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Reports: Tom Jurich Will Re-Hire Bobby Petrino

Ok, this is for all conceivable purposes this is a done deal! It will be sealed tomorrow on Thursday. A hurting Tom Jurich went back to the coach who just can't seem to stay put, none other than Bobby Petrino. None of us can say with a straight face that Petrino can't coach. That is the least of our worries. The guy, if he decides to accept this misson and stay put, will win at Louisville. He's won before and yes, he will win again. Petrino can flat out coach.

Is Tom Jurich okay with this? I will answer my own question. I quess he is. Petrino would not be a good guest for the old program “Truth or Consequences”. Let hope this time around he will be honest with Jurich. Because Louisville needs him given the curtain call act that Charlie Strong performed just a few days ago. If you analyze the move by Jurich, it was brilliant. He has been jilted more than any bride could ever imagine. But Tom Jurich is a risk taker and time and time again it has paid off. We can't hold him responsible for Cardinal coaches with a penchant for waiting for the next flight out of Louisville.

All of us remember the Petrino years, they were winning years and quite frankly, he put Louisville on the map. When he left Louisville the program declined and Charlie Strong built them back up, giving them more credibility that any coach in Cardinal history. Now he is gone to Texas to coach football and listen to high end boosters who really believe he is only suited to be a position coach. What a great environment for Strong….. ha! ha! It will be interesting to see how this experiment works out for Strong. Personally, I believe he made a mistake. Louisville is at present a better program than Texas. Particularly going into the ACC. If Petrino can hang on to Strong's recruits and bring in a few of his own, Louisville will not miss a beat.

We need to hang our hats on the Bobby Petrino band wagon at this point. Of course we know there is more to the story with Bobby, stuff that would make a good made for TV movie. But I will say it again……. The guy can coach!


Nick Foles Leads Eagles to Victory After Mike Vick Goes Down

Nick Foles did an admirable job today coming in for Mike Vick after Vick went down with an hamstring injury. Foles threw two touchdown passes to lead the Eagles to a 36- 21 victory over the New York Giants.

This was a must win victory for the Eagles and coupled with the Broncos victory over the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles now find themselves possibly in first place in the woefully bad NFL East. For the Eagles it was a good day, with Mike Vick rushing for over 70 yards, and Foles leading the team to two touchdown in the second half.


Colleges Must Re-Evaluate Their Mission

The entire state of Pennsylvania was hit with a bombshell of an issue with the abuse cases at Penn State.  The legacy  of Joe Paterno is under question after 46 years as head football coach at Penn State University.  Which begs  one to consider who knew about this activity, but failed to report it or to protect the children involved.  By now everyone in America is aware of what occurred at Penn State, the question is how do you sort through this maze of disgusting activity and what does it mean, not only at Penn State, but at other college campuses across the country.

The status of college athletics and the power that coaches hold over administrators is  enormous. The mini empires that many coaches create at colleges across the country ultimately end up leaving colleges in shambles. We ere all too familiar with the mess that Bob Knight left at Indiana when he became bigger than the university. It goes without saying that the lure of  revenue from athletics simply must be reined in and colleges should get back to the business of  educating students.

The Transition Of Tim Tebow

It has been a long road  for  Tebow as he transitioned to Professional Football. Despite confronting and understanding adversity Tebow will get his first start this year for the Denver Broncos.   Tebow Was drafted by the Denver Broncos, by a coach that believed in him.  This year that changed. Tebow did not start for Coach Jim Fox, the new Broncos coach who  works with John Elway, who one could say is not exactly endured with Tim Tebow. The thing is Tebow is loved and revered by the Denver fans and fans around the country, this was enough this season, coupled with a terrible start for the Broncos, that Tebow is getting his chance.

Because of providence, Tebow, will probably never give up this opportunity, whether he is with the Broncos or some other NFL team.  Tebow has always been scrutinized, but now he is more scrutinized because of the NFL’s  penchant to changed quarterback mechanics. Because of the their belief an NFL quarterback, must have a muscle memory  attribute of 90 degrees.  Personally, I believe the NFL is too focused on this not only with Tebow, but with other quarterbacks. They literally tried to makeover Tim Tebow.  As the did they did with Michael Vick in Philadelphia. I say let the quarterback, be who he is.

Notre Dame Football

Storied football programs are the stuff that Saturday’s are made of, Notre Dame is certainly one of them. The tradition, the mystic, all converge to create a legacy. Notre Dame football is a tradition that has last for more than a lifetime of memories. When one thinks of the Irish, the image of greatness takes hold and the legacy lives on.

Coaches come and go with one single expectation, to win. Not just play to have a winning season, but to obtain greatness each and every year, by winning the national championship that is the true expectation. Many players have graduated and moved onto professional careers. It’s Notre Dame and that’s expected, nothing less would be accepted. The Notre Dame legacy  lives on.

New Orleans Performs Two Miracles

The New Orleans Saints made history yesterday.  Give the people in the New Orleans  there due, simply because of all the devastation, the loss of  hope that many may have experienced. Yes they deserve their moment in the spotlight, because the Saint signify the struggle of a region. The Saints are New Orleans. The Saints experienced the ups and downs that the city itself experienced.  The Saints and the people of New Orleans know what it means to be counted out. The people of New Orleans were floored by  Katrina,  yet they got back up, staggered and hurt.  They both  took a swig of water; suddenly they were revived, just like the Saints.

New Orleans continues to rebound;  continues to rebuild  and there is more than just  “Hope For Stanley” there’s hope for everyone in New Orleans; now they know that even in the midst of  a terrible storm;  New Orleans survived by the grace of God.   So it was with the  Saints  who were able to shock the world and come back from football destitution to win the biggest game that any football player would give anything to win;  the Super Bowl.  New Orleans though still recovering, redefined itself through the Saints.  The two, the people  of New Orleans and the Saints are the definition of resiliency.

Brett Favre Is Back, A Viking No Less! In the Packer’s Division!

Brett Favre is bBrett Favreack! Last year it seemingly was in a land far, far  away with the New York Jets, Not  in the Packers back yard and I might add, lots of folks are steaming mad.  Primarily the Green Bay Packers.  Will the Packer have motivation…Yes. Will Brett Farve have motivation….Yes, Yes!  It will make good reality football and lots of entertainment.  Suddenly the  spotlight has shifted from Michael Vick to Brett Farve.  The NFL ratings will be up this year.

The two quarter back the Viking have  are terrible.  So a 40 year old Brett Favre is not quite a bad idea of the Viking. So you have mad people in Minnesota, namely the two quarterbacks competing for starting jobs and you have  mad Green Bay Packer, primarily because  Brett Favre is back in the same division with them.  It really makes for some interesting drama. The Michale Vick story will  move a few slots down, probably to the relief of the Philadelphia Eagles and Vick. Everyone will be talking about Brett Favre’s return for the remainder of the year.

The only question that remains is whether Vick  has enough in the tank to make an impact this year. Only time will tell.Let’ sit back and enjoy the show

Mike Vick Has Work To Do On His Image

Michael Vick is back in the NFL. To some that in itself is a travesty. To others, they wish him well after he has paid his dues with a 2 year prison term for unseemly and inhumane crimes against animals. No matter where you stand on the issue it is a passionate argument on both sides. Do you reward someone with millions of  dollars after  committing such a despicable act?

The other side of the argument is even prisoners released from prison should be allowed to  make a living for themselves and their families.  Better we let them make a living and perhaps the chance of rehabilitating themselves, verses being a burden to tax payers and perhaps a liability to society in the future.

Make no mistake, Vick made a huge mistake and  his moral compass was bankrupt. But this man given his crime, appears to be remorseful and only time will tell.  Can we forgive? We should. No one is society is  perfect, all of us has fallen short of the  road to excellent values.  No living human being can say they have not made a mistake, perhaps not on the level of a Michael Vick, but nevertheless we are not perfect.

The Philadelphia Eagles agreed to go out of the limb and offer Vick a contract. Plenty of people are questioning why? It is understandable. The  Philadelphia Eagles have showed more courage in giving Vick a chance than many NFL teams.  He is without question, a tremendous football player and his talent is unquestioned. Many teams probably thought long and hard about signing Vick, but shied away from the  backlash the the Eagles coach and  ownership are sure to receive from animal rights group,  fans,  and average people who have pets of their own.  It is a slippery slope and a road less traveled for all concerned.

So it is up to Vick to prove himself; he has a lot of work to do, but that comes with the territory when you make mistakes, you must pay for them,  sometimes for a lifetime.  I wish Vick well in his quest to rehabilitate himself, there is a lot on the line for him, the Eagles, the NFL, and the many people who have stood in support of Michael Vick; Tony Dungy, Donovan McNabb and others.

This situation will play out for years to come. It up to Vick to remake himself and it want be easy.