The Deal-Let Him In

Sometimes we get all self rightous, we have no remorse. Everything we've done even though it was wrong, we want admit it. That's the problem, our bone headed pride gets in the way of progress. You know, moving from a bad place to a good place. It's a problem. So we emerge ourselves in ourselves. It's a bad thing. You know we need to cleanse ourselves every once in a while. God wants to keep us honest. That's a good thing.

So it requires an action from you. That being to ask for forgiveness. It a simple thing, but the enemy within is trying to stop you from taking that step. Stand up, be a man, be a woman, admit your misdeed and ask for forgiveness. Jesus will lead you the rest of the way, down the road, where the bridge is out. Follow it and let Him in, He will lead you over that bridge!


The Deal- Take The Prize!

Sometimes you must sit back and contemplate, involves some deep thinking. In short- it's a difficult situation. One that you simply have no answers. Nothing in your back pocket. You only have God. He can sense. No he knows the situation. It just takes a point when you realize your vernability and you simply, you simply cry out. You see The Lord is the only one that can cure this situation.

So you throw everything out and its just you and The Lord and His Son Jesus Christ. You rely on this world and you forgot- This world merely takes, never helps! So you feel no fear, just anticipation after you reach out to The Lord, from where your help comes, through Jesus Christ. Suddenly the burden is lifted, you don't know when, you don't know how. This stuff is bigger than you! Just accept that Jesus Loves you and take the prize. TAKE THE PRIZE!


Donald Sterling, Racism and The Supreme Court In America

This country has dealt with the issue of racism for hundreds of years. For some who believe that the issue of racism is beyond us and over, take heart It is clearly not over. We are still in the mist of the battle and their is absolutely no end in sight.

Just a few weeks ago a conservative Supreme Court ruled that there is no longer a need for affirmative action in college admittance for students. According to the infinite wisdom of the Supreme Court we have moved on from that. Our society is now color blind. Everyone is treated equal, regardless of their color. That my friend is more than a bald face lie, it is a travesty. This is just one example of how the majority has felt compelled to sweep issues or concerns regarding racism under the rug.

Yet in 2014 racism still rears it low life head, this is seen in the allege despicable comments of one Donald Sterling, owner for the LA Clippers. It is a travesty that we can even entertain thoughts that racism no longer exist in America. I felt compelled to write about this because it is important that we address the comment that were allegedly made by Donald Sterling, the LA Clippers owner. All of these comments are not surprising that the Clippers owner Donald Sterling probably made them. An investigation is currently in the works regarding these comments.

By now you have seen reports or heard comments regarding the purported comments of Donald Sterling. Lets just say he possibly has a problem with black people. That is nothing new, lots of people weather they admit it or not have problems with black people in America. We have over a 400 year history in racism directed at African Americans in America. Martin Luther King once said “We shall Overcome”, now We as African Americans are saying “We have not overcomed racism.” That is our reality. Until everyone in America comes to terms with this, we will have still more racist comments. This is a wake up call that racism against African Americans is alive and well in America and once again the Supreme Court misjudged the existence of racism in America.


When Newspapers Were Giants

I am 35 year veteran of print media. I worked as an advertising executive for six newspapers across America.

Old advertising executives never die, they just fade away. That's an old saying that is particularly relevant today in these changing times for the newspaper industry. Without a doubt it is a dying industry that will never again experience the days when newspapers were media giants and no our media platform could think about taking the place of the product that you could touch and feel and share engaging moments each and everyday.


Newspapers were king when everyone subscribed to a newspaper. It was your friend when you wanted to enjoy insightful reading along with a morning cup of coffee. Now that it is a distance routine doomed to an untimely death due to a number of unimaginable circumstances that remain out of our control.


It was time when all of us as newspaper executives had dreams of being a publishers, leading the charge for first amendment rights of free speech and the right to report the news and distribute it better than any other media outlet known to man. We believed we had a higher challenge, a higher calling and we put ourselves on some ivory tower bellowing the constitution of print media when everyone would listen and we were kings and queens, or at least we believed we were. A funny thing happened after nearly 100 years, God put us in our place. We weren't media giant. We did not sit on an exalted throne. No, the throne was taken away and now it is just a stump.


There are so many factors that contributed to the slow and steady death of print media. Many media companies are still hanging on by the skin of their teeth. It is however a sinking ship and we all struggled to hang on.


30 for 30 Special On The Detroit Bad Boys

I watched the 30 for 30 special on the Detroit Pistons and their two season championship run. For the Bad Boys they reign at the top of the league by playing bruising, take no prisoner basketball. It was great insight on the Pistons and despite their hated reputation which was a reality, the Pistons had a great team. Led by Isaiah Thomas and his no loss mentality, the Pistons were a cohesive unit and a gritty team. The Pistons were a great team despite their hated persona. Perhaps one of the greatest teams ever, led by Isaiah Thomas, though hated by more than a few, he was a relentless performer.

The Deal- A Prayer For Our Enemies

To often we hate and we continue to hate those who do us wrong. We hold grudges and you know what, none of us can deny that we have exhibited this behavior. We are all a work in progress and we all have fell short of the glory of the Lord. This is a prayer for my enemies, yes those that have done me wrong. I've read it will make us all more Christ like. If you like read it aloud and if you have not prayed for those who have done you wrong. Do so today and ask Jesus to come into your life as your personal Savior, by asking for forgiveness of your sins.

Father, I come to You today to thank You for the gift of salvation that You have given to us all through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You Jesus for showing all of us how we should forgive. Jesus when I think of the awful things that they did to You before and during Your work on Calvary, I realize the tremendous sacrifice that You made for me on Calvary. And the beautiful thing is that I do not have to do anything except ask for Your forgiveness and for You to be The Lord and Savior of my life. I ask You today to forgive me of all the sinful things I have done in my life and I thank You for giving me the gift of Salvation through Your work on Calvary. Please come into my life today! Thank You Father God for giving Your only Son Jesus and the sacrifice Jesus made for our redemption and salvation on Calvary. I give my life to You today and forever.

I pray this day for my enemies, those who I have held grudges against for the wrong they did to me. I ask that You bless and keep them. I pray that You strengthen them, so that they will come to know the Love and sacrifice that Jesus made on Calvary for them. I pray that they will know You and ask You into their lives Jesus. Please bless and keep all of my enemies.

I pray this prayer, so that I will take the step to be more like You Father and Your Son Jesus Christ. Strengthen everyone who reads this prayer, open their eyes and their Hearts that they will let Jesus into their lives by simply asking Him for forgiveness of sin and for His eternal Salvation. In this I ask it in Jesus Name I pray Amen!


God Answers Prayers In His Own Time

There are things on our mind. Somehow we feel that the things we hope for, the things we pray for are far away. Sometimes we feel that our prayers will not be answered. But we soon find that those thoughts are merely fleeting and they are thoughts that pass away because you answer our prayers. You know what we need and you deliver it at the perfect time, in Your own time. Know that the Father is there for you!! Know that He loves you. Know that you can turn to Him at anytime through His Son Jesus Christ. That my friend is a beautiful thing.

Father I'm here to testify of your goodness. I'm here to shout out all the miraculous things you've done and will do for us. We only need to seek and ask and we will find happiness through Christ Jesus. Father, we give all the glory to you and we know, more importantly that all things work together for good, for those that Love The Lord and are called according to His Purpose…….Romans 8:28


Letterman’s Retirement is a Watershed Moment

Late night has taken the plunge the networks or slowing turning toward youth. David Letterman just announced his retirement and for good reasons. He is tired, he is obviously old, and he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. TV viewership is increasingly younger. Let's face it Letterman needed to get out while he could and not tarnish his image or reputation. If you are an old head like me, then you can certainly read the hand writing on the wall. We're old!! You know what? That's ok! It's a beautiful thing!

There is a youth movement alive and kicking and trust me this is not new. The big news is not that Letterman is retiring. It is not even about who will replace him, although that will be interesting conversation. It is about the direction that America is heading and this is yet another signal that the future and this country belongs to Americans age 40 and below. Enjoy the ride.


Richard Sherman Chimes In On DeSean Jackson His Childhood Friend

Seattle's Richard Sherman wrote an enlightening article on DeSean Jackson that explains the difficulties that kids growing up in Watts and South Central face. If you lived in these neighborhoods as DeSean and Richard did, you were in the mist of violence and in the mist of the fire. There is literally no separation from your friends and you do all you can to stay out of trouble. When someone makes it in the neighborhood you try to be mentors for your friends who are left behind. It is a fact of violent city life. In the link to the post that Richard Sherman wrote, I think you will understand, that most football players and many people in life live in the same conditions, but they aren't lucky enough to get a free ticket out of the “hood.” For them life is filled with tragedy. it is a familiar story.

Check out the link below………………..

by Richard Sherman 04/02/2014


Citizen Journalist, You Are One

With the advent of Facebook,You-Tube, Blogs, Vimeo, iPads, Tablets, Smart Phones, Android and iPhones, plus computers equipped with email, and text messages, there is no such thing as fresh original news. Today our news is instant and everyone is a journalist, a Citizen Journalist.

If you're reading this post you are probably a Citizen Journalist. You don't need a formal education to become a journalist. All you need is a mobile communication platform and that makes you a reporter and an advocate, 24/7 per day. New technology has bum rushed traditional journalism and all but corraled it. Now seasoned journalist find themselves struggling to survive, because big media companies can no longer compete. They do not have the resources to do so.

If you have a business, advertising executives are calling on you to offer services to build your website, many even help you to improve your SEO, if you're smart you will tell them to remove themselves from your building because you can get all these services for free or a minimal fee yourself. Now everyone is a digital expert, and media executives are no where near being experts. Trust me I know. I worked in the newspaer industry for over 34 years. They come to you each week with some really stupid and ill conceived services. If you're smart you want buy it.

Most business owners I know simply take the perks, free lunches and concert tickets and use it for their advantage. What does this tell you about the industry as a whole? It is dying. The cornerstone and the foundation of any media company is on the business side. That is where the money is brought in and any media company that says they are upholding first amendment rights by writing and reporting stories that keep the public informed is misleading you and the public. The Citizen Journalist, keep you informed. Not traditional Journalist. If you have one of the mobile gadgets listed above, guess what, you are a citizen Journalist.

Citizen Journalist in action…………….