Kentucky Defeats Louisville

It was a hard fought game yesterday in Rupp Arena, Kentucky prevailed 75-73 over Louisville. Like every game in the Rupp the opposing team has to play smart basketball,  Louisville did that for much of the game. As usual referees are not a friend of Louisville, you have to play a thinking game because the refs are like a sixth, seventh man for Kentucky in Rupp Arena. Although the refs called a fairly good game as they tried to balance the pain among both teams. This game was a preview perhaps for a bigger showdown in the NCAA tournament. It could happen.

Louisville fought hard and hit the boards with aggression. Louisville is a young team and they will most certainly get better. To fall to Kentucky by only two points in Rupp Arena is a testament to the potential  that this team shows.  Louisville is a tough gritty team and they will get better. If Louisville’s Yum Center was the venue for today’s game, the outcome would have been a victory for the Cards. A botched three point shot by Damian Lee at the buzzer held the key to victory for the Cards. That’s how close Louisville came to victory. Go Cards!!




The Deal- Hand the ball off



Today’s segment of the Deal is quite simple. In this  life we will be faced with challenges,  stressful situations that give us pause. If we  know Jesus, We know we have a friend  that is as close to us as a brother, yet in our earthly wisdom we somehow believe we can fix any problem, any situation. We listen for that small still voice deep within that is trying to offer us a solution. Yet in our earthly wisdom we decide we have the answer,  a way out and a way up. It is that small still voice that is leading us, or at least we think it is, often it is simply us who decided we will fix this problem ourselves.

You know many of us believe we have the wisdom, the courage to handle  any situation. Yet we quickly learn that the small still voice is not who we thought it was. It was not Jesus, it was you, me, and no doubt many other Christians who think of themselves as smart, aware and brilliant in the way we think. In our vanity we began to believe that we are bigger than God and there is no problem that we cannot fix. When we’re treading down this path, we are navigating away from the Lord. We need to hand the ball off to the Lord, He will fix it.

Yes, we’ve all done things that are important and placed us in the spotlight. Yes this is good for our ego, but not so good for our soul. We need to listen to the Lord and His infinite direction, yet we still do all we can to try to score the proverbial touchdown. We’re listening to something, but it is not the Lord. It’s just like you’re the quarterback and God is the Running back. The Runningback sees the entire field, and knows where we will end up before the ball is snapped. Yeah, we have made the mistake of trying to fix a problem more than a few times in our lives. We fumbled the ball, turned it over to the other team. We lost the game!

God has given you the answer to nearly every problem when we are willing to “hand the ball off. We can’t carry this burden alone however God has a game plan, a fourth quarter scheme that is part of our offense. To your surprise it is not something new it is quite simple. You learn it when you finally learn to hand the ball off, give it to God, He has the game plan and don’t mistake that you have the answer, you need to give everything to the Lord, hand the ball off and let the Lord Run with it. When you’re stumped and do not know when or where to turn. Hand the ball off! When you don’t know what to do and you’re dazed and confused, Hand the ball off to the Lord. 

When sickness comes and you seek the Healing provided by Jesus Stripes, declare it and hand the ball off for your healing. When you’re facing a life or death situation look no further than the Lord, hand the ball off! God is waiting on you to trust him, listen for His voice He will reveal it to you in many forms. Just listen and when you finally get it…..Hand the Ball Off To The Lord!!



The Deal- Merry Christmas Lord Jesus



This is your birthday Lord Jesus!  Thank you for being our Healer, our Friend, a clear and present voice to guide us and for sending the Holy Spirit to protect us. For being the quiet still voice that navigates our path. This is your day. Throughout the year when we know you and have you in our lives you bring eternal life to all who know you and follow your path. Jesus Is Lord!

The Deal- Lead Me, Guide Me



Dear Lord,


Thank you Father for watching over us, guiding us through the thick woods and the wilderness of life. You know what we need each step of the way. You know what we really need, despite what we think we need. You see your eyes are open, ever protecting us, teaching us lessons that we did not even know we needed to learn. Yet you guided us through the woods of life, protecting us so we do not stumble from foolish mistakes. Guiding us and molding us into the person you would have us be. We thank you Lord, and we give honor and glory to you…….In the name of Jesus we pray…….Amen.



 I viewed a documentary about race in the New York Times. It was an Editorial in video format about how ackward it is to talk about race. I can undestand it. It is part of our persona and identity, however I can understand the hesitancy involved in obtaining the courage to speak about it.   It is our reality and we have learned to deal with it and and how to embrace it.

I once attended a seminar conducted by CT Vivian, a  Civil Rights icon, Vivian who  asked the participants to talk about race and how it affected them. Race it is an inherent part of our lives, nevertheless  skin color affects our life.  His seminar resulted in an honest discussion. Vivian’s  seminar was nearly 30 years ago. Our society is quite different today, however how we deal with race continues to be part of the discussion.

It is a liberating experience when we deal with race and it’s effect  on our lives.   We all believe  we have come a long way, and we have in many respects, however there are stories in everyone’s life that touch on race and its impact on their lives.  It is liberating to talk about race and the effect it has on our lives. We become a more nurturing and caring society when we take steps to understand and care about all Americans.

Louisville Shows Great Potential

  Trey Lewis

The Louisville Cardinals are an unknown commodity at this point in the season.  Although the Cards are undefined, they do show tremendous potential. Coach Rick Pitino has a special team, perhaps the first team that has shown unity. This is the first time in years that the Cards like each other. Now that the Cards are one big happy family we can get down to basics.  The Cardinals are destined to be an exciting team, a team that can run the floor with the best of them, and a team with a lethal trade mark of finishing either from behind the arc or with a devastating knack of getting to the basket and finishing.

These are the traits  that define the Cardinals. Starting with the the play of Trey Lewis and Damian Lee, we find the heart and soul of the Cardinals.  Lewis at this point is probably the most consistent and deadly of the two, giving his ability to to get to the rim and finish with a slashing, penetrating style. Damian Lee is a great compliment to Lewis given that he is a lights out shooter and can penetrate as well with the dribble drive or make his way to the rim via freelancing.

Lewis is a graduate transfer from Cleveland State. Damien Lee is a graduate transfer from Drexel.  Both bring mad skills to the table and have helped the younger players to bond. Quentin Snider, a sophomore who earned his way into a starting position with the Cards has matured over the summer and he is the Cards team leader at point guard. 

Monmouth University’s Entertaining Sideline Antics


The Monmouth University bench is the talk of the college basketball season.  In a word animation is the key, and the Monmouth bench is certainly the most entertaining in the NCAA. Perhaps the bench is a little too animated, however it is certainly entertaining to watch. King Rice is the head coach.

Rice, a native of Binghamton, N.Y. and a 1992 graduate of North Carolina, has 13 seasons of experience in the collegiate coaching ranks, 10 of which came with current Vanderbilt head coach Kevin Stallings. For the previous five seasons before joining the Hawks Rice was an assistant coach at Vanderbilt, where the Commodores made the NCAA Tournament four years representing the Southeastern Conference.

Rice, 42, served as an assistant to Stallings for five seasons at Illinois State from 1994-98, helping the Redbirds advance to postseason play four times, including two appearances in the NCAA Tournament. Rice helped spearhead recruiting efforts and was noted for his solid relationships with players.  The Hawks are a great  transition team  and will run the floor  at any given opportunity.  This team is also a great cohesive unit that cheers for each other. At this point in the season Monmouth is off to a great start with a 4-2 record, with wins over UCLA, Drexel, Notre Dame,  and losses to Dayton and USC.  The Hawks met USC twice already this season. The second meeting was in the Advocare classic in Orlando. Look for the Mountain Hawks to  make a run in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference.

The Deal- Society

This world and direction we are going boggles the mind. We are enticed by the enemy (satan). That certainly is not God’s plan. It’s a reality show gone bad, tune in next week for all the dirt and action that you can imagine. Sometimes it is best to skip an episode or two so you have a chance to get your bearings, because friend, like all of us we are being led by the enemy, most assuredly without our permission. We are special in God’s eyes and He certainly did not intend for the enemy to have that much power over those He loves and cares for. That would be believers like you and me.  In case you forgot or maybe have not thought about it, God loves and cares for you.

The enemy’s mission is  to sabatoge our salvation, it is step one in his guide book.  Don’t buy it. It want be a best seller because the enemy only has so much power to advance his mission of sabotage. When the enemy tags us, He is messing with our salvation. That my friends is what it is all about, God loved us so much that He sacrificed His own Son, so that we would have eternal life. Jesus died on the cross a long time ago not because He was weak, no it was God’s plan so that we would be free to choose Jesus Christ and to live our lives through HIm. It is our chance to exercise our free will to choose Jesus and not the devil. He’s all about making sure that you do not reach heaven.  He wants you to choose hell. Do not give him that power. God already gave you the chance for eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Be sure to reach for the WORD when you wake up in the morning, stay in the word. When you feel the Lord is speaking to you just ask Him to show you what he wants you to learn from whatever situation you are confronted with. Stay close to God and His world and never give the enemy an audience. Jesus wants you to have external life, so it is important that you know and accept Christ as your Savior and that Jesus died on Calvary for our sins, transgressions.  He sacrificed a lot so that we would have the opportunity for eternal life, the rest is up to you. When you know JESUS, you can have eternal life and be in God’s kingdom. Make that choice today.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.  

Proverbs 3:5-6 

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6



The Deal- Thank You Lord For Being There


Dear Lord,

Thank you for your love, protection and for being there when we need you most. You have a way of showing up when we least expect it, in a form that completely surprises us. It may be you send a love one or sometimes a stranger to come to our aid in a way that completely surprises us. That is comforting to us, knowing that when we know your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ beautiful things happen in our lives.

Knowing you is a learning experience and sometimes we need to learn, we need to care for others,  and we need to know more about Jesus and His Love. Thank you Father God for lifting us up when only you know we need it, for healing us when we we need your healing, for teaching us to pray when we need to pray and for sacrificing your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ who saved us a long time ago on Calvary by giving His Life, so when we believe in Him we too will have eternal life.

It is a joy to know and love you and we thank you Lord as we continue on our journey to seal your commandments in our hearts and in our mind.  In Jesus name we ask it all and thank you for all you do………Amen!