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It Happened This Day in History

1782 The United States and Britain signed preliminary peace articles in Paris, ending the Revolutionary War.
1804 Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase went on trial, accused of political bias. He was acquitted by the Senate.
1835 Author Mark Twain was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens in Florida, Mo.
1900 Author Oscar Wilde died at age 46.
1962 U Thant of Burma was elected secretary-general of the United Nations, succeeding the late Dag Hammarskjold.
1966 The former British colony of Barbados became independent.
1979 The album “The Wall” by Pink Floyd was released.
1981 The United States and the Soviet Union opened negotiations in Geneva aimed at reducing nuclear weapons in Europe.
1993 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Brady bill, which requires a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases and background checks of prospective buyers.
AP Photo Marcy Nighswander
1993 Authorities in California arrested Richard Allen Davis, who confessed to abducting and killing 12 year-old Polly Klaas of Petaluma.
1995 President Bill Clinton became the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.
1999 The opening of a 135-nation trade gathering in Seattle was disrupted by at least 40,000 demonstrators, some of whom clashed with police.
AP Photo/Peter Dejong
2001 Robert Tools, the first person to receive a fully self-contained artificial heart, died in Louisville, Ky., after living with the device for 151 days.
2007 A man took hostages at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, N.H.; Leeland Eisenberg surrendered about five hours later.

Our Society of Contradiction

We live in a society of contradictions. The individual personal judgments that we use often are not doled out with our idea of justice. We render personal judgments everyday in America. The examples and cases are paramount. To numerous to mention. We hold others to higher standards, still others to lower standards. Not quite deciding on where we should stand at all. We are a schizophrenic in our thinking and in our reasoning. We are unduly harsh in our criticism of others and unforgiven in our ability to forgive.

We have the audacity to to judge and to place our so called moral value on one issue, when we allow immoral activity to occur almost blatantly in other area. The examples of these instances are many; but it is irrelevant to mention them. What would be the point. We all know how we judge others, how we hold others to higher and lower standard and we take stance on these issues by molding and shaping them in our minds. Not based on any moral or biblical standard. Often based on a gut feeling, or some opinion formed through experience, thus clouding our thinking and clouding and our often unreasonable reasoning.

We give a blind eye to history; perhaps acting as if history is not a good marker to determine opinions and issues of fairness in the future. But history is perhaps the one marker that can at least deliver a perspective on why things happen the way they do and why people behaved in the way they do now. We call ourselves spiritual people. But how can we be spiritual when we don’t have the ability to forgive? Or we set time limits as to when forgiveness is appropriate.

While Palin Attacks; The Alaskan Legislative Council Say Palin Violated Public Trust As Governor

Sarah Palin has been campaigning hard to discredit Barack Obama. Trying to link him to William Ayers. She has spewed hate and fear within the Republican Conservative Base and has effectively brought out the worst in not only the Republican audience but also in herself. The low point of this assault came today in Minnesota when an obviously, ignorant woman, stood up at a McCain rally and said she thought that Barack Obama was an Arab. To his credit, John McCain said Barack was not an Arab.

McCain has a lot to deal with at his rallys, shouts of traitor, terrorist, or how about this; kill him. What kind of people attend McCain rallys? It would lead one to believe that Sarah Palin is the magnet to draw these types of people to McCain rallys. She has led the charge of denouncing Obama as a terrorist and someone who cannot be trusted. Now today we see that Sarah Palin can’t be trusted as well. Why? Because Palin was determined today, by bi-partisan Alaskan Legislative Council, to abuse her power as Governor, by pressuring subordinates to fire her brother-in-law. In theory to advance her personal agenda. In the process, she fired the head of the Alaskan State Troopers, Walt Monegan, because he refused to fire him. Which in fact is an ethics violation.

Yet here is a women on the campaign trail calling Obama Un-American and a terrorist. Perhaps now we will see a change in strategy from the McCain camp in putting Palin out front on Obama attacks. If you live in a glass house as Republicans do…. please do not throw any stones.

McCain’s Violent Temper From People Who Know

Would you want John McCain answering the phone at 3 AM in the morning. How about 10 AM in the Morning? Or maybe 3 PM in the afternoon? The point is you probably would not want him answering the phone at all. He is erratic, has a legendary violent temper and has used it against both men and women. Yet people are seriously considering voting for him.Check out this U-Tube Video from people who have witnessed his violent outburst.

Obama’s Consistent Message On The Economy Pays Off

The tide appears to be changing for Barack Obama. Throughout the primary campaign he has focused on key issues and specific campaign standards that have proved to be key that have placed him in a position to capitalize on possible game changing occurrences.

Obama has hammered home his stance on domestic issues from the start, even though domestic issues were not always the primary issues concerning voters. The primary issue of the month often changed concerning voters. Ranging from the war in Iraq, lipstick on a pig, the number of homes McCain has, to Sarah Palin and the first dude, Todd Palin.

But lurching behind the scene, ever presence was Obama’s view on the economy. Something that was not on the minds of many Americans. But last week out of no where with the onset of the bail out crises, Obama constant theme of tax cuts for 95% of Americans suddenly was thrust front and center.

Now Americans are taking notice to his constant message, because of fustration with the way Republicans have handled the bailout crises. Americans are looking for change and because of Obama’s consistent message he is seen as the candidate best able to handle the American economy.

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Watch Obama’s Message On The Troubled Economy (Falling Stocks and Bail Outs)

Friend —

The economy hit a new low this week, and in every part of the country, people like you are feeling it.

The recent financial disasters — from the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the historic drop in the stock market — are not just a string of bad luck. They are the result of years of bad decisions made in favor of big corporate special interests instead of America’s working families.

More than 600,000 Americans have lost their jobs since January. Home foreclosures are skyrocketing, and home values are plunging. Gas prices are at an all-time high, and we’re still spending more than $10 billion every month on a war in Iraq that should never have been waged.

John McCain’s campaign is doing everything it can to focus attention on false personal attacks and distractions — but there’s too much at stake for that kind of politics.

I need your help to get the conversation back on track.

I recorded a two-minute TV ad about our economy and my plan to solve this crisis.
For eight years, Bush-McCain economic policies have favored reckless deregulation and huge tax loopholes for big corporations. Now, as these corporations crumble, American taxpayers are facing costly bailouts.

More of the same failed ideas are not going to solve our economic problems.

I’m calling for a $1,000 tax break for middle-class families — not just because they need help dealing with the rising costs of gas, food, and health care, but also because our economy needs to be reinvigorated from the bottom up, not the top down.

I’m proposing a second stimulus package to save over one million jobs and provide immediate relief to struggling families.

And I’ll end the “anything goes” culture on Wall Street with real regulation. We can see clearly that our economy is stronger when we protect investments and pensions, and avoid devastating bankruptcies and bailouts.

This is no ordinary time, and it shouldn’t be an ordinary election. Help keep the discussion focused on the issues.

Please watch the video and share it with your friends today:

Thanks for helping to bring the change this country needs,


Don’t Be Hoodwinked By The Republicans

We cannot afford to allow John McCain to be elected president of the United States. We are facing 6.1% unemployment. Gas prices have averaged over $3.50 for nearly a year. Houses are foreclosing left and right across America, because of lending practices and a stagnant economy. Corporate America, is outsourcing jobs to India and laying off people by the thousands. Many of us don’t have health Insurance and we are one hospital visit away from financial diaster. People are saying that $250,000 a year is not rich, well tell that to someone making $50,000 a year with take home income of $36,000 after taxes. Tell that to someone who doesn’t have a car note, but drives around in a beat up car, trying to make ends meet, because they cannot afford a car note.

If you’re sick or have cancer or a terminal illness, good luck trying to get health insurance. Because you’re labeled as someone with a pre-existing condition. I bet Sarah Palin and John McCain have health insurance. McCain has cancer, but I bet he gets the best of coverage. I can say that because I was diagnosed with Cancer myself 6 years ago, and I struggle to keep my job, because if I lose it, I will lose my coverage beacuse of my pre-existing condition.

Yes, my friends if you make $250,000 a year, you are rich, compared to thousands of Americans who cannot dream of ever making that kind of money. If you are in your fifties, there is a good chance you will be laid off or dismissed, because you or a liability to the company. Particularly if you have worked for the company for a long time, you are a target. The company wants to pay someone with less experience a lower salary to get rid of your draining big salary.

The Republicans have hoodwinked and bambozzled 90% of Americans, with their trickle down theory for too long. Don’t fall into the trap of voting for them. They don’t care about you. If you make less than $250,000 a year, and I am being generous with that number, your are at risk. McCain only cares about CEO’s who have elaborate pension packages, who get $5 million dollars, plus severance pay if they leave the company. Why should they get perks, when you and your family are suffering, trying to make ends meet? It is time we hold corporations accountable.

What about social security, why should you have one foot in the grave before you can collect it? The typical Republican response is invest in 401K, your company will match it and you will have control of your future. That my friend is the option that you have. The trouble is you may be laid off from your company. Don’t fall in the trap of believing McCain that he is an agent of change.
The Republicans are trying to hoodwick you again. Don’t fall into that trap and believe them. Less than 1% of Americans are millionaires. I’m no millionaire, and I believe most Americans aren’t either. Most of us are merely trying to keep our head above water and support our families. Republican have alaways been for earmarks, corporations, big money and oil. No Matter how they try to cast themselves. They have always been notorious liars and hypocrites. They are still your enemy. Don’t join their army vote for Barack Obama.

Republicans got us into this mess, why give them another chance? You only have yourself to blame if you do.

Investigation In Alaska of Sarah Palin Reveals More

The theory is that the Republicans are not really using the hiatus from their own convention because of hurricane Gustav. Word is that they were blindsided by all the internet stories on Sarah Palin and needed to buy time to fully vet her, by sending operatives to Alaska in hopes of getting her off the hook.

It has been reported by many news agencies and confirmed on CNN, that these organizations are in Alaska digging up more information on Sarah Palin. It is rumored that the National Enquirer has a team in Alaska researching Sarah Palin.

What we do know is that Republican operatives have fanned out to appear on Television with the specific assignment to give bizarre non answers to specific pointed questions about Sarah Palin. They have also been instructed to spin any questions by not answering the question directly and spinning it back by implicating Barack Obama is some way. Example question: “Do you believe that Sarah Palin has the necessary experience to be Vice President”. Example answer: “Sarah Palin has more experience than Barack Obama has and has substantially more knowledge on Foreign Policy than Barack Obama”.

So Repulicans are hard at work protecting themselves until they find if the charges to trooper gate will stick on Sarah Palin. From the looks of things they will. This caused George Bush and the ‘Terminator”, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California, to both cancel their appearances at the convention.

Palin has been conspicuously absent from the scene. No one knows the agenda of the convention for the remainder of the week…………. stay tune.

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Palin’s Daughter is Pregnant According To Media Reports; McCain’s Judgement in Question

Now we have a true story from the McCain camp, that Sarah Palin’s daughter is now pregnant. This is in addition to other unfounded and unsubstantiated rumors circulating around the internet regarding Palin. This is an Eagleton moment ( Eagleton was the 1972 Vice Presidential pick of Senator George McGovern who was forced to resign because he was not fully and carefully vetted by McGovern). This news raises a number of issues and questions.

Did John McCain know that Palin’s daughter was pregnant when he chose her as his Vice Presidential pick?

Was Palin forthright and upfront in informing McCain of her daughter pregnancy?

What other skeletons are in Palin’s closet that need to be disclosed?

Did some Republicans really cancel their appearances at the GOP Convention because of this latest disclosure in an attempt to distanced themselves from McCain?

What about other scandals for Palin……. Trooper Gate and the DUI of her husband 24 years ago, as reported by the mainstream media?

This whole episode is just another example of John McCain, recklessness and flawed decision making. If he can’t properly manage his personal business, how can he expect to run the Government of the Greatest Country in the world?

We Must Consider John McCain’s Lack Of Judgement

John McCain in the last few weeks has shown us more about his character than any book or biography could expose. That is what we know about McCain. McCain is a loose cannon and he does not think through decisions and the decision making process used by McCain is suspect. Do we want a president that makes decisions off the cuff? John McCain does not listen to his closest advisers.  Many Republicans advised McCain to take a serious look at Mitt Romney, who given the choices, was probably the strongest candidate he could possibly select.

Admittedly Romney, came with baggage, but in terms of notoriety and experience, no one could argue for very long with the selection of Romney. But what does McCain do? He ignores his closest advisors and picks Sarah Palin, a Governor from Alaska, as his Vice Presidential pick. What does this say about his judgment? He only met the Alaskan Governor once, some say six months ago. Not only this, the Governor from Alaska, has only been in office about 19 months, prior to that she has little governmental experience.

All we’ve heard for the last 24 hours from Republican surrogates is that Sarah Palin brings a wealth of experience from her role as Governor in Alaska. Unless Americans are dumb, I do not believe there is anyone who will buy it. All this is great evidence that McCain is not ready, and does not have the mental faculties to lead this country.

We must remember that Sarah Palin, a person we know nothing about, could be one tragedy away from leading this country, should something happen to John McCain, if he were elected President. What could Palin accomplish in the office of President? Has she ever managed an organization, as big as the American Government? Has she ever dealt with both Congress and the Senate in getting legislation passed? It would be a complete nightmare. Are we ready for eight more years of Republican incompetence?