McCain Should Have Done His Homework Before Picking Palin

Maybe John McCain should have vetted Sarah Palin longer than just a few days. It just seems that there is not enough known about her character or her past to just pick her as a Vice Presidential candidate with little or no scrutiny. She is quite a hot topic around the blogs tonight. The stories about Palin though unsubstantiated are flooding the Internet.

The point is that John McCain did not do his homework. Any story or stories about Palin are distractions that McCain and the Republican party can ill afford to endure, with less than 66 days to the election. In the coming days more issues will surface regarding Sarah Palin and John McCain and the Republican Party will have to deal with them. It is unfortunate.

We Must Consider John McCain’s Lack Of Judgement

John McCain in the last few weeks has shown us more about his character than any book or biography could expose. That is what we know about McCain. McCain is a loose cannon and he does not think through decisions and the decision making process used by McCain is suspect. Do we want a president that makes decisions off the cuff? John McCain does not listen to his closest advisers.  Many Republicans advised McCain to take a serious look at Mitt Romney, who given the choices, was probably the strongest candidate he could possibly select.

Admittedly Romney, came with baggage, but in terms of notoriety and experience, no one could argue for very long with the selection of Romney. But what does McCain do? He ignores his closest advisors and picks Sarah Palin, a Governor from Alaska, as his Vice Presidential pick. What does this say about his judgment? He only met the Alaskan Governor once, some say six months ago. Not only this, the Governor from Alaska, has only been in office about 19 months, prior to that she has little governmental experience.

All we’ve heard for the last 24 hours from Republican surrogates is that Sarah Palin brings a wealth of experience from her role as Governor in Alaska. Unless Americans are dumb, I do not believe there is anyone who will buy it. All this is great evidence that McCain is not ready, and does not have the mental faculties to lead this country.

We must remember that Sarah Palin, a person we know nothing about, could be one tragedy away from leading this country, should something happen to John McCain, if he were elected President. What could Palin accomplish in the office of President? Has she ever managed an organization, as big as the American Government? Has she ever dealt with both Congress and the Senate in getting legislation passed? It would be a complete nightmare. Are we ready for eight more years of Republican incompetence?

McCain, The “A Loose Cannon” and The “Woman from Alaska”

I labored at work today trying to get things done in preparation for the weekend. You know Labor Day Weekend. Everyone struggling to get their day’s work done in order to enjoy the three day Labor Day Weekend. Then suddenly we hear random rumors in the office…” Did you hear the news?” “McCain Picked a woman from Alaska as his Vice Presidential candidate choice”. This day “ the woman from Alaska“, who McCain picked became famous.

Not because of her name, which no one had ever heard of, but more because of the astounding reality that McCain actually picked someone from Alaska, who he did not know. And only met one time. Yes the “woman from Alaska”, now has a chance if elected to be second in command to the President of the United States. The “woman from Alaska” some say has tremendous experience. I don’t believe the “woman from Alaska”, has met with Senator McCain more than once. The “woman from Alaska” has no foreign policy experience.

And what does this say about John McCain’s judgment and his thought process? McCain is a loose cannon. He cannot follow direction or a script and he is very impulsive. Yet he is ready from day one to lead this country? Do we really want to put this country in the hands of a loose cannon and the “woman from Alaska“? John McCain’s thought process is flawed and he is not ready to lead this country.

Obama Finally Attacks McCain In a Powerful Way

The Democrats had a segment prior to Barack Obama speech in which average every day Americans talked about how this economy has not been very kind to them. Some were without jobs, some were without health insurance, but nearly all were suffering from eight years of special interest Republican leadership. Barney Smith from Marion Indiana said he was tired of Republicans paying attention to “Smith Barney, not enough to Barney Smith”. Americans are fed up with the direction of this country.

They said Barack Obama did not have the leadership ability to lead this country militarily. That myth and it was a myth, was dispelled when over 20 United States Military Generals and Admirals paraded on stage in support of Barack Obama. Of course the Media did not report it. C-Span did. The great cover up continued. An attempt to discredit, cover up.

Obama is addressing the issues of working class, Middle Class America, But the Big Lie is that he is not addressing middle class concerns. It is perpetuated by those who have their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, which is funding their republican extravagant lifestyles.

Then there was Barack Obama, who laid out specifics of his plan for the White House and specific on his vision of change. He went one step further and attacked the label of celebrity that McCain has tried to lay on him. Barack Obama went directly after John McCain. He talked about the failure of the Bush administration he said…. Enough! Barack Obama threw several punches tonight. Many of the opponents are seeing this speech as a perfect speech. Many are saying that this was a spectacular speech.

Obama had sort of a moral outrage in his speech. How different this Barack Obama was than in January and February. He got in John McCain’s face. Issue on Gun control, and other issues, Obama tried to come down on Middle Ground. Obama humanize the speech and characterize John McCain as elite. He tried to move toward the middle ground.

This speech was conversationalist. The reviewers are ranking the speech toward the top into what he needed to do. it was a well crafted political speech. He had twenty policy definitions. He touched on all his policies. Now we will hear from John McCain’s camp. Obama called John McCain reckless. They are saying that this is a transformational speech. Obama said this election is not about me, it’s about You. The choice is between the people and McCain. He said John McCain says he will follow him to the gates of hell, but he won’t even follow him to the cave where he lives.

Obama Nomination Is Historical

Barack Obama’s nomination was an historic moment. His nomination as the First African American ever to be nominated for President by an American Political Party is simply astounding. For this county, to elect an African American as the nominee of a major political party is a testament to the American Dream. Descendants of former slaves and slaves holders along with many, many people of other races have come together to make this happen.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we all can say that we are proud to be Americans. It was 145 years ago when slavery officially ended, and African American were set free to find their way in America, despite their freedom in 1863, it took another 102 years for African Americans to finally receive government sponsored freedom by the passing of the 1964 Civil Right Act., which effectively changed the course of this country.

Make no mistake African Americans have paid a price right here in America to be free. After carpetbagging practices in the south after the Civil War, to indentured sharecropping, which amounted to in slavery for African Americans. African Americans endured slavery, Jim Crow laws, thousand of legal lynchings, substandard health care, segregation from serving in the armed services. segregation at schools and entertainment. All of this set the stage for the Civil Right movement which changed America for good.

But many people died to set things right during the 102 years after slavery. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, John Kennedy, just t name a few and countless other were permanently maimed because of their participation in the Civil Right Movement.

But changed was steady in the United States and each decade steps were made to give African American’ s an opportunity if your try to grab a stake of the American Dream. African American have served as Secretary of State, Joint Chief of Staff, Many in Congress and the US Senate, As Mayors of the American Cities, City councilmen and nearly every other elected political office.

Barack Obama has a legacy to follow and as the First African American, he is a testament to the greatness of America and it willingness to embrace diversity of all races.

Hillary and Democrats Get Tougher on McCain/Bush

John McCain, said Hillary did not say that Barack Obama was ready to lead. This was the topic of a press release, put out by the McCain camp after Hillary Clinton’s speech. The political analyst felt this comeback would have very little play in the news tomorrow.

But It was exactly a difficult assignment for Clinton to bring her followers in line and admonish them to support to Barack Obama. She talked about the issues that effect all working class Americans, who rely on companies to provide health care. There are many issues facing the new president. Two wars in different countries. A struggling economy. Health care issues, energy issues, and green issues.

Barack Obama now has a great opportunity to reel in all the segments of the Democratic party, which needs to be well crafted for a mass audience. We will see what will be a great speech By Barack Obama on Thursday.

Will Hillary Clinton Support Barack Obama Tonight?

Despite all the negativity of the primary campaign, particularly how the primary campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton played out, we hope tonight will bring unity between the Obama and Clinton camps. The tension and discord has gone on long enough. There is a choice that all Democrats will have to make. That is the choices of John McCain, who offers four more years of George Bush’s Policies or to choose for change, steady, and consistent change that Barack Obama offers.

We will soon find out where Hillary will land by the inflection of her voice, the enthusiasm of her support for Obama, and her ability to persuade her supporters to surrender their support to Barack Obama. We will know the answers to these scenarios tonight.

Michelle Obama Told A Great Story About The Obama Family

Michelle Obama hit a home room tonight at the Democratic National Convention. She was able to define herself as a person. She gave a persona. She connected with the people of Ohio, the blue collar worker in Pennsylvania, and the American populous as a whole. The Obama’s are connected. This speech made both Michelle and Barack Obama real to the American people.

Michelle Obama speech was passioned and one of the most spectacular speeches given during this election season. She hit on every theme, mother, wife, daughter, and lawyers. She said that she is an example of the  American dream, who can follow in the foot steps of many of the great leaders before. There were women in the crowd who were in tears. It was a verdict on just how far American women have come.

She was able to overcome the unfair characterization of being an angry woman. Americans were able to see the real Michelle Obama. The video segment at the end in which Barack appeared on screen and was able to speak with Michelle and his two little girls was heartfelt and showed that the Obama’s are just like any other American family, who care about God and country.

A Revamped Michelle Obama In Spotlight At The Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama is in the Spotlight tonight. After her supreme make-over or re-branding, America is primed to be re-introduced to the would be next first lady. She brings with her a great resume in the public and private sector. Let’s face it, a wife finding herself thrust into the heat of a political campaign is not quite prepared for the notoriety and the invasion of privacy.

Michelle has some detractors who trounced on some remarks that were perceived to be unpatriotic. Michelle Obama remark was ” For the first time in my life I am proud of America”. This was widely perceived by conservatives and Republicans alike as unpatriotic. Suddenly, Michelle Obama found herself being swift boated by the State Republican Committee in Tennessee. It stayed in the news for a few days but faded.

Who can forget the infamous New Yorker Magazine article satire of Barack Obama and Michelle. The article went over like a ton of bricks. Michelle Obama whethered the storm. Then about one month ago, the Obama campaign hired consultants and decided to remake Michelle Obama, who has focused more on her life, who she is and where she came from. She appeared on The View and as recently as today will be interviewed by Roland Martin of CNN. A kinder, gentler Michelle as some say. It has worked. There is not as much negative news regarding her and not many soundbites that Republicans can pounce on.

So tonight America is will get to see the kinder, gentler, Michelle Obama. Center stage at the Opening night of the Democratic Convention is Denver. It should be interesting.

Obama Must Change His Style And Approach to Reach Blue Collar Workers

The speech by Barack Obama introducing Joe Biden as his running mate, says volumes about the revamping of the Barack Obama campaign approach. Obama is branding and reselling a message. That being; he is just like the blue collar workers who are concerned about how they will pay their bills, how they will pay their mortgage, high gas prices, and the general state of their finances, given the economic climate facing America.

So what better way to approach this than to literally roll up your sleeves, take the suit coat off, loosen the tie and talk to that segment in a way the they can relate to. We will see more of this type approach by Obama/Biden. Biden will have no trouble pulling this off. Obama will need to work at it. He is somewhat stuffy and reserved, which is how he appears; but Obama is familar with tough times. It is hard for people to see this, when they see a polished, articulate politican like Obama, they see what they perceive to be an elitist.

In life as many of us know; what you see is not what you get. In order to gauge the real Obama, you only need to look at the choices that he has made in his life. He choose to marry a working class, middle income woman in Michelle Obama, who grew up on Chicago’s south side. There are many African- Americans who have risen to high ranks in life and carry a stately persona about them. Some would call them stuffy. That does not make them elitist.

It is all about the upbringing and how a person was raised. You can appear stately and perhaps aloof, but come from impoverished, and poor background. But if you were taught values, to strive to achieve, and education was a cornerstone principal, then your demeanor will will reflect that upbringing. It does not matter whether you are rich or poor. Black or white. It’s all about values taught and lessons learned while growing up.

When you see Barack Obama, you see the product of that type of upbringing, although raised by a single parent. But the reality is people see and form perception from what they see. Obama will have to deal with that. Obama will need to engage the blue collar worker, the Catholics, and the Jewish Voters. He will need to do this on their level and talk to them in plain talk.

When you’re selling anything to anybody, you need to quickly identify your audience, and develop a rapport with the audience quickly. They need to see, you although different, as a person that can be trusted. A person who is truly interested in their well being and someone who can deliver the programs and policies that matter to them. That’s what Obama needs to do the win votes from this segment.

He will need to become more folksy and engaging. This is a personality change, but it is one that Obama can make if he cognizant and aware of his audience, what is important to them, and talk to them in a way that is influential and meaningful.