire. The players finally knew who they could complain to if they did not agree with decisions that Randolph made. In short no one had his back. As anyone knows who has managed or supervised in corporate America; when you have back stabbers around you or in the perimeter, you can expect backstopping to occur.

So Randolph was set us to fail. The Met’s owners share much of the blame, for not given the Randolph the reigns that he need or the support. You can never win when you are a lame duck manager in any organization, Major league baseball or cooperate America.

Prostate Cancer PSA Screening- Early Detection

This is a triumphant week for Prostate cancer screening in New York City over 10,000 men took advantage of the free screening this week possibly saving countless lives by the early detection. Take it from me . I know the effect of the disease and how it effects men. I was diagnosed with advance stage 4, prostate cancer with a PSA of 32 almost six years ago. Early detection did not help me. It was three years after three periodic digital exams, about once a year that my primary care doctor finally ordered a PSA test to confirm that I was in fact all right. I was not. To my Doctor’s surprise my PSA was 32. Normal numbers for a man my age ( I was 48 at the time), is 2.

I was devastated when I received the call from my primary care physician, that I may have prostate cancer. After being advised to take a second test. The dreaded results were confirmed. This time the test registered 33. I was scheduled to visit an urologist who went through the battery of test again to confirm the results. He then scheduled a biopsy and it as determined that my Prostate was a Gleason 9 with Gleason 10 being the highest and worst prostate cancer. I then knew that I was in a battle, not just to have surgery to get rid of prostate cancer; but a battle for my life.

I was urged to get second opinions before I decided on a treatment option. As all men know who are diagnosed with this disease, it can turn your life upside down. I initially sought radiation therapy. But my Urologist suggested that this was not the most aggressive way to treat an aggressive disease. In short you must fight fire with fire. Two urologist and an oncologist recommended that I pursue an aggressive from of treatment; given my age (48 at the time of diagnoses). I found a very experienced urologist who was willing to perform a radical prostatectomy to remove the prostate gland and the massive cancer margins that had accumulated over the year.

The surgery successfully removed the prostate, but over the last six years I have battled the disease with Lupron therapy and Casadex which so far have kept any residual cancer cells at bay in my body. In addition after reading about many herbal supplements that have been known to inhibit Prostate Cancer, I also take these to further fight the disease.

The most important thing I can say to any man 40 or older is to get tested for prostate cancer. Do not settle for the digital exam; ask for the PSA test. This is the only sure way to find out if you have prostate cancer. it is 90% accurate test. Do not let human emotions hold you back. Think about the alternative; possible death from a disease that you did not even know you had.

By the way I personally know at least three men with Prostate Cancer. One is a close relative, the other two are not. So get the test. It might save your life.

If anyone has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer or a cancer survivor. I’d like to hear from you. Only by talking and educating can we help those who have been diagnosed and those who have yet to be diagnosed.

Is Bush The Worst President Ever?

Could George Bush be the absolute worst, ever American President ? There are strong arguments For the validity of this assumption. And of course it is entirely subjective. Without a doubt George Bush is an interesting person to say the least.

We all remember the blunders of speech that George Bush has routinely made. All of which give us room to pause. Bush has a sense of humor and he is more emotional than most presidents in recent history.

Bush proved to be fairly predictable in his actions and thinking. One could say he in extremely stubborn and not at all given to compromise, this being a trait that has landed our country in hot water not only nationally but globally.

The war in Iraq is an albatross around Bush’s neck. His stubbornness trait again has led him down a dead in street. In regard to Iraq It appears and is apparent that we cannot win this war and we never should have entered into this war to begin with. Amid mounting pressure from the public, Bush has accumulated the lowest approval rating among American presidents in recent history.

All this points the unfortunate trait of not being capable of seeing both sides of an issue. There are many Bushisms that I could write about, however they are too numerous and with out a doubt ,fill a two volume book. Stay tuned for more books similar to Scott McClellan, which are sure to tell all  and land on someones best seller list.

Do Careful Research in Choosing a Church Home

Too often we look to secular ideas in choosing a church home. Does the church have a praise team? Home many members attend a specific church? Depending on the life situations and challenges that we are face at certain times in our lives, we are in need a specific spiritual nourishment. No matter where you decide to cast your anchor, you are in fact seeking a church that will be your “Rock” in good times and in bad. Jesus said this to Peter, his disciples and the message is still relevant to all of us today. “And I say to you that you are Peter and on this rock I build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against the”. Matthew 16:18.

The church is our anchor that will not waver in times of trial or in times of distress. There was a time in my life when I needed more than dry unemotional sermons. I needed the Holy Spirit to come and live inside of me. To be with me in my difficult times and teach me to “Live above my circumstances”. But our responsibility is to know that the prospective church we choose functions according to the Word of God and New Testament principles.

Just as you would inspect the soundness of a house’s foundation, so you should investigate the doctrinal stance of the churches you visit. Where do they stand on issues of the Christian faith? The virgin birth and deity of Jesus Christ? The depravity of mankind and the work of Christ on the cross? Investigate the church’s stance on His death, burial, and bodily resurrection? Does the church believe in salvation by grace through faith alone? The second coming of Christ; and the ordinances of baptism and Communion; what is the prospective church’s stance in these areas?

All of thee areas are important to know in your decision to attend a church home. Where does the church stand on the issues of the day? The bible is very clear on issues that we face in the secular world. Make sure that the stance of the Church is in line with the will of the Lord. The worst thing yo can do is select a church that is not in line with the principals of God word. What is at stake is your eternal salvation! That is too important to take lightly the decision you make in choosing a church home. There is a lot to consider. A lot to think about , but knowing God’s will through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is the most important thing you can do.

Choose a good study reference Bible and begin to read it from cover to cover. This will give you the foundation, knowledge and discernment that will alert you to false teachers and false prophets that are so prevalent in churches of today. Finally spend time with the Lord, studying his word, meditating and praying, he will give you more of what you need in making biblical based decisions. Remember you need a biblical based church in order to truly know the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

Ways to Increase Voter Turnout

Electing a president is one of the most important decisions an American can make.  Whats at stake is the very future of our country. Policies will be voted on. Laws will be put forth and voted on in the House and Senate. While future foreign policy will be developed and implemented.   All this will be implemented over the next four years and it  will effect the American people for many, many,  years to come.  In short the very future of America and its people is at stake. Why would we not consider observing a holiday on election day? This would enable all Americans to go to the polls to vote.

Voter turnout is a measurement of the percentage of actual voters within the entire voter pool. The mood of the voter can be determined by the voter turnout. For instance a low voter turnout may indicate a disenchantment or apathy with both political parties. It can also indicate disappointment or agreement  in how both the  Senate and Congress have voted on  specific issues. Voter turnout has decreased nearly every election since the 1960’s. This year is an exception given the high voter turnout generated in the Democratic primaries races.

This could be a direct correlation to the mediocre Presidents and the many unqualified candidates that have been involved in political elections since the 1960’s.  American’s truly have not had anyone to be excited about since the candidacy and eventual election of John F. Kennedy in 1960. In 2004, election turnout was 64% among  voting age US citizens and considered a very low turnout.  Meaning 36% of voting age US citizens did not vote.  No one can argue that making election day a holiday will in fact increase voter turnout, but perhaps it can help.

General opinion is that race, gender, and ethnicity  have very little influence over the  factors that draw voters to the polls. In 2008 the factors in voter turnout has been turned on its head, by George  W. Bush.  Bush has caused a tremendous awakening of voters who have flocked to the polls in record numbers during this  primary season.

One factor that is an overwhelming influence on voter turnout is change. Particularly in the 2008 Presidential Election.  In the Democratic primaries  voters were passionate about who they supported and age factored into this equation. Voters under 50 years old supported Barack Obama.  Voters over 50 years old and older supported Hillary Clinton. The voter turnout was huge. Voters are motivated by one big issue this year; that would be change.

On the Republican side Evangelical Protestant voters split evenly between Huckabee,  Romney, and McClain. Again the voter turnout is strong.  But how much more stronger could it be with everyone free to vote whenever they wanted to doing an election day Holiday?

In many countries across the globe voting is compulsory and the voter turnout is consistently 80% to 95%, with Australia having the highest voter percentage. Why Australia? Because they have compulsory voting. Of course we cannot have compulsory voting in America, but we can do all we can to encourage more voter turnout by having a election day holiday.

Our holidays are really important occasions, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving,  New Years,  Martin Luther King, President’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, why not add another, Election Day!

The Role of The CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of a company is the most important person within the company structure. The CEO’s responsibility is to relay the vision of the company, both internally and externally. The CEO is responsible for setting the perception and tone of the company, while skillfully laying the groundwork, through strategic networking to foster the continued economic well being of the company.

The number one goal of the CEO is for the vision to be relayed clearly to the external partners, consumers, business leaders, and vendors, while insuring that all employees understand the vision, direction and goals of the company. The CEO must be adept at insuring that all employees can skillfully advance these goals while conducting their day to day business. Most of all the CEO must be proactive in in identifying hostile challenges and acting strategically to nullifying them before they become unmanageable.

It is a tall order. Many MBA professionals have entered into CEO positions only to find the waters tough in navigating through the maze of a constantly changing business landscape. The challenges of today’s economy make these goals and success in achieving them, a challenge to say the least.  What are rates of success for CEO faced with these challenges? There are many examples.

Larry Page was the founding CEO of Google, under his leadership Google grew to over 200 employees and profitability, before he moved to his new position of President of Products.  Because of Google’s vision and its tendency to be on the cutting edge of innovation and growth, Google grew to unprecedented growth, evolving into the premier search engine on the internet.  The vision that fueled Google’s growth was driven by free technological thinkers and the ability to think and anticipate trends in technology.

Page had the vision to create a high tech environment, where people really felt comfortable working at Google. The vision was to create an atmosphere conducive to the free expression of ideas; While presenting user technology that met the needs that changing technological innovation created.

Google today has involved in a number of areas, now offering free internet mail series incorporating the blogs, document management, photo management, a and a number of other applications,  that allow users to access information at anytime, from any computer. Sort of a traveling office, all you need is access to a computer and the internet. Google joined the internet advertising mix, by creating Ad Words, which has generated hundred of dollars in online advertising sales.

Google growth is unprecedented and today they are the most innovation search engine company,  far out distancing Yahoo it nearest competitor. The recent news that Microsoft  offer to purchase Google, as created quite a buzz, because of the ramifications. So Google is faced with an immediate challenge that threatens it very existence.  Google’s leadership,  namely it current CEO, will have to find a quick answer to the advances of Microsoft.

As you can see from the Google example, the leadership of the CEO is critical in order to meet challenges, not only from competitors, but form a changing business marketplace.   The mold has been cracked and a new one has evolved. Creating a need for all companies to think strategically not just for profit now, but for their very survival.  Strategic moves from competitors to take over the market share through consolidation caught Google by surprise.  The CEO was caught napping. This cannot in any way happen in today’s market place.

Obama Grassroot, Community Action Roots Run Deep

The phenomenon of Barack Obama is not a chance occurrence; it seems Obama was nurtured intellectually by his mother, who devoted herself to life of social and community action and instilled as such in Obama’s life. Stanley Ann Soetora was a wanderer according to an article published on March 14 in the New York Times. Obama’s mother’s marriage to his father was brief, with Obama’s father leaving him when he was only two years of age. But his mother’s influence is apparent in Barack Obama.

Obama’s mom was heavy into grass roots organizing, and was according to reports , an idealist and exacting. Obama had many other influences as discovered in his book, Dreams of My Father. Obama went by genetic instinct and became very adept at community activism early on in his  work as a community organizer in Chicago. One union leader spoke highly of Obama and how he skillfully won elections at the lower level while managing to help both friend and foe.

So what we have is a very intelligent man that is somewhat of a visionary, but very adept at organizing and, networking, and project management. These skills or quite apparent for by the successes he had enjoyed in his life from his days at Harvard, his community activism days in Chicago, and his years in the United States Senate, and now becoming the first African American ever nominated by a major party as a Presidential candidate.

To be sure Obama life could have taken many twist, he was away from his mother, by choice for most of his high school years and chose to engulf himself in the African American community. This is the route that he chose to take for his life. But the biggest story is that Obama learned valuable lesson from his Mom. Namely discipline, a intellectual world view, and the ability to embrace inclusiveness. All characteristics that will serve him well as he prepares to lead the greatest country in the world.