The Deal

When you have a chance reach out. There are multiple ways to do it, but more importantly reach out. Gather your resources, analyze exactly how, but reach out. 

Louisville Defeats Kentucky 80-77 Go Cards

Louisville finally succeeded in beating Kentucky 80-77. Us fans from the Ville, will take a win no matter how we get it. Kentucky is having a down year however that takes nothing away from a “W”. Any self respecting person who knows anything about this rivalry knows that beating Kentucky is on anyone’s Christmas list in Kentucky.

The look on Peyton Siva’s face when he fouled out by fouling a Kentucky player while shooting a three pointer said it all. The game hung in the balance and the hopes of thousands of Louisville supporters would have been dashed. But Kentucky miscues after the foul preserved the win for the Cards. Russ Smith contributed to a comedy of errors and the Cards appeared to do all they could to hand this game to Kentucky. The Cards prevailed and we went home with the win. This was the first game the Cards have won over Kentucky since 2009. It was long over due.

This rivalry is fierce and those of us who lived in Louisville or know the history of the rivalry can appreciate the passion around the game. Louisville was treated like an orphan program if you asked Kentucky fans, and for years Kentucky would not schedule a game against Louisville. It took an act of the Kentucky Legislature to pass a law that required both schools to meet each year before the game became an annual affair. There is lots of history behind the rivalry and it would take a full book to detail the fine points of what the rivalry means to Kentuckians.

First of all, Kentucky is a basketball state,forget football, that is just something to do until basketball season rolls around. If you’re from Kentucky you just have to be a basketball fan. AAU,High School or College. Nothing in Kentucky is bigger than the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry. It has a rich history, We do not have time to here to discuss the particulars. But visit again and I will post more articles on this exciting rivalry. For now I will savior the victory, LOUISVILLE 80- Kentucky 77.

Be sure to visit this link on Convergence of Relevant Stuff it will give you a little history on the University of Kentucky and its arrogance.

The Deal

Our reality is where we are, here right now. No matter where we’ve been, what are you up to now?  That’s the essence of our it! Focus on the time you have right now. You should feel like you can’t wait to accomplish something right now! Don’t waste your time or talent on things of the past and though its not promised, don’t spend to much time dreaming of the future. God needs you to hone your skills for his glory, right here, right now.  God Bless!

Rev. CT Vivian’s Seminar on Race Relations

I once attended a workshop conducted by Rev. CT Vivian, a  Civil Rights worker and Freedom Marcher who  marched   at the side of  Martin Luther


King doing the late fifties and sixties.  Rev. Vivian is noted for his stance on Civil  Rights. Because of pioneers like him, the walls of segregation in the south came tumbling down.  It was a great experience.

I was able to talk with   Rev. Vivian and get to know him  as best one could, from a two day seminar.  The seminar was about race and the powerful impact that prejudice has on our society in the late eighties, and more surprisingly even today.  Without a doubt it was a powerful seminar.  Rev. Vivian’s sole intention was to draw out  the admission of racism from the inner core of  the seminar’s participants.  It was shock  tactics gone wild. Rev.Vivian was literally in the face of participants, and it was a total  shock to us all.

We have progressed mightily since those days, however we are often left to wonder have we really progressed? Given the rampant racism the President Obama  was  forced to deal with doing his campaign for the White House and  doing his campaign to win re-election.  Rev. Vivian’s tactics were  forceful and some would say laced with  what some would call reversed racism.  The tactic was to simply draw out  racism at it’s  core through confrontation.  It was a powerful and overwhelming  seminar on race and its affects on how we view one another. It  could be even more effective even today.

Take a ways from the seminar included the reality moment  that minorities cannot stop racism on their own. The Majority race has a responsibility to stop it whenever they witness it. Why because they have the power to do it.  The first step is to admit you are prejudice.  No one wants to admit this, it is sickening and certainly not something you would want others to know.  Then you must understand   where prejudiced thoughts and behavior came from and allowed to nurture,  grow in one’s mind. Once you understand  you  are prejudiced  then you have the courage to think where it originated, only then can you take the necessary steps to rid yourself of prejudice


Mr. President, Do Not Cut Social Security

Dear President Obama, Congresswoman Pelosi and Senator Reid,

Any offer that would cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid must be publicly taken off “the table” immediately and military spending cut instead, in addition to raising taxes on the wealthy. Enough is enough. How can you expect anyone to prioritize supporting you in upcoming elections, when these are your priorities?


Concerned Citizen

Is Partisan Cooperation Possible ?

The fiscal cliff is really something that we need to really avoid.  Republicans are acting as if they actually won the election and that they have a mandate. However  no mandate was ever given to the Republicans and despite that they do not want to do what is right and what the  American people asked  them to do.  This is the same tired  story that we run into each in every year when we come to this point.

We need to come together as Americans. Democrats and Republicans alike,  thinking in  the same manner in a way that we work together to bring this country together.  The question is do we have the talent and skills to make cooperation between party lines a reality?