Blake Griffin Wins the Slam Dunk By Jumping Over a 2011 Kia Optima

Blake Griffin did a remarkable dunk last night. Winning the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest by jumping over a 2011 Kia Optima to win  the NBA All Star Week  Slam Dunk contest.  This was by far the most competitive and imaginative Slam Dunk contest ever.  It you like theatrics, and I’m  sure you do, you might want to see replays of this one.

The trouble is Blake Griffin’s  dunk may not be truly the winning one.  JaVale McGee of the Washington Wizard, brought an interesting  game and an equally interesting pedigree to this year’s Slam Dunk Contest.  His mom is none other than Pam Magee, former basketball star  who played at the  University of Southern California.  She played in Europe and in the WNBA retiring from the WNBA in 1999.

Her son  JaVale McGee has the basketball  pedigree, and it showed last night.  He did three outstanding dunks.

1.) Dunking  two basketballs into two side by side rims.

2.) Dunking three basketballs into  two side by side rims.

3.)Going behind the backboard and dunking a basketball after taping his head on the bottom of the rim, then reaching around and dunking the ball from the left side.

This along was just simply outstanding.

Serge Ibaka– Oklahoma City Thunder, did two outstanding dunks. One  by jumping after running from  three-fourths the length of the floor, and stopping behind the  free throw line and dunking the ball, ala Doctor J. Except in Dr. J’s last NBA Slam dunk leap, he took off slightly  after passing the free throw line.  Just a technicality here.

There will be a lot to live up to in next year’s contest. This year there were props;  a car, a choir,  Master of Ceremonies, stuffed animals, players changing shoes, players wearing mismatched shoes, players wearing loud shoes.  A lot to consider for anyone thinking about  winning  next year’s contest.

How about a jumping over a  yacht , a tank, or an airplane?  How about a house? You get the picture, you will simply have to bring it next year or stay home!

Leaders Must Lead With Compassion Toward The Poor

God expects leaders to guard the poor and oppressed, those without an advocate. Leadership is a life we live and not a show we perform. Values absent from the leader cannot be exported. Leadership plus hypocrisy equals leadership minus credibility”  Maxwell Leadership  Bible.

Today, we must hold all our leaders  accountable  based on the word of God. Particularly when our leaders today choose to follow the political climate rather  than Godly direction.  We must ensure our leaders choose to lead with a moral fiber that strives to be more like God.

God is in Control

Because God is in control of History he is never fustrated by any turn of events or human action. He is able to save us from the evil in the world and deliver us from sin and death.

Because we trust God, we are not to fear what people may do to us. Intead we are to be confident in God’s control.