Michelle Bachman Enters The Race for President- Really??

Here’s one of the first strikes from Michele Bachmann against Barack Obama, in her recently announced bid to become President of the United States. From Bachmann’s Official website.  The rhetoric continues.

Washington, Jun 10 – Here’s another reason why most Americans want ObamaCare repealed: they’re afraid of losing their employer-provided health insurance. A majority of Americans receives their health insurance through their job. But, because of ObamaCare, up to half of employers may stop providing coverage for their employees, and fifteen percent of employees who lose that coverage may leave their jobs because of a lack of coverage (according to a study by McKinsey and Company).

Those numbers reflect the potential for a far greater problem than the estimates of the Congressional Budget Office. Our current economy experienced bleak first quarter growth of 1.8 percent and unemployment stands at 9.1 percent. The Obama Administration has naively referred to those numbers as “bumps on the road to recovery.” Once again, the President is misdiagnosing an ongoing crisis that the American people understand all too well, and his ObamaCare will cause more than a mere “bump” on America’s quest to restore economic prosperity. ObamaCare could better be compared to a blown tire that stalls recovery like the President’s failed trillion-dollar stimulus.

The former director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, predicts that ObamaCare will cost at least a $1 trillion dollars more, over the next ten years, than the President projected. One reason ObamaCare will drive up costs is because the demand for doctors, nurses, medical equipment and facilities will increase dramatically.

It takes at least seven years of study after college to become a doctor; there are nurse shortages across the country and few new hospitals are under construction. There simply isn’t enough time between now and 2014, when ObamaCare fully kicks in, to meet the additional demand for doctors, nurses and hospitals. Healthcare could face rationing, lines may lengthen, and costs will go up. None of these options will be good for the American people and our fragile economy.

ObamaCare will have dire consequences on our once-thriving economy. That’s one reason why I joined my colleagues in the House of Representatives in passing H.R. 2 last January to repeal the law as unconstitutional.

The Last Time I Checked LeBron James Is An American

Don’t get me wrong, I think some remarks that LeBron James made were not well thought out. But give me a break, LeBron James is not anyone’s property. The last time I checked, I don’t recall seeing LeBron picking cotton in a cotton field. I did not see him driving a black limousine with Mrs. Daisy in the back seat.

The last time I checked LeBron James still lived in America and by the way in this country free speech is at a surplus, but  apparently only if you shy away from talking about Dirk.  Somehow it seems  LeBron really will be banished to pick cotton for the rest of his life. Oh that’s  right LeBron committed the crime of  talking way too much.

There can be no mistrial, he’s banished to the 1930’s for crimes against Dirk.  He’s banished to the fields to pick cotton and not allowed to set foot into the big house. Just because he opened his mouth against Dirk. It is kind of ironic that LeBron James is being treated like a foreigner when he is in fact a native born American. Dirk’s from Germany right?

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