Chris Jones Was Not The Right Fit At Louisville

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The Chris Jones saga at Louisville is over. However the fall out will last forever. This season will go down in Louisville history as one of the strangest in the history of the program and for good reason. Why did Rick Pitino recruit him in the first place? That is the the million dollar question. In fact there are many questions. The vetting process is apparently broken at Louisville. And it is more than evident that Coaches are hired to coach, they are not hired for their skills in personality assessment. That much is evident. Rick Pitino is not a Human Resource guru and there lies the problem.

The fact of the matter is offering a kid a scholarship and investing time and money in them is a huge commitment. Which begs the question are college coaches up to this job? The clear answer is no. A quick solution is…

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Louisville Can Still Make A Deep Run In The Tournament

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Ok, I am not a Rick Pitino fan. To me he is not the best coach we (Louisville) ever had. That title belongs to former Coach Denny Crum, hands down. Rick Pitino runs a dysfunctional program and he often recruits the wrong type of players and cries foul when they eventually are released from the program for commiting some ridiculous act.

The real reason for this post is to say that Rick Pitino will have to prove his mettle starting tomorrow against Georgia Tech. No, Pitino’s job is not in jeopardy, he will still be Louisville’s coach however He will need to prove that he belongs in the elite class of college coaches. The bar is set way high for Pitino and nothing short of a NCAA final appearance this year will prove that he is an elite coach.

Louisville released Chris Jones, Louisville’s best player about 5 hours ago…

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Could this be the Year For Pitino at Louisville?

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Louisville basketball has always been something special.   It’s not a coincidence.  It’s a reality in Kentucky.  If Kentucky were a battle field, Louisville would be surrounded by a sea of Blue. Kentucky Blue.  In fact there are a few collaborators, Kentucky  fans in Louisville.  More than a few. But still all in all Louisville basketball is still king in Louisville and always will be.  This article is way to short to highlight the rivalry that dates back over well over 50 years.

That’s Louisville Cardinal basketball. So many great basketball players wore the Cardinal red. And Louisville has over the last 41 years has been led by two coaches. Denny Crum and  current coach Rick Pitino.  One a Hall of Fame coach, Denny Crum,   and one probably to be elected this year into the Hall of Fame,  Rick Pitino.  There is nothing like Louisville basketball, especially in Kentucky. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Everyone is  high…

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