The Deal- It’s Already Done!

Our eyes are blind. We think we have to perform some sort of action, make it happen. We feel we must do something before The Lord moves in our lives. Never mind that we already planted the seed of worship and praise. Never mind that we nurtured and grew the seed within us through the WORD. That is powerful! You see The Lord already provided for you and if open your eyes you will see it. It's already done! All we have to do is ask in Jesus Name and diligently stay in the WORD.

You see we operate in a human realm of reality and we can only SEE if we trust the promises of God.

It is what it is!

God may not get there when you want Him to, but He is always right on time!

The next time you feel discouraged. The next time you feel alone, the next time you feel God is not hearing you, Just remember this……. It is already done!

Just Wait On The Lord, stay in the word and watch the blessings begin to flow.

It's already done!


LeBron James Hits Winning Drive With 2.2 Seconds on the Clock

Lebron James. What can any of us say? Miami Heat takes game one vs the Pacers. Lebron James had a triple double night, 30 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assist and 3 blocks. And the bird man, Chris Anderson came off the bench and contributed, with energy. What are we left with? A Heat victory in games #1 . Stay tuned.



The Deal On- Heaven on Earth

You know, this world is not our home. You can't settle down on Elm Avenue and experience utopia there. There's a reason why. You know, I've mentioned Life Long Learning before. You're given that gift, its not wrapped up in a box. Its more than that. You know our goal, what we long for is a contentment that we never knew we could have right here on earth. In short it is a little bit of Heaven that God gives us. But we must seek this gift and apply it in our lives. I still seek it myself, so I'm just like you saying…..What?

It a state of mind, your reality, my reality. God made it that way. Seek and you will find. Everyone is capable of finding that gift. We will learn together from God on how to find it, through His word and the discernment He gives you and me.



The Deal- On Mother

When you lose your Mom it leaves a powerful, but empty void in your life. You feel many emotions, but most of all I experience the love that my Mom gave to me. What a wonderful woman she was. I love her for everything she gave to me, her love, her care and her gentle touch. She meant so much to me. She led me through this life, she gave me the courage to carry on. And carry on I will. Her spirit is with me, Her touch, her love will always be with me.

She meant more than the world to me. God knows I will miss her, but I have learned that God gave me a gift, and that was the gift of Love from my mother. I will always cherish her. I will always love her. I will always think of when she knew just the right thing to say to me. But I will be strong. I will hold my head high and live the rest of my life in triumph in honor of my Mom.

Mother, I love you and I know that you are in in heaven with Dad. Now its time for me to live the lessons you thaught me. They will not be in vain. Thank you Lord for giving me the priviledge of living my life at the feet of such a beautiful woman. I thank you Father, through My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

May you rest in glorious peace in heaven Mom. May God bless and keep you!

The Deal- More on Contentment

1 Timothy 6:6 Godliness with contentment  is great gain. For we brought nothing in this world and  it is certain we can take nothing out of it. But godliness with contentment is great gain.  For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.  Those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction.  For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

That’s  really not a radical statement. But as you study it you will  find it is true. We came into this world as a baby with nothing. Slowly we absorbed the world’s  trinkets and because the world was and is fallen there is  unimaginable  sin.  So whatever we acquire here it is a product of a sinful world. Yet how do we cope? 

Our work is to stay in the ‘Word” ask for discernement from the Lord to understand that only though Him can we gain Godliness,  contentment, satisfaction , joy and hope. That’s powerful!  God’s only requirement is that you develope a relationship with His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Be content in the ” Word” stay in the “Word”  daily. Spend time with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Let Him be the first that you speak to each morning and talk with Him, like I am speaking to you and contentment will follow. Yes contentment is in you   through the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.



The Deal- On Joy

Having Joy. You may not think you can get it. Simply put. It is a gift from the Lord.  Just like discernment God can give you joy.  You see joy is a little bit of heaven here on earth. It is a state of mind and sometimes God will give you a  sample of it and allow you to experience it in your heart, soul and mind right here on earth.  Through God’s word you can develop it. You must have a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. No one comes to the Father ( God) accept through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

If you want to experience Joy, remember it is a work in progress. Build your relationship with Jesus Christ and ask  Him to release  the Joy of  God’s kingdom in your heart. The world will not change, but in the mist of turmoil. You can experience the Joy of our Lord, yes right here on earth.

John 3:16- For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, who so ever believes in Him shall have eternal life.

Report: Mike Vick beat LeSean McCoy in a Foot Race at Practice

Apparently Mick Vick and LeSean McCoy had a 40 yard race in practice and Mike Vick won. As reported by the  Birds 24/7, McCoy has taunted Vick, calling him Old Man for quite some time. So Vick took him up on a race.  According to those in attendance Mike Vick all 32 years old defeated the  24 year old McCoy.   Vick is known to be insanely fast, and apparently he still has what it takes.  Just another reason that Chip Kelly is probably salivating at what Mike Vick has to offer.

The Deal- Jesus Is The Author and Finisher of Our Faith!

Life is too short to constantly be demeaned by employers and customer alike.  You know from a spiritual perspective, we will have turmoil in this world.  We  will continually face less than ideal situations and we will be harassed,  taken advantage of and mistreated. Why? Because we live in a fallen, a less than perfect world.  That is our reality. We inherited this fate a long time ago. Yet we seem to believe we can have it all in this world.

Once we realized the futility of having it all we soon learn that the better route  is to grow in faith. Faith you say? Yes Faith!   It is easier said than done.  It is something I struggle with as well, but it is a remedy that I accept as real and that the Lord has given us.    You see Jesus paid a price for our minds and souls on Calvary a long, long time ago. Get a copy of Passion of  Christ to understand what He did for you and I. Be sure to watch it.  That is our reality, Christ’s death on the cross. There He Gave His life To save our life!  If you don’t understand that get insight by studying the “Word”, The Holy Bible!

We need not feel sorry for ourselves, but we do need to understand we are more than conquerors here on earth when Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith.  The most important thing I can do is write about and witness to you that My God is Real! He’s real in my soul and nothing, I mean nothing can take that away from me. Now there you have it, know this- “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world”.  God Bless. Jesus is Lord!