Sometime I forget what a wonderful blessing we have and what a friend we have in Jesus. He gave His life for you and me so that we can have eternal life. Yes, that day on Calvary was hard, difficult, and more than any of us could ever bear. But Jesus paid the price, took 39 lashes for our healing, and shed his blood, so that we could be free.

He gave us that gift. It is free to everyone who wants it. Who would not want eternal life? Thank you Jesus! For those who know Him, Give praise and honor, for those who do not know Him, you still can have the blessing of eternal life.

Pray this prayer today………

Almighty God I am a sinner. I confess that I have fallen short of your expectations and the work that your son Jesus did on Calvary. Lord Jesus please forgive me of my sins. I need you in my life and thank you for your sacrifice. I want to know you today. I want to be better! Lord Jesus come into my life today! I ask it in all in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

The Deal- Adversity, Living above the Circumstance


  1. adverse fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress: A friend will show his or her true colors in times of adversity.

Adversity sometimes finds the man or woman. It meets them at the very core of their circumstance. It is a circumstance the Lord allowed. How will you deal with it? It tests you like no other situation. It is plain and simple, a trial. Of course we do not want a trial in our lives. We'd prefer to be trouble free. That however is not God's plan. Because in the mist of the trial we have literally no where to turn but to The Lord. That is the nature of our circumstance. no one can help you but The Lord.

If you find yourself having a pity party in the mist of your circumstance, that means The Lord is sending a challenge that will confront you and build your resolve to meet the challenge through His word. Its a powerful weapon to fight the onslaught of the circumstance that has been placed in your path.

What will you do? How will you respond? I choose to give praise and honor to God right in the mist of the trial. God is good and His mercy endures forever through His Son Jesus Christ.

Rev. CT Vivian’s Seminar on Race Relations

Convergence of Relevant Stuff

I once attended a workshop conducted by Rev. CT Vivian, a  Civil Rights worker and Freedom Marcher who  marched   at the side of  Martin Luther


King doing the late fifties and sixties.  Rev. Vivian is noted for his stance on Civil  Rights. Because of pioneers like him, the walls of segregation in the south came tumbling down.  It was a great experience.

I was able to talk with   Rev. Vivian and get to know him  as best one could, from a two day seminar.  The seminar was about race and the powerful impact that prejudice has on our society in the late eighties, and more surprisingly even today.  Without a doubt it was a powerful seminar.  Rev. Vivian’s sole intention was to draw out  the admission of racism from the inner core of  the seminar’s participants.  It was shock  tactics gone wild. Rev.Vivian was literally in the face of participants, and it…

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The Deal- A couple Of things on the Zimmerman Verdict

What else did we learn from the Zimmerman Verdict?

1. That many people do not want to deal with the issue of race. Its more convenient to point fingers at people who do than to actually acknowledge their own biases and outlooks that society more than likely would call call racist.

2.Most people say the juror's ruled according to the letter of the law. I believe they did. But the trouble is, the letter of the law is not sacred and it is not always right. In the George Zimmerman case. The letter of the law was flawed. Those who have not dealt with their racist feelings are in effect hiding behind flawed laws.

3. When people say that George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin, do they know beyond a reasonable doubt what really happened that night? Can they really say with conviction that George Zimmerman really shot Trayvon Martin in self defense? Can they say beyond a reasonable doubt that Trayvon Martin was an aggressor that night and Zimmerman was justified in shooting him? Can they be 100% sure that George Zimmerman was telling the truth. The answer to all of these questions is no. Just because six juror agreed that George Zimmerman was innocent. In no way validates their verdict of not guilty.

4. I believe the prosecution put forth a bad case. They deserved to lose.That is something that the jurors could hang their hat on. It gave them an out to completely exonerate George Zimmerman. It also gave them an out to ignore the issue of race and how it continues to weave into the very fabric of America.

5. The prosecution actually gave a half hearted effort which in effect allowed six jurors to avoid dealing with the 10,000 pound elephant in the room, bias, prejudice and racism.



The Deal- The Mini Series

You know, Godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into this world and we will take nothing out. There is a message to this music. That message is to stay close to God. Be close to him to whether the storm of life. Be content in where you are, knowing that our work is to grow closer to God and His Son Jesus Christ.

We must be content through God's word that is designed to lead us through the maze of challenges and difficulties that come our way and to most of all understand the lessons that the Lord wants us to learn through every single episode of the mini series called life. We ask for your blessings today Lord. We ask for your love to spread over this country as only you can direct. In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

Republicans Are Insensitive to The Black Race

The George Zimmerman verdict is not the only eye opening ruling that has recently affected African Americans. The republican administrations now want to kill the Food stamp program for less fortunate people. The Supreme Court gave them an assist to sanction the Voter ID role to require everyone to identify themselves when voting and virtually eliminated the 1965 Civil Rights act. Now this will limit the number of African American who desire to vote.

The stand your Ground Act and the Zimmerman verdict now gives license to anyone to shoot and kill African Americans and virtually walk away “Not Guilty”. Republicans are putting up roadblocks to block any and everything President Obama tries to do. In effect making him an ineffective President in His second term. Republicans are working hard to impeach President Obama. All of this points toward bigotry and racism. The conversation is about race and equality. Until we all rise up to call if what it is, we are destined to destroy everyone liberties.


What we Learned From The Trayvon Martin Incident

Now, the issue is belief. Belief in the system, our criminal justice system. You all know what happened in Florida. Some are glad, some are sad. Some believe that justice was served. Others believe that justice certainly was not served.

Congratulations should not go out tonight. But more sadness that the system seemed to fail us. It failed us all as Americans. But that's not the end. The civil rights system created many great men. They say in Florida it is not about race. Yes, it all about how we view everything and the lens that we view it.

It's our world that the Lord gives us, so it up to us to make it better. A seventeen year old unarmed boy was killed, yet no one has sympathy for him. A black 17 year old child should be able to walk home from the store and not be shot. That's the takeawy and what we learned from the Trayvon Martin incident.


No Justice for Trayvon

No justice, no peace in Florida. Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin is dead, and for no reason. And George Zimmerman is a free man. Free to be a wanna a be Cop. Free to destroy the very fabric of the Martin family AND GET AWAY WITH MURDER NO LESS! But he no longer has his life. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP WHEN THE JURY KEPT TAKING LUNCH AND DINNER BREAKS! If this is justice in Florida, God help us all.

No Justice, No Peace! Rest in peace Trayvon and God bless the Martin Family!


The Deal- Your World?

Your world, your prism is what it's all about. Yeah you're comfortable, feeling good. Maybe you will drive down to the coast, to the beach house. Maybe you'll sell your house and buy a bigger one down the street. You're not worried about your job, what you will eat, because John at work has your back. After all he's your golf buddy.

You can't relate, no need to worry about anyone who can't make their own way. They are losers, yeah that's what they are. You know if this is your world. At least that's what you think. That God blessed your reality. Thank him that you have what you have. Don't become proud and believe you made it happen. Know that God allowed it to happen, because in the end you have no control over anythng, it's God's world and he can take it away from you at any time. You brought nothing into this world and you can carry nothing out.

Give back while you can and throw self importance and bigotry out the door. They over stayed their welcome in your home. You home is not your physical home. Your home is inside you. Give back the way the Lord expects you to do.


Profits Continue More than Ever to be King

We live in stragtegic and difficult times. When the pressure to perform is at and all time high this is a difficult and troublesome trend that does not bode well for the future. There is in effect so much pressure that it is nearly impossible to do your job, let alone reach goals.

This is not a new trend, it is however more urgent and more demanding than ever before. Employers know they do not have to be fair and that they can turnover an entire office and feel confident that they can fill positions in a heart beat. That is the crux of the situation. Compassion for employees has literally gone out the window.

So profits are king at the expense of everyone and everything else. Of course there are no hard feelings. We care about you, but you must understand this is merely business.